Details for species Solanum tuberosum

Basic information 
Scientific Name
Solanum tuberosum
Common name
Potato (Solanum tuberosum) is the most cultivated Solanaceae in the world. It originated in the highlands of South America. It is a model for the study for the tuberization process (1, 2, 3, 4), starch synthesis (5, 6, 7) and response to pathogens (8, 9). Extensive comparative maps with other Solanaceae exits (10, 11).

The Solanum tuberosum genome is being sequenced by the Potato Genome Sequencing Consortium (PGSC). See Potato Genome Sequencing Project.
Solanum tuberosum subsp. tuberosum, potatoes, potato
Taxonomic information 
asterids, lamiids, Solanales, Solanaceae, Solanoideae, Solaneae, Solanum
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Metabolic details 
See PotatoCyc
Genome data  
4n (mainly) and 2n
Genome size
840 Mb
Chromosome number
Available loci
Available maps
Transcript Information  
Libraries (26)
The potato data were mostly obtained from the potato genomics project funded by the NSF. Most libraries were prepared in the laboratory of Prof. Steven Tanksley at Cornell University. Some tissues for the libraries were obtained from Christian Bachem and Richard Visser, Department of Plant Breeding, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, and a number of libraries were obtained from the laboratory of Prof Barbara Baker of UC Davis, CA. The most recent Solanum tuberosum build contains ca. 50,000 sequences from the Canadian Potato Genome Project that were kindly submitted by Prof. Barry Flinn and associates.
Phenomic Details  
Number of phenotyped lines : 507
Number of traits scored : 2929
Number of ontology annotations : 0

QTL data 
SOL-100 Genome sequencing project data  
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