Note to Locus Editors

Locus editors are experts with a research focus, and generally authors, on the locus. If you are interested in becoming an editor for a locus, please make a request by clicking the 'Request editor privileges' link under the 'Locus details' subsection of the locus page.

* have the privilege to edit the contents of the locus page.
* can add data on the locus page as new knowledge on the locus emerges. Each subsection on the locus page can be modified by clicking the edit/annotation links .
* initiate discussion on accuracy of data submitted by other editors, submitters and SGN curators.
* can suggest ideas to in-house curators on improving the data display, annotation tools, additional subsections etc.
* can create new webpages for their newly identified and documented loci.
* can list all relevant publications on their locus of interest.

Reference on how to annotate a locus can be found here: annotation guidelines .

Contact SGN staff by emailing to