SolCyc Biochemical Pathways

SolCyc is a collection of Pathway Genome Databases (PGDBs) for Solanaceae species generated using Pathway Tools software from SRI International, the same software that is used in AraCyc for Arabidopsis thaliana and EcoCyc for E. coli.

Currently, databases for tomato, potato, and pepper are available, generated from the respective genome annotations. Databases that have received significant curation are marked with a TIER 1. The eggplant database is not longer supported or available.

Species-specific databases:

Multi-species databases:

More databases will be generated in the future, and the annotation will be improved by adding more Solanaceae specific pathways.

Note the availability of the Omics viewer, which allows microarray, gene chip, proteomics, and metabolomic information to be overlaid over the pathway overview diagrams.

Programmatic interfaces for Pathway Tools:
We currently maintain a Perl interface and a Java interface for Pathway Tools: JavaCyc and PerlCyc. More information is available on the software downloads page. };