SGN Unigene Builds

The Sol Genomics Network unigene builds represent "minimally redundant" collections of expressed genes in Solanaceous species, constructed from EST/cDNA sequence data present in SGN's databases. The unigene set is "built" from EST data by assembling together, in contigs, EST sequences which are ostensibly fragments of the same gene, modulo sequencing errors and allelic variation. In builds containing ESTs from more than one species, larger variation is allowed to account for anticipated evolutionary divergence of orthologus genes.

SGN's unigene assembly strategy, as well as sequence recovery and trimming, is under active research and continually refined. New builds are posted when advances in the assembly process are made or new input data is available.

The latest builds are posted below. For more information on methods, click the links below next the the build of interest. Please also see our notes on validation of SGN's assembly process and comparison with TIGR's tomato gene index.