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List of Solanaceae Seed companies

Company Name Website Species
Abbott & Cobb, Inc. T/P Marketplace
American Takii, Inc. T
Anseme Srl T/P/E
Atlas Seeds, Inc. T/P/E
Bakker Brothers Inc. T/P/E
Bejo Seeds, Inc. T/P
Bioseed Genetics International, Inc. T/P/E
Campbell\'s Seed T/P
Condor Seed Production, Inc T/P/E
L. Daehnfeldt A/S T/E
Danson Seed Company T/P
De Ruiter Seeds T/P/E
East-West Seed International Ltd. T/P/E
Elite Farmer diverse
Emerald Seed Company, Inc. T/P/E
Enza Zaden BV T/P
Exim Seeds contact ++91 80 236 10 222 fruit/vine vegetables T
Furia Sementi T
Genesis Seeds Ltd. T/P/E
Golden Valley Seed T/P/E
Green-Seeds Co. T/P/E
Harris Moran Seed Company T/P
Hazera Genetics Ltd. T/P/E
Heinzseed T
Hild Samen
Indo-American Hybrid Seeds (India) Pvt. Ltd. T/P/E
Indus Seed Company T/P
ISI Sementi T/P
Known-You Seed Company Ltd. T/P/E
Larosa Emanuele Sementi T/P/E
Liaoning Dongya International Seed Co, Ltd T/P
Maharashtra Hybrid Seed Co. Ltd. T/P/E
Namdhari Seeds Pvt. Ltd. T/P
Nickerson-Zwaan T/P/E
Olter Srl T/P
Orsetti Seeds T/P
Ramiro Arnedo S.A." T/P/E
SaKa-Ragis Pflanzenzucht GbR Pot
Sakata Seed America, Inc. T/P/Pet
Shiram Bioseed Genetics India Ltd. T/P/E
Stokes Seeds Ltd. T/P/E/Pet
Sunseeds T/P
Syngenta Seeds Inc.
Technisem T/P/E
Techspark Seed Co., Ltd. T/P/E
United Genetics Seeds Co. T/P
Western Hybrid Seeds, Inc T/P
Zeraim Gedera T/P

Key: T=Tomato, P=Pepper, E=Eggplant, Pet=Petunia, Pot=Potato

Additions to this list can be made by sending an email to