Overgo probes on plate 15

Markers which have been successfully and plausibly matched to BACs are displayed against a blue background with the number of BACs matched listed in parentheses. Markers that are unmatched or not plausibly matched are displayed against a white background.

T1947 (5) TG4 TG81 TG606 TG280 T0156 CT96 TG223 CT177 TG551 T0724 (5) cLET-20-K6
TG559 cLPT-1-F6 TG478 TG192 CT283 CT214 cLET-42-O2 (1) TG429 TG207 CT120 T0182 T1521
TG70 TG103 TG116 T0532 CT172 TG186 (3) TG10 T1190 T1177 (5) SSR74 T1062 T0637
CT11 CT149 SSR73 TG289 cLET-7-D17 TG318 CT236 T1212 (7) SSR4 (1) T0650 T0615 T0571 (17)
TG638 cLET-7-O3 (0) TG362 TG348 CT224 TG21 SSR606 TG486 SSR34 (1) cTOB-8-M7 (1) T1967 (3) TG211
T0880 T0732 (1) TG404 CT154 TG226 T1551 (2) T1039 T1044 (11) TG480 CT205 TG554 (2) TG636
T1721 TG409 T1391 T1682 T1164 T0641 TG43 TG522 TG276 (3) CT128 TG350 (9) TG493
TG558 T1478 T1407 (3) T1006 T0736 TG608 cLET-7-D1 TG52 TG453 TG602 CT140 (3) CD19 (4)

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