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Short Name:cLEN
Organism:Solanum lycopersicum (formerly Lycopersicon esculentum)
Library Name: S.lycopersicum TA496 fruit pericarp, post-breaker stages
Total Sequences: 3994 sequences from 3979 clones
Average Sequence Length:507.7 (Standard deviation 115.4)
Type:cDNA Library
Tissue:fruit pericarp
Development Stage:red ripe to over-ripe
Treatment Conditions:
Cloning Host:SOLR
Cloning Kit:
CommentsFruit were tagged at the “breaker” stage (first sign of lycopene accumulation on the blossom end of the fruit) and harvested 7 days post-breaker (fully red-ripe), 10 days post breaker, and 20 days post-breaker (over-ripe). 20 day fruit which showed external or internal sighns of pathogenesis were discarded. Fruit were cut in half and the seeds and locules were discarded prior to freezing the pericarp.
AuthorsAlcala,J., Vrebalov,J., White,R. and Giovannoni,J.
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