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Overgo probes on plate 2

Markers which have been successfully and plausibly matched to BACs are displayed against a blue background with the number of BACs matched listed in parentheses. Markers that are unmatched or not plausibly matched are displayed against a white background.

CT90 (1) SSR27 (5) cLET-5-F17 TG533 (9) T1621 cLET-8-K6 TG297 TG479 (5) T1188 (7) CT179 T1506 T1563
T1153 (8) TG94 cLPT-5-E7 T1198 (7) CT21 T1689 (1) TG590 (1) TG249 T1283 TG56 TG221 (2) T1053
CT250 T1536 SSR11 (4) TG274 T1636 (3) TG114 T0577 TG482 (1) T0774 (1) TG311 TG352 TG564
T1447 T1785 TG501 SSR601 T0794 TG612 TG40 (15) TG118 TG377 T0693 cLPT-5-K21 TG193 (2)
SSR48 (4) CD67 (5) T1308 TG324 (4) SSR14 CT115 TG431 T0507 cLEC-7-F22 TG314 (3) TG130 TG25
TG97 TG585 T1151 T1064 (17) TG214 (12) SSR31 TG215 T0781 (3) T0443 T1388 T1079 (2) TG284 (3)
TG517 (0) TG242 cLET-4-G23 (5) TG422 T1119 (2) T0482 (1) SSR201 TG178 (5) CT58 cLED-19-N16 TG42 cLEX-2-F13 (2)
TG642 CT83 TG231 TG359 TG132 T0244 (14) T0581 T1143 (6) TG244 (7) T1789 TG365 (15) T1607 (3)

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