SGN Gene Family 10

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number10
Total Genes594
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 1.2 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build1 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Not applicable.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis264At1g04360 At1g12760 At1g13195 At1g14200 At1g15100 At1g15590 At1g15600 At1g15610 At1g15620 At1g15630 At1g15640 At1g17970 At1g18760 At1g18770 At1g18780 At1g20823 At1g21960 At1g22500 At1g22670 At1g23980 At1g24440 At1g24580 At1g26800 At1g28040 At1g33480 At1g35330 At1g35625 At1g35630 At1g36950 At1g44010 At1g45180 At1g49200 At1g49210 At1g49220 At1g49230 At1g49850 At1g50350 At1g51930 At1g53010 At1g53190 At1g53820 At1g55530 At1g57730 At1g60360 At1g63170 At1g63840 At1g65040 At1g65040 At1g68070 At1g68180 At1g70910 At1g71980 At1g72200 At1g72220 At1g72310 At1g73760 At1g74410 At1g74620 At1g76410 At1g77830 At1g80400 At2g01150 At2g01735 At2g03000 At2g04240 At2g04240 At2g15530 At2g15530 At2g15580 At2g17450 At2g17730 At2g18650 At2g18670 At2g20030 At2g20650 At2g20650 At2g24285 At2g24460 At2g24480 At2g25410 At2g25565 At2g27940 At2g28920 At2g29840 At2g34000 At2g34990 At2g35000 At2g35420 At2g35910 At2g37150 At2g37150 At2g37580 At2g39720 At2g40830 At2g40830 At2g40830 At2g42350 At2g42360 At2g44330 At2g44580 At2g46160 At2g46495 At2g47560 At3g02290 At3g02290 At3g02340 At3g03550 At3g05200 At3g05870 At3g10815 At3g10910 At3g11110 At3g13228 At3g13430 At3g14320 At3g14970 At3g15070 At3g15740 At3g16090 At3g16720 At3g18773 At3g18930 At3g18930 At3g19140 At3g19910 At3g19950 At3g28620 At3g30460 At3g42830 At3g42940 At3g43430 At3g46620 At3g47160 At3g47180 At3g47990 At3g51325 At3g55530 At3g56580 At3g56580 At3g58720 At3g60080 At3g60220 At3g61180 At3g61460 At3g61550 At3g62690 At3g63530 At4g00070 At4g00305 At4g00335 At4g00335 At4g01245 At4g01270 At4g05350 At4g09100 At4g09110 At4g09120 At4g09130 At4g09560 At4g10150 At4g10160 At4g10940 At4g11360 At4g11370 At4g11680 At4g12140 At4g12150 At4g12190 At4g12210 At4g12220 At4g14220 At4g15975 At4g17245 At4g17920 At4g18110 At4g23450 At4g24015 At4g25230 At4g25230 At4g26400 At4g26400 At4g26580 At4g28370 At4g28890 At4g30370 At4g30400 At4g31450 At4g32600 At4g33565 At4g34040 At4g35480 At4g35840 At4g38140 At5g01520 At5g01520 At5g01880 At5g01980 At5g02750 At5g05280 At5g05530 At5g05810 At5g05910 At5g06490 At5g07040 At5g07225 At5g08139 At5g10380 At5g10650 At5g11770 At5g12310 At5g15790 At5g15790 At5g15820 At5g17600 At5g19430 At5g20570 At5g20885 At5g20910 At5g22000 At5g22000 At5g22000 At5g24870 At5g24870 At5g26640 At5g27420 At5g37200 At5g37220 At5g37230 At5g37250 At5g37270 At5g37280 At5g38895 At5g40250 At5g41350 At5g41400 At5g41430 At5g41440 At5g41450 At5g42200 At5g42940 At5g43200 At5g43420 At5g45290 At5g46650 At5g47610 At5g51450 At5g52150 At5g53110 At5g53910 At5g54990 At5g55970 At5g55970 At5g56340 At5g57750 At5g58580 At5g58787 At5g59550 At5g60820 At5g64920 At5g66070 At5g66160 At5g66160 At5g67120 AtCg00430
Solanum tuberosum117SGN-U269215 SGN-U270308 SGN-U270444 SGN-U270519 SGN-U270520 SGN-U270529 SGN-U270666 SGN-U270667 SGN-U271831 SGN-U272075 SGN-U272077 SGN-U272441 SGN-U272643 SGN-U272644 SGN-U272763 SGN-U272764 SGN-U272928 SGN-U273232 SGN-U273238 SGN-U273451 SGN-U273685 SGN-U274453 SGN-U274641 SGN-U274704 SGN-U275061 SGN-U275140 SGN-U275141 SGN-U275155 SGN-U275683 SGN-U275783 SGN-U275922 SGN-U276214 SGN-U276335 SGN-U276341 SGN-U276554 SGN-U276726 SGN-U276739 SGN-U276741 SGN-U276869 SGN-U277004 SGN-U277195 SGN-U277222 SGN-U277230 SGN-U277554 SGN-U277741 SGN-U277849 SGN-U278018 SGN-U278158 SGN-U278242 SGN-U278370 SGN-U278388 SGN-U278494 SGN-U278555 SGN-U278830 SGN-U278942 SGN-U278947 SGN-U278979 SGN-U279117 SGN-U279142 SGN-U279439 SGN-U280219 SGN-U280321 SGN-U280665 SGN-U281455 SGN-U281736 SGN-U282071 SGN-U282116 SGN-U282155 SGN-U282287 SGN-U282523 SGN-U282702 SGN-U282787 SGN-U282898 SGN-U282958 SGN-U283245 SGN-U283999 SGN-U284130 SGN-U284213 SGN-U284807 SGN-U284962 SGN-U285123 SGN-U285304 SGN-U285538 SGN-U285977 SGN-U286291 SGN-U286529 SGN-U287781 SGN-U287889 SGN-U288347 SGN-U288528 SGN-U288560 SGN-U288561 SGN-U289018 SGN-U289150 SGN-U289307 SGN-U290190 SGN-U290365 SGN-U291579 SGN-U292257 SGN-U294172 SGN-U294340 SGN-U294695 SGN-U294698 SGN-U295620 SGN-U295651 SGN-U295981 SGN-U296004 SGN-U296023 SGN-U296172 SGN-U297701 SGN-U298017 SGN-U298141 SGN-U298351 SGN-U298485 SGN-U298920 SGN-U299081 SGN-U299118
Solanum melongena6SGN-U205990 SGN-U206147 SGN-U206259 SGN-U206450 SGN-U207008 SGN-U207390
Capsicum annuum42SGN-U196656 SGN-U197186 SGN-U197278 SGN-U197452 SGN-U197934 SGN-U198001 SGN-U198009 SGN-U198035 SGN-U198112 SGN-U198616 SGN-U198842 SGN-U199425 SGN-U199433 SGN-U199473 SGN-U199519 SGN-U199724 SGN-U199820 SGN-U200092 SGN-U200272 SGN-U200437 SGN-U200750 SGN-U200798 SGN-U200815 SGN-U201098 SGN-U201961 SGN-U202354 SGN-U202404 SGN-U202920 SGN-U203090 SGN-U203299 SGN-U203441 SGN-U203785 SGN-U203902 SGN-U204468 SGN-U204547 SGN-U204580 SGN-U204656 SGN-U204995 SGN-U205035 SGN-U205081 SGN-U205161 SGN-U205240
Petunia hybrida16SGN-U207677 SGN-U207841 SGN-U208012 SGN-U208314 SGN-U208377 SGN-U208557 SGN-U209341 SGN-U209848 SGN-U210180 SGN-U210409 SGN-U210548 SGN-U211200 SGN-U211979 SGN-U212194 SGN-U212327 SGN-U212361
Coffea canephora45SGN-U305825 SGN-U301560 SGN-U301559 SGN-U305257 SGN-U299368 SGN-U299477 SGN-U299476 SGN-U299475 SGN-U299474 SGN-U299847 SGN-U299930 SGN-U305494 SGN-U300108 SGN-U300464 SGN-U300777 SGN-U300863 SGN-U305709 SGN-U300943 SGN-U301126 SGN-U301412 SGN-U301716 SGN-U302123 SGN-U302326 SGN-U302642 SGN-U303551 SGN-U303708 SGN-U303855 SGN-U303934 SGN-U304497 SGN-U304542 SGN-U304964 SGN-U304981 SGN-U310600 SGN-U310421 SGN-U309552 SGN-U309633 SGN-U309594 SGN-U309351 SGN-U307665 SGN-U307603 SGN-U307528 SGN-U307301 SGN-U307226 SGN-U306580 SGN-U306560
Lycopersicon Combined104SGN-U212581 SGN-U212587 SGN-U213872 SGN-U214668 SGN-U215130 SGN-U215131 SGN-U215410 SGN-U215411 SGN-U216004 SGN-U216591 SGN-U216854 SGN-U216889 SGN-U216968 SGN-U216969 SGN-U217032 SGN-U217101 SGN-U217305 SGN-U217330 SGN-U217655 SGN-U217725 SGN-U218433 SGN-U218541 SGN-U218542 SGN-U219049 SGN-U219050 SGN-U219101 SGN-U219185 SGN-U219327 SGN-U219940 SGN-U220014 SGN-U220249 SGN-U220260 SGN-U220332 SGN-U220390 SGN-U220612 SGN-U220801 SGN-U220983 SGN-U221191 SGN-U221443 SGN-U221501 SGN-U221538 SGN-U221541 SGN-U221542 SGN-U221708 SGN-U221894 SGN-U222046 SGN-U222085 SGN-U222112 SGN-U222128 SGN-U222565 SGN-U223172 SGN-U223389 SGN-U223419 SGN-U223542 SGN-U223667 SGN-U224329 SGN-U224816 SGN-U225204 SGN-U225588 SGN-U226281 SGN-U226404 SGN-U226757 SGN-U227496 SGN-U227504 SGN-U227600 SGN-U227636 SGN-U227661 SGN-U227697 SGN-U227810 SGN-U228210 SGN-U228704 SGN-U228707 SGN-U229999 SGN-U230116 SGN-U230460 SGN-U230602 SGN-U230768 SGN-U230947 SGN-U231208 SGN-U231305 SGN-U233141 SGN-U233142 SGN-U234264 SGN-U234312 SGN-U234374 SGN-U234613 SGN-U235468 SGN-U235785 SGN-U235864 SGN-U235984 SGN-U237321 SGN-U237373 SGN-U237766 SGN-U237788 SGN-U238067 SGN-U238173 SGN-U238808 SGN-U239029 SGN-U239241 SGN-U240457 SGN-U240494 SGN-U240846 SGN-U242368 SGN-U242418