Clone hba-163o4

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Clone name
Clone type
Estimated length
Tomato HindIII BAC Library
Cloning host
E. coli
Solanum lycopersicum (formerly Lycopersicon esculentum)
Cloning vector
Heinz 1706
Restriction enzyme
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Physical mapping  
Fingerprint Contig Builds (FPC) 
Tomato FPC (AGI 2005)
ctg1175 : [coherent], 10 members:
C12HBa0041B09, C12HBa0093B17, C12HBa0121O19, C12HBa0163O04, C12HBa0172G20, C12HBa0211A04, C12HBa0236E19, C12HBa0237F11, C12HBa0297J24, C12HBa0310J15
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Marker matches - BLASTNone
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FISH map 
FISH images 
SC Spread IDImagesDistance from centromere
(percentage of arm length)
664-05 1CompositeFluorescencePhase84.0%
664-06 1CompositeFluorescencePhase79.3%
664-07 1CompositeFluorescencePhase82.6%
664-29 1CompositeFluorescencePhase81.7%
664-30 1CompositeFluorescencePhase81.7%
664-35 1CompositeFluorescencePhase79.1%
664-37 1CompositeFluorescencePhase86.8%
664-38 1CompositeFluorescencePhase83.2%
664-58 1CompositeFluorescencePhase81.4%
664-61 1CompositeFluorescencePhase86.0%
664-62 1CompositeFluorescencePhase81.7%
664-74 1CompositeFluorescencePhase84.1%
664-75 1CompositeFluorescencePhase83.0%

Given an estimated length of 6.8µm for chromosome 12P and the mean percentage above, this BAC is approximately 5.6µm±0.2µm from the chromosome centromere.

1Experiment conducted in the lab of Stephen Stack at Colorado State University.
IL MappingNone
This clone is being sequenced by the Chromosome 12 Sequencing Project. (View projects)
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Sequencing Project
Chromosome 12
HTGS phase
2 - fragmented, ordered
Sequencing Status
Sequencing Organization
not recorded
Full Sequence
119,047 bp
AC210358.1 (GenBank)
End Sequences
  • sequence is not finished to HTGS3
Chromosome Assembly
this clone is not part of a chromosome assembly
Restriction Fragments
HindIII in vitro (32)
1513, 1589, 1786, 1786, 1824, 1993, 2017, 2090, 2483, 2810, 2830, 2879, 2898, 2987, 3085, 3235, 3338, 3683, 3708, 4002, 4033, 4868, 4868, 4920, 5553, 5599, 6145, 6181, 8328, 10599, 12261, 18377
HindIII in silico (28)
1018, 1256, 1348, 1450, 1512, 1761, 1778, 1782, 1807, 1970, 2495, 2820, 2857, 2895, 2995, 3096, 3243, 3369, 3763, 4066, 4740, 4761, 5220, 5961, 8180, 10436, 12265, 17298
Fragment Lengths Match Score
LE_HBa0163O04 has no browsable sequence annotations
User comments [Add comment] 
Posted by Lukas Mueller (curator) on 2007-02-05 09:14:08 Delete  
This BAC was sequenced by the chromosome 12 project and re-assigned to the chromosome 7 project after FISH indicated it was located on chromosome 7.
Posted by Lukas Mueller (curator) on 2007-10-10 17:54:54 Delete  
Although an initial IL screen with the T7 end revealed that this BAC could be on chromosome 7, careful analyses performed in Italy showed that the clone is more likely located on chromosome 12. The SP6 end was bin-mapped to chromosome 12, and extended; the extension BAC also bin-mapped on chromosome 12. A further extension of that clone was identified that had already been bin-mapped to chr 12. In addition, an extension BAC was selected from the full sequence that overlaps more than 40kb, and that BAC was verified to be on chromosome 12. Thus, it is possible that a very small section of the end of this clone (T7 end) may be chimeric. The BAC has thus first been moved from chr 12 to chr 7 and in light of this evidence moved back to chr 12. (as communicated by Alessandro Vezzi, U Padua).
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