PO:0007031 'mid whole plant fruit ripening stage'

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Term idPO:0007031
Term namemid whole plant fruit ripening stage
Term definitionThe stage when fruit ripening is midway.

10.01-soft dough in sorghum GRO:0007133
7.4 late dough stage/embryo 4 in maize MaizeGDB:67379
8.05 Mid ripening in soybean SOY:0000087
9.02-soft dough in barley GRO:0007112
9.02-soft dough in oat GRO:0007112
9.02-soft dough in wheat GRO:0007112
BBCH principal growth stage 85 ISBN:3826331524
DNA degradation (endosperm) in maize MaizeGDB:67373
FR.02 mid stage of fruit ripening in Solanaceae SGN:0000049
R3 in maize MaizeGDB:67373
Stage R6 Full seed in soybean SOY:0000087
Zadok scale-85, Feekes scale-11.2 GRO:0007112
dough stage in maize MaizeGDB:67379
embryo stage 4 in maize MaizeGDB:67379
soft dough GRO:0007112
tomato orange fruit SGN:0000049
"10.01-soft dough in sorghum" RELATED [GRO:0007133]
"7.4 late dough stage/embryo 4 in maize" RELATED [MaizeGDB:67379]
"8.05 Mid ripening in soybean" RELATED [SOY:0000087]
"9.02-soft dough in barley" RELATED [GRO:0007112]
"9.02-soft dough in oat" RELATED [GRO:0007112]
"9.02-soft dough in wheat" RELATED [GRO:0007112]
"BBCH principal growth stage 85" RELATED [ISBN:3826331524]
"DNA degradation (endosperm) in maize" RELATED [MaizeGDB:67373]
"dough stage in maize" RELATED [MaizeGDB:67379]
"embryo stage 4 in maize" RELATED [MaizeGDB:67379]
"FR.02 mid stage of fruit ripening in Solanaceae" RELATED [SGN:0000049]
"R3 in maize" RELATED [MaizeGDB:67373]
"soft dough" RELATED [GRO:0007112]
"Stage R6 Full seed in soybean" RELATED [SOY:0000087]
"tomato orange fruit" RELATED [SGN:0000049]
"Zadok scale-85, Feekes scale-11.2" RELATED [GRO:0007112]

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