Tomato Genome Publications

2009 1 publication 
A Snapshot of the Emerging Tomato Genome Sequence
Author(s): Lukas A Mueller, René Klein Lankhorst, Steven D Tanksley, James J Giovannoni, Ruth White, Julia Vrebalov, Zhangjun Fei, Joyce van Eck, Robert Buels, Adri A Mills, show all
Journal: The Plant Genome
Volume: 2
Pages: 78-92
2008 2 publications 
PABS: an online platform to assist BAC-by-BAC sequencing projects.
Author(s): S Todesco, D Campagna, F Levorin, M D'Angelo, R Schiavon, G Valle, A Vezzi
Journal: BioTechniques
Volume: 44
Issue: 1
Pages: 60, 62, 64
Pubmed: Pubmed ID 18254380
Structural and functional genomics of tomato.
Author(s): A Barone, ML Chiusano, MR Ercolano, G Giuliano, S Grandillo, L Frusciante
Journal: International journal of plant genomics
Volume: 2008
Pages: 820274
Pubmed: Pubmed ID 18317508
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