EST details — SGN-T177796

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Request: TPTAA73TVMatch: SGN-T177796
Request From: web userMatch Type: Chromatogram internal Identifier
Clone information 
SGN ID: SGN-C109957Clone name: cLPT-1-M1
cartOrder Clone
Library Name: cLPTOrganism: Solanum pennellii (formerly Lycopersicon pennellii)

Tissue: leaf trichomes
Development Stage: 4-8 weeks old

Microarray: This clone is not found on any microarray
There is no map position defined on SGN for this EST or others in the same unigene.
Additional sequencing 
Clone: SGN-C109957 [cLPT-1-M1] Trace: SGN-T177795 EST: SGN-E366370 Direction: 5' Facility: TIGR
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Sequence Id: SGN-E366371Length: 38 bp (911 bp untrimmed)
Status: Contaminants not assessed Chimera not assessed Direction: 3' [See links to 5' reads above]
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Current Unigene builds
No current unigene builds incorporate this sequence
SGN-ID: SGN-T177796 [Download] [View] Facility Assigned ID: TPTAA73TV
Submitter: Koni Sequencing Facility: TIGR
Funding Organization: National Science Foundation
Quality processing 
Processed By: SGN Basecalling Software: phred
Vector Signature: No vector sequence detected
Problems: Too short after trimming low-quality bases
Low complexity
Sequence Entropy: 0.615 Expected Error Rate: 0.0066 Quality Trim Threshold: 20.5