Library Detail Page for cSTD

Short Name:cSTD
Organism:Solanum tuberosum
Library Name: Dormant Tuber
Total Sequences: 4556 sequences from 5045 clones
Average Sequence Length:591.9 (Standard deviation 140.4)
Type:cDNA Library
Tissue:dormant tuber
Development Stage:one month post harvest
Treatment Conditions:
Cloning Host:E.coli SOLR
Cloning Kit:
CommentsThis library targets genes expressed in dormant tubers. This library was made from sections of dormant tuber, avoiding the buds and epidermis. Tubers were stored for one month post-harvest at 4C. The tuber was peeled, well away from the surface, then chopped into 1-2mm cubes and immediately frozen in liquid nitrogen.
AuthorsRutger van der Hoeven, Julie Bezzerides, Elmer Ewing, Steve Tanksley
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