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Overgo probes on plate 14

Markers which have been successfully and plausibly matched to BACs are displayed against a blue background with the number of BACs matched listed in parentheses. Markers that are unmatched or not plausibly matched are displayed against a white background.

TG74 (3) cTOB-6-M19 (2) TG565 TG88 CT60 (4) TG6 TG142 (8) TG376 CT260 CT131 T1065 TG105
SSR578 (77) TG222 TG85 cLET-8-E15 (6) TG51 TG540 TG460 (9) TG1 CT81 (6) TG465 TG504 (15) T1514 (4)
T1185 (11) TG89 TG39 cLET-8-I22 (1) TG71 CD34 TG399 CT151 T0521 (1) CT155 CT67 (1) TG198
TG87 cLEX-11-K1 P27 (3) CD51 CT57 TG626 CT62 TG122 TG59 (7) T0486 (2) TG29 CT71
TG82 TG566 (3) TG285 (1) TG538 TG102 T1703 dwarf TG600 (2) cLPT-4-C24 (5) TG55 TG591 (4) TG18 (8)
CT234 CT98 TG448 TG408 P45 T1349 CD13 TG224 (32) TG440 T0758 T1519 (1) TG8
CT203 (1) TG363 TG78 CT220 (27) SSR20 (2) TG528 (3) TG9 (7) TG424 CT74 (1) T1617 TG568 SSR479
TG475 CT217 (6) TG328 (2) TG273 TG161 (13) CT143 TG421 cLET-8-G15 (21) T1673 T0393 TG248 cTOB-1-K3 (7)

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