Library Detail Page for SLMW

Short Name:SLMW
Organism:Solanum tuberosum
Library Name: Low Molecular Weight
Total Sequences: 1135 sequences from 1368 clones
Average Sequence Length:376.0 (Standard deviation 93.4)
Type:cDNA Library
Tissue:Assorted Stolon/Tuber Developmental Series
Development Stage:
Treatment Conditions:supplier: Developmental series. Plants from pathogen-free \ Solanum tuberosum var. Shepody, clone 1756, nuclear stock were grown in a screenhouse under natural conditions. Individual stolon, swollen stolon, tuber skin and mature tubers (stored for one month at 9oC, 95% relative humidity), were collected and used for individual cDNA library syntheses. The cDNA purification column end fractions for each of these individual libraries were pooled and size-fractionated on an agarose gel. cDNAs between 100 bp and just under 500 bp were excised, purified and ligated into the cloning vector. \
Cloning Host:XL10-Gold
Cloning Kit: Stratagene pBluescript II XR cDNA Library Construction Kit
AuthorsFlinn, B., Rothwell, C., Sardana, R., Griffiths, R.,\ Lague, M., De Koeyer, D., Audy, P., Goyer, C., Li, X-Q., Wang-Pruski, G., Regan, S.\
Contact InformationBarry Flinn\\ The Canadian Potato Genome Project - BioAtlantech Unit\ 921 College Hill Rd, Fredericton, ON, E3B 6Z9, CANADA\