Library Detail Page for cccs46w

Short Name:cccs46w
Organism:Coffea canephora
Library Name: Coffee Late Stage Seed [2]
Total Sequences: 8958 sequences from 10903 clones
Average Sequence Length:695.0 (Standard deviation 176.2)
Type:cDNA Library
Tissue:Endosperm and perisperm
Development Stage:46 week after pollination
Treatment Conditions:
Cloning Host:E coli SOLR
Cloning Kit: Stratagene ZAP-cDNA Gigapack III Gold Cloing Kit
AuthorsChenwei Lin, James McCarthy, Nancy T. Eannetta, Victoria Caillet, Dominique Crouzillat, Vicent Petiard, Steven D. Tanksley
Contact InformationSteven Tanksley 248 Emerson Hall Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics Cornell University Ithaca, NY 14853 USA E-mail: