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Our main interest is the application of functional genomics tools to understand plant defense mechanism at the molecular level. For this object, we have been using the non-host resistant interaction between hot pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) and soybean pustule pathogen Xag (Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. glycines).

First approach was the collection of massive hot pepper ESTs from divergent cDNA libraries (detail information is shown in and We have got more than 10,000 unique hot pepper genes (

Next, we made the 5K cDNA microarray using unique hot pepper ESTs to monitor the global gene expression response to the pathogen inoculation, and finally we could get the candidate genes involved plant defense reaction. The pepper gene expression profiles were constructed as database and released to public ( Currently we are building 10K cDNA microarray and getting more expression data from divergent stress situation, developmental stage and specific organs.

Recently, we established VIGS (Virus Induced Gene Silencing) method in hot pepper plant for the functional characterization of defense related genes. The identification of functional roles of defense related genes will be broaden and deepen our knowledge of plant defense mechanism.

Figure 1 - Hot pepper 5K cDNA microarray image
Figure 1. Hot pepper 5K cDNA microarray image. This image was captured by the Axon 4000A scanner after hybridization with reference (Cy-3 labeled, 1mM MgCl2) and treatment (Cy-5 labeled, Xag infiltration).

Figure 2 - Picture of VIGS (Virus Induced Gene Silencing) plant
Figure 2. Picture of VIGS (Virus Induced Gene Silencing) plant. The partial sequences of PDS (Phytoene desaturase) gene was inserted into modified TRV (Tobacco Rattle Virus) vector (a kind gift from Dr. Dinesh- Kumar) and then inoculated into hot pepper plant with Agrobacterium. The distinctive photo-bleaching phenotype was shown after 21 days after inoculation.


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