Library Detail Page for Petunia-DevA

Short Name:Petunia-DevA
Organism:Petunia hybrida
Library Name: Petunia Floral Development
Total Sequences: 2095 sequences from 2870 clones
Average Sequence Length:489.8 (Standard deviation 123.4)
Type:cDNA Library
Tissue:all floral organs
Development Stage:several
Treatment Conditions:Ten entire flowers of six developmental stages were collected on the same day from plants grown in standard greenhouses. Total RNA was extracted from each sample, and 100 micrograms of each sample was combined for subsequent poly A+ mRNA selection and cDNA synthesis. The flower stages were as follows in chronological order from youngest to oldest:\ stage 1 - no color in corolla; corolla 0.5 inches long\ stage 2 - first sign of color in corolla; corolla .75-1 inches long)\ stage 3 - fully elongated corolla (not open); corolla 1.5 inches long\ stage 4 - fully open corolla; anthers not yet dehisced\ stage 5 - fully open corolla; freshly anthesed, bright yellow pollen; wet stigma\ stage 6 - pre-senescent; yellowing of corolla tube; dry brown pollen (if present); stigma dry
Cloning Host:lambda ZAPII unidirectional
Cloning Kit: Stratagene
AuthorsKenichi Shibuya, Beverly Underwood, Holly Loucas, William Farmerie, Michelle Jones, and David Clark*
Contact InformationDavid G. Clark\ University of Florida\ Environmental Horticulture Dept.\ 1545 Fifield Hall\ Gainesville, FL 32611-0670\ ph: 352-392-1831 x370\ FAX: 352-392-3870\ e-mail:\