Library Detail Page for ACDC

Short Name:ACDC
Organism:Solanum tuberosum
Library Name: After-Cooking Darkening C
Total Sequences: 2965 sequences from 5177 clones
Average Sequence Length:648.7 (Standard deviation 136.2)
Type:cDNA Library
Tissue:Sprouting Tubers
Development Stage:
Treatment Conditions:supplier: Developmental series. Plants from pathogen-free\ Solanum tuberosum var. Shepody, clone 1756, nuclear stock were grown in a screenhouse under natural conditions. Mature, harvested tubers were stored in the dark at 9C, 95% relative humidity for 6 months. At that time, sprouting eyes were excised and pooled. The tuber skin was removed from tubers, the remaining tuber tissues pooled. RNA was isolated separately from the skinless tubers sprouting eyes. Equal amounts of RNA were pooled \ from the tubers and sprouts, and used for library construction.
Cloning Host:XL10-Gold
Cloning Kit: Stratagene pBluescript II XR cDNA Library Construction Kit
AuthorsFlinn, B., Rothwell, C., Sardana, R., Griffiths, R.,\ Lague, M., De Koeyer, D., Audy, P., Goyer, C., Li, X-Q., Wang-Pruski, G., Regan, S.\
Contact InformationBarry Flinn\\ The Canadian Potato Genome Project - BioAtlantech Unit\ 921 College Hill Rd, Fredericton, ON, E3B 6Z9, CANADA\