SGN Gene Family 101364

Family Number5
Total Genes1008
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationPentatricopeptide repeat
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
Explanation of family analysis and terms used on this page
Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
52 2511(7)  8387(2)  9(315)  5570(4)  8429(2)  4527(4)  5(364)  313(33)  8447(2)  4050(5)  2848(7)  2224(8)  3916(5)  6866(3)  5602(4)  8533(2)  6880(3)  3385(6)  2592(7)  8604(2)  8612(2)  8615(2)  2053(9)  6938(3)  8749(2)  6318(3)  8914(2)  6664(3)  4139(5)  9119(2)  2712(7)  9225(2)  9251(2)  9253(2)  7199(3)  9311(2)  6715(3)  9446(2)  6542(3)  5876(3)  9460(2)  4902(4)  4768(4)  9488(2)  9545(2)  9550(2)  9551(2)  7417(2)  9599(2)  7279(3)  9644(2)  3994(5)  5893(3)  7702(2)  9817(2)  6565(3)  7439(2)  4002(5)  4681(4)  6520(3)  10051(2)  6008(3)  10113(2)  10154(2)  5767(4)  10177(2)  10300(2)  7765(2)  7697(2)  10510(2)  7431(2) 
65 2245(7)  8839(2)  5(306)  6675(3)  8892(2)  4(314)  8915(2)  3920(5)  3722(5)  2565(7)  2819(6)  6794(3)  6795(3)  5822(3)  5290(4)  6828(3)  3077(6)  9092(2)  2952(6)  9097(2)  6914(3)  9118(2)  3469(5)  9240(2)  7716(2)  9490(2)  5469(4)  9763(2)  9772(2)  9810(2)  9853(2)  9900(2)  4576(4)  1879(8)  6038(3)  10062(2)  10101(2)  10110(2)  4324(4)  7358(3)  10211(2)  10216(2)  10219(2)  6543(3)  6369(3)  10444(2)  4573(4)  10479(2)  10492(2)  6230(3)  10603(2)  5565(3)  10613(2)  5593(3)  10616(2)  7422(3)  2888(6)  10709(2)  2817(6)  7443(3)  10727(2)  10779(2)  7979(2)  10994(2)  6393(3)  11096(2)  6024(3)  11222(2)  6346(3)  5550(3)  5805(3)  11386(2)  7542(3)  11494(2)  7759(2)  11660(2)  6265(3)  7971(2)  11843(2) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis472At1G01970 At1G02060 At1G02150 At1G02370 At1G02420 At1G03100 At1G03510 At1G03540 At1G03560 At1G04640 At1G04840 At1G05600 At1G05750 At1G06140 At1G06145 At1G06270 At1G06580 At1G06710 At1G07590 At1G07740 At1G08070 At1G08610 At1G09190 At1G09220 At1G09410 At1G09680 At1G09820 At1G09900 At1G10270 At1G10330 At1G10910 At1G11290 At1G11630 At1G11710 At1G11900 At1G12300 At1G12620 At1G12700 At1G12775 At1G13040 At1G13410 At1G13630 At1G13800 At1G14470 At1G15480 At1G15510 At1G16830 At1G17630 At1G18485 At1G18900 At1G19290 At1G19525 At1G19720 At1G20230 At1G20300 At1G22830 At1G22960 At1G25360 At1G26460 At1G26500 At1G26900 At1G28000 At1G28020 At1G28690 At1G29710 At1G30610 At1G31430 At1G31790 At1G31840 At1G31920 At1G32415 At1G33350 At1G34160 At1G43010 At1G43980 At1G47580 At1G50270 At1G51965 At1G52620 At1G52640 At1G53330 At1G53600 At1G55630 At1G55890 At1G56570 At1G56690 At1G59720 At1G60770 At1G61050 At1G61870 At1G62260 At1G62350 At1G62590 At1G62670 At1G62680 At1G62720 At1G62910 At1G62930 At1G63070 At1G63080 At1G63130 At1G63150 At1G63230 At1G63320 At1G63330 At1G63400 At1G63630 At1G64100 At1G64310 At1G64580 At1G66345 At1G68930 At1G68980 At1G69290 At1G69350 At1G71060 At1G71210 At1G71420 At1G71460 At1G71490 At1G73400 At1G73710 At1G74400 At1G74580 At1G74600 At1G74630 At1G74750 At1G74850 At1G74900 At1G76280 At1G77010 At1G77150 At1G77170 At1G77340 At1G77360 At1G77405 At1G78895 At1G79080 At1G79490 At1G79540 At1G80150 At1G80270 At1G80550 At1G80880 At2G01360 At2G01390 At2G01510 At2G01740 At2G01860 At2G02150 At2G02750 At2G02980 At2G03380 At2G03880 At2G04860 At2G06000 At2G13600 At2G15630 At2G15690 At2G15820 At2G15980 At2G16880 At2G17033 At2G17140 At2G17210 At2G17525 At2G17670 At2G18520 At2G18940 At2G19280 At2G20540 At2G20710 At2G20720 At2G21090 At2G22070 At2G22410 At2G25580 At2G26790 At2G27610 At2G27775 At2G27790 At2G27800 At2G28050 At2G29760 At2G30780 At2G31400 At2G32630 At2G33680 At2G33760 At2G34370 At2G34400 At2G35030 At2G35130 At2G36240 At2G36730 At2G36980 At2G37230 At2G37310 At2G37320 At2G38150 At2G38420 At2G39230 At2G39620 At2G40240 At2G40720 At2G41080 At2G41720 At2G42920 At2G44880 At2G45350 At2G46050 At2G48000 At3G01170 At3G01580 At3G02010 At3G02330 At3G02490 At3G02650 At3G03580 At3G04130 At3G04260 At3G04750 At3G04760 At3G05240 At3G05340 At3G06180 At3G06430 At3G06920 At3G07290 At3G08820 At3G09020 At3G09040 At3G09060 At3G09650 At3G11350 At3G11380 At3G11460 At3G12770 At3G13150 At3G13160 At3G13770 At3G13880 At3G14330 At3G14580 At3G14730 At3G15130 At3G15200 At3G15590 At3G15930 At3G16010 At3G16610 At3G16710 At3G16890 At3G17370 At3G18020 At3G18110 At3G18970 At3G19770 At3G20730 At3G21470 At3G22150 At3G22470 At3G22670 At3G22690 At3G23020 At3G23330 At3G24000 At3G25060 At3G25210 At3G25970 At3G26540 At3G26630 At3G26782 At3G27750 At3G28640 At3G28660 At3G29230 At3G29290 At3G42560 At3G42630 At3G46610 At3G46790 At3G46870 At3G47530 At3G47840 At3G48250 At3G48810 At3G49140 At3G49170 At3G49240 At3G49710 At3G49730 At3G49740 At3G50420 At3G51320 At3G53170 At3G53360 At3G53700 At3G54980 At3G56030 At3G56550 At3G57430 At3G58590 At3G59040 At3G59300 At3G60050 At3G60960 At3G60980 At3G61170 At3G61360 At3G61520 At3G62470 At3G62540 At3G62890 At3G63370 At4G01030 At4G01400 At4G01570 At4G01990 At4G02750 At4G02820 At4G04370 At4G04790 At4G08210 At4G11690 At4G13650 At4G14050 At4G14170 At4G14190 At4G14820 At4G14850 At4G15720 At4G16390 At4G16470 At4G16835 At4G17910 At4G18520 At4G18750 At4G18840 At4G19220 At4G19440 At4G19900 At4G20090 At4G20740 At4G20770 At4G21065 At4G21170 At4G21300 At4G21705 At4G21880 At4G22760 At4G25270 At4G26680 At4G26800 At4G28010 At4G30700 At4G30825 At4G31050 At4G31070 At4G31850 At4G32430 At4G32450 At4G33170 At4G33990 At4G34830 At4G35130 At4G35850 At4G36680 At4G37170 At4G37380 At4G38010 At4G38150 At4G39530 At4G39620 At4G39952 At5G01110 At5G01250 At5G02830 At5G02860 At5G03800 At5G04780 At5G04810 At5G06400 At5G06540 At5G08310 At5G08490 At5G08510 At5G09320 At5G09450 At5G09950 At5G10690 At5G11310 At5G12100 At5G13230 At5G13270 At5G13770 At5G14080 At5G14770 At5G14820 At5G15010 At5G15260 At5G15280 At5G15300 At5G15340 At5G15980 At5G16420 At5G16640 At5G16860 At5G18390 At5G18475 At5G18950 At5G19020 At5G24060 At5G24830 At5G25630 At5G27110 At5G27270 At5G27300 At5G27460 At5G28340 At5G28370 At5G28380 At5G28460 At5G37570 At5G38730 At5G39350 At5G39680 At5G39710 At5G39980 At5G40400 At5G40405 At5G40410 At5G41170 At5G42310 At5G42450 At5G43790 At5G43820 At5G44230 At5G46100 At5G46440 At5G46460 At5G46580 At5G46680 At5G47360 At5G47460 At5G48730 At5G48910 At5G50280 At5G50390 At5G50990 At5G52630 At5G52850 At5G55740 At5G55840 At5G56310 At5G57250 At5G59200 At5G59600 At5G59900 At5G60960 At5G61370 At5G61400 At5G61800 At5G61990 At5G62370 At5G64320 At5G65560 At5G65570 At5G65820 At5G66500 At5G66520 At5G67570
Solanum tuberosum229SGN-U270858 SGN-U270859 SGN-U270860 SGN-U273396 SGN-U273540 SGN-U273627 SGN-U274097 SGN-U274731 SGN-U276112 SGN-U276188 SGN-U276407 SGN-U276408 SGN-U276425 SGN-U276427 SGN-U276475 SGN-U276770 SGN-U277138 SGN-U277663 SGN-U278245 SGN-U278508 SGN-U278674 SGN-U278928 SGN-U279167 SGN-U279180 SGN-U279280 SGN-U279352 SGN-U279376 SGN-U279564 SGN-U279691 SGN-U279758 SGN-U279768 SGN-U279816 SGN-U279821 SGN-U279827 SGN-U280030 SGN-U280364 SGN-U280488 SGN-U280556 SGN-U280575 SGN-U280608 SGN-U280673 SGN-U280713 SGN-U280828 SGN-U281074 SGN-U281450 SGN-U281637 SGN-U281660 SGN-U281716 SGN-U281722 SGN-U281732 SGN-U281774 SGN-U281998 SGN-U282216 SGN-U282230 SGN-U282402 SGN-U282416 SGN-U282417 SGN-U282424 SGN-U282505 SGN-U282542 SGN-U282673 SGN-U282684 SGN-U282688 SGN-U282696 SGN-U282808 SGN-U282819 SGN-U282837 SGN-U282900 SGN-U282934 SGN-U282955 SGN-U283006 SGN-U283171 SGN-U283266 SGN-U283521 SGN-U283539 SGN-U283619 SGN-U283818 SGN-U283850 SGN-U283975 SGN-U284071 SGN-U284126 SGN-U284129 SGN-U284280 SGN-U284312 SGN-U284332 SGN-U284399 SGN-U284405 SGN-U284439 SGN-U284462 SGN-U284470 SGN-U284472 SGN-U284629 SGN-U284667 SGN-U284857 SGN-U284893 SGN-U284957 SGN-U284970 SGN-U285069 SGN-U285090 SGN-U285224 SGN-U285229 SGN-U285344 SGN-U285368 SGN-U285436 SGN-U285457 SGN-U285465 SGN-U285487 SGN-U285566 SGN-U285614 SGN-U285848 SGN-U285931 SGN-U286037 SGN-U286195 SGN-U286280 SGN-U286342 SGN-U286345 SGN-U286422 SGN-U286436 SGN-U286440 SGN-U286464 SGN-U286493 SGN-U286505 SGN-U286539 SGN-U286548 SGN-U286605 SGN-U287183 SGN-U288742 SGN-U289046 SGN-U289407 SGN-U289783 SGN-U290191 SGN-U290452 SGN-U291063 SGN-U291231 SGN-U291321 SGN-U291356 SGN-U291368 SGN-U291437 SGN-U291492 SGN-U291513 SGN-U291602 SGN-U291663 SGN-U291698 SGN-U291799 SGN-U291831 SGN-U291902 SGN-U291916 SGN-U292014 SGN-U292055 SGN-U292094 SGN-U292134 SGN-U292338 SGN-U292407 SGN-U292414 SGN-U292689 SGN-U292732 SGN-U292875 SGN-U292930 SGN-U292958 SGN-U293011 SGN-U293047 SGN-U293156 SGN-U293649 SGN-U293669 SGN-U294037 SGN-U294125 SGN-U294175 SGN-U294194 SGN-U294451 SGN-U294485 SGN-U294562 SGN-U294606 SGN-U294737 SGN-U294744 SGN-U294861 SGN-U294915 SGN-U295003 SGN-U295323 SGN-U295355 SGN-U295458 SGN-U295522 SGN-U295658 SGN-U295698 SGN-U295723 SGN-U295744 SGN-U295814 SGN-U295898 SGN-U295940 SGN-U295954 SGN-U296102 SGN-U296166 SGN-U296247 SGN-U296269 SGN-U296321 SGN-U296452 SGN-U296525 SGN-U296762 SGN-U296774 SGN-U296932 SGN-U296954 SGN-U297253 SGN-U297377 SGN-U297390 SGN-U297420 SGN-U297497 SGN-U297553 SGN-U297583 SGN-U297606 SGN-U297719 SGN-U297796 SGN-U297917 SGN-U298027 SGN-U298167 SGN-U298187 SGN-U298243 SGN-U298278 SGN-U298350 SGN-U298361 SGN-U298390 SGN-U298600 SGN-U298711 SGN-U298822 SGN-U298899 SGN-U298955 SGN-U298971 SGN-U298972 SGN-U299041 SGN-U299074 SGN-U299107
Solanum melongena1SGN-U206343
Capsicum annuum53SGN-U197580 SGN-U198120 SGN-U198166 SGN-U198391 SGN-U198756 SGN-U199372 SGN-U199373 SGN-U199439 SGN-U199756 SGN-U199822 SGN-U200030 SGN-U200141 SGN-U200150 SGN-U200182 SGN-U200338 SGN-U200646 SGN-U200760 SGN-U200761 SGN-U200840 SGN-U201009 SGN-U201026 SGN-U201258 SGN-U201274 SGN-U201640 SGN-U201959 SGN-U201963 SGN-U202003 SGN-U202294 SGN-U202319 SGN-U202342 SGN-U202735 SGN-U202748 SGN-U202780 SGN-U202935 SGN-U202961 SGN-U203001 SGN-U203149 SGN-U203322 SGN-U203430 SGN-U203730 SGN-U203889 SGN-U203933 SGN-U203942 SGN-U204191 SGN-U204492 SGN-U204723 SGN-U204773 SGN-U204794 SGN-U204830 SGN-U204868 SGN-U204874 SGN-U205292 SGN-U205373
Petunia hybrida8SGN-U209358 SGN-U209414 SGN-U210300 SGN-U210355 SGN-U210926 SGN-U210958 SGN-U211315 SGN-U211914
Tomato 200607245SGN-U326351 SGN-U326373 SGN-U326563 SGN-U326605 SGN-U326862 SGN-U327010 SGN-U327034 SGN-U327041 SGN-U327060 SGN-U327204 SGN-U327305 SGN-U327411 SGN-U327583 SGN-U327627 SGN-U327679 SGN-U327965 SGN-U328548 SGN-U328593 SGN-U328632 SGN-U328850 SGN-U329008 SGN-U329028 SGN-U329287 SGN-U312889 SGN-U329304 SGN-U329581 SGN-U313040 SGN-U329668 SGN-U315871 SGN-U329738 SGN-U329864 SGN-U329871 SGN-U318025 SGN-U329942 SGN-U318918 SGN-U330034 SGN-U330089 SGN-U319485 SGN-U330251 SGN-U319486 SGN-U319722 SGN-U330396 SGN-U320130 SGN-U330561 SGN-U320307 SGN-U330690 SGN-U320337 SGN-U330699 SGN-U320952 SGN-U330765 SGN-U330775 SGN-U321145 SGN-U330790 SGN-U330840 SGN-U321852 SGN-U330905 SGN-U321947 SGN-U331069 SGN-U321978 SGN-U331106 SGN-U322118 SGN-U331121 SGN-U331278 SGN-U322282 SGN-U331365 SGN-U322460 SGN-U331371 SGN-U331435 SGN-U322533 SGN-U322537 SGN-U331459 SGN-U322539 SGN-U322978 SGN-U331518 SGN-U331623 SGN-U331630 SGN-U322979 SGN-U323093 SGN-U331739 SGN-U323301 SGN-U331927 SGN-U331933 SGN-U323396 SGN-U332047 SGN-U323397 SGN-U323537 SGN-U332061 SGN-U332167 SGN-U323710 SGN-U323751 SGN-U332200 SGN-U323756 SGN-U332333 SGN-U323757 SGN-U323762 SGN-U332406 SGN-U323848 SGN-U332521 SGN-U323908 SGN-U332587 SGN-U324029 SGN-U332683 SGN-U324164 SGN-U332687 SGN-U324461 SGN-U332718 SGN-U332755 SGN-U324554 SGN-U332831 SGN-U324640 SGN-U324787 SGN-U332874 SGN-U332887 SGN-U324788 SGN-U324809 SGN-U333176 SGN-U324901 SGN-U333238 SGN-U333252 SGN-U324970 SGN-U325068 SGN-U333386 SGN-U325089 SGN-U337303 SGN-U325380 SGN-U325386 SGN-U325798 SGN-U337622 SGN-U325844 SGN-U337876 SGN-U325858 SGN-U337942 SGN-U325870 SGN-U338093 SGN-U325993 SGN-U338104 SGN-U338106 SGN-U326198 SGN-U326315 SGN-U338312 SGN-U341439 SGN-U339318 SGN-U339320 SGN-U341440 SGN-U341600 SGN-U339337 SGN-U341683 SGN-U339573 SGN-U341761 SGN-U339722 SGN-U339723 SGN-U341841 SGN-U339936 SGN-U339987 SGN-U341882 SGN-U340000 SGN-U341894 SGN-U340064 SGN-U341896 SGN-U342092 SGN-U340275 SGN-U342141 SGN-U342225 SGN-U340412 SGN-U342237 SGN-U342321 SGN-U340577 SGN-U342369 SGN-U340752 SGN-U342373 SGN-U340781 SGN-U342383 SGN-U342604 SGN-U340938 SGN-U342666 SGN-U341041 SGN-U342731 SGN-U341112 SGN-U342817 SGN-U341155 SGN-U342875 SGN-U342897 SGN-U341265 SGN-U342898 SGN-U343117 SGN-U341304 SGN-U343156 SGN-U341326 SGN-U341423 SGN-U341437 SGN-U343191 SGN-U343266 SGN-U343353 SGN-U343408 SGN-U343562 SGN-U343746 SGN-U343749 SGN-U343776 SGN-U343795 SGN-U343811 SGN-U343831 SGN-U343862 SGN-U343952 SGN-U343990 SGN-U344088 SGN-U344127 SGN-U344180 SGN-U344318 SGN-U344323 SGN-U344343 SGN-U344406 SGN-U344421 SGN-U344479 SGN-U344500 SGN-U344566 SGN-U344577 SGN-U344831 SGN-U344894 SGN-U344916 SGN-U344982 SGN-U344989 SGN-U345094 SGN-U345253 SGN-U345303 SGN-U345349 SGN-U345378 SGN-U345471 SGN-U345513 SGN-U345602 SGN-U345804 SGN-U345869 SGN-U346021 SGN-U346091 SGN-U346102 SGN-U346190 SGN-U346324 SGN-U346499 SGN-U346540 SGN-U346618 SGN-U346728 SGN-U346747 SGN-U346781 SGN-U346829 SGN-U346878 SGN-U347034