Library Detail Page for LeCAD

Short Name:LeCAD
Organism:Solanum lycopersicum (formerly Lycopersicon esculentum)
Library Name: Seedlings treated with 0.2mM CdCl2
Total Sequences: 421 sequences from 428 clones
Average Sequence Length:385.6 (Standard deviation 147.4)
Type:cDNA Library
Development Stage:Two-week-old seedings
Treatment Conditions:
Cloning Host:XL1-Blue, TOP10F'
Cloning Kit:
CommentsVector: pGEM-T easy, TOPO, Cadmium treated cDNA V control cDNA(Seedlings treated with 0.2mM CdCl2 for 2 days were harvested. mRNA isolated from each treatment was used for subtracted library construction with PCR-select cDNA subtraction kit (Clontech, Palo Alto, (A)).
AuthorsKung,C.C.S., Li,Y.L. and Yeh,K.C.
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