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Overgo probes on plate 9

Markers which have been successfully and plausibly matched to BACs are displayed against a blue background with the number of BACs matched listed in parentheses. Markers that are unmatched or not plausibly matched are displayed against a white background.

T1155 (3) T0958 cLED-22-K8 (26) T1128 TM18 (19) SSR75 T0852 T1471 (10) SSR51 TG113 TG202 TG166
T0964 cLEC-20-F13 (12) cLET-4-L11 TM10 T0276 (13) TM27 (21) cLET-5-J13 (13) SSR29 (2) TG149 TG156 TG464 (9) TG65
cTOB-5-D22 T0214 cLET-24-J2 T0953 cLPT-4-C16 T1176 (1) T1087 (16) TG174 TG210 TG498 (2) CT133 TG15 (2)
T0729 (2) TM23 T1571 T1608 T1649 (2) TG584 (6) CT253 T1241 CT188 (2) T0525 TG49 CT259
T1327 (3) T1627 (1) SSR192 (12) TG252 T0632 (11) SSR603 TG183 (7) T0896 (1) TG22 (2) TG427 TG652 TG123
T1677 P63 TG641 SSR488 SSR450 (1) SSR111 (2) T1557 cTOB-9-O3 (1) TG506 TG483 (4) TG519 CT61
P75 TG329 cLET-7-E12 (4) T1662 (1) T1664 T1347 (12) T1429 (9) CT185 TG557 (1) TG268 SSR80 CT168
TG452 TG635 cLEY-14-C14 (5) T1173 CT181 T1109 (4) SSR67 (21) TG194 T1497 (3) SSR46 TG384 TM24 (10)

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