Overgo plating results as of September 07, 2005

Total number of BACs: 128560
Total number of probes: 1536
Number of overgo plates processed so far: 16
Number of BACs which hit the plates one or more times: 18540
Number of BACs which unambiguously matched one or more plates with a row, column match: 7972
Number of BACs which ambiguously matched one or more plates: 1096
Average number of unambiguous BACs matching each probe: 5.19
Plates overview 
Processed plates
Unprocessed plates
All plates processed.
Overview of BAC contigging 
NB. - These data are taken from the Tomato Physical Mapping Project pages of the Arizona Genomics Institute, who are using the FPC process to assemble BACs into contigs.
Number of BACs Contigged: 2601
Number of BAC Singletons: 125959
Physical map statistics 
7972 BACs matched well to one or more probe markers on the F2-2000 Genetic map.
These BACs were then screened to find which ones only matched to markers within a small area of one chromosome - no more than 5.0 cM across.
Number of unique anchor points for BAC <-> genetic map associations: 675
Number of BACs which plausibly matched one chromosome/position: 5002
Contigs: 744 contigs made of 2772 plausible BACs
Mean number of anchor points per chromosome: 56.25
Mean number of BACs per chromosome: 664.33
Mean number of BAC contigs per chromosome: 60.83
Mean number of BACs per anchor point: 11.81