GO:0005319 'lipid transporter activity'

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Term idGO:0005319
Term namelipid transporter activity
Term definitionEnables the directed movement of lipids into, out of or within a cell, or between cells.

apolipoprotein RELATED
lipophorin NARROW
"apolipoprotein" RELATED []
"lipophorin" NARROW []

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Related dbxrefs
Reactome:REACT_107441 "ApoB-48 + 40 triacylglycerol + 60 phospholipid => ApoB-48
Reactome:REACT_111067 "ABCAs mediate lipid efflux, Homo sapiens"
Reactome:REACT_111169 "ABCAs mediate lipid influx, Homo sapiens"
Reactome:REACT_111998 "ABCAs mediate lipid efflux, Xenopus tropicalis"
Reactome:REACT_112083 "ABCAs mediate lipid efflux, Mycobacterium tuberculosis"
Reactome:REACT_112225 "ABCAs mediate lipid influx, Xenopus tropicalis"
Reactome:REACT_112273 "ABCAs mediate lipid influx, Canis familiaris"
Reactome:REACT_112420 "ABCAs mediate lipid efflux, Sus scrofa"
Reactome:REACT_112734 "ABCAs mediate lipid influx, Mus musculus"
Reactome:REACT_112793 "ABCAs mediate lipid influx, Drosophila melanogaster"
Reactome:REACT_112990 "ABCAs mediate lipid efflux, Drosophila melanogaster"
Reactome:REACT_113370 "ABCAs mediate lipid influx, Mycobacterium tuberculosis"
Reactome:REACT_113696 "ABCAs mediate lipid influx, Taeniopygia guttata"
Reactome:REACT_113865 "ABCAs mediate lipid influx, Danio rerio"
Reactome:REACT_113910 "ABCAs mediate lipid efflux, Canis familiaris"
Reactome:REACT_114060 "ABCAs mediate lipid efflux, Bos taurus"
Reactome:REACT_114336 "ABCAs mediate lipid efflux, Danio rerio"
Reactome:REACT_114700 "ABCAs mediate lipid efflux, Mus musculus"
Reactome:REACT_114808 "ABCAs mediate lipid efflux, Rattus norvegicus"
Reactome:REACT_114875 "ABCAs mediate lipid influx, Rattus norvegicus"
Reactome:REACT_114929 "ABCAs mediate lipid influx, Bos taurus"
Reactome:REACT_115011 "ABCAs mediate lipid influx, Sus scrofa"
Reactome:REACT_115076 "ABCAs mediate lipid influx, Gallus gallus"
Reactome:REACT_115091 "ABCAs mediate lipid efflux, Gallus gallus"
Reactome:REACT_115251 "ABCAs mediate lipid efflux, Taeniopygia guttata"
Reactome:REACT_30241 "ApoB-48 + 40 triacylglycerol + 60 phospholipid => ApoB-48
Reactome:REACT_6908 "ApoB-48 + 40 triacylglycerol + 60 phospholipid => ApoB-48
Reactome:REACT_79155 "ApoB-48 + 40 triacylglycerol + 60 phospholipid => ApoB-48
Reactome:REACT_81934 "ApoB-48 + 40 triacylglycerol + 60 phospholipid => ApoB-48
Reactome:REACT_84235 "ApoB-48 + 40 triacylglycerol + 60 phospholipid => ApoB-48
Reactome:REACT_89204 "ApoB-48 + 40 triacylglycerol + 60 phospholipid => ApoB-48
Reactome:REACT_95856 "ApoB-48 + 40 triacylglycerol + 60 phospholipid => ApoB-48
Reactome:REACT_98397 "ApoB-48 + 40 triacylglycerol + 60 phospholipid => ApoB-48

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