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SC Spread IDImagesDistance from centromere
(percentage of arm length)
570-03 1CompositeFluorescencePhase83.7%
570-13 1CompositeFluorescencePhase86.3%
570-19 1CompositeFluorescencePhase88.1%
570-23 1CompositeFluorescencePhase85.8%
570-30 1CompositeFluorescencePhase85.0%
570-33 1CompositeFluorescencePhase87.6%
570-34 1CompositeFluorescencePhase87.3%
570-35 1CompositeFluorescencePhase87.6%
570-39 1CompositeFluorescencePhase85.2%
570-50 1CompositeFluorescencePhase88.3%
570-54 1CompositeFluorescencePhase85.4%
570-57 1CompositeFluorescencePhase88.9%
570-59 1CompositeFluorescencePhase88.2%
570-60 1CompositeFluorescencePhase83.6%
570-62 1CompositeFluorescencePhase83.5%
570-63 1CompositeFluorescencePhase85.1%

Given an estimated length of 10.8µm for chromosome 7Q and the mean percentage above, this BAC is approximately 9.3µm±0.2µm from the chromosome centromere.

1Experiment conducted in the lab of Stephen Stack at Colorado State University.

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