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SGN Gene Family 101369

Family Number10
Total Genes604
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationHeat shock protein DnaJ, N-terminal;Molecular Function: heat shock protein binding (GO:0031072)
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis148At1G02000 At1G02650 At1G08200 At1G09260 At1G10350 At1G11040 At1G12780 At1G16680 At1G17890 At1G21080 At1G24120 At1G28210 At1G30620 At1G44160 At1G53500 At1G56300 At1G59725 At1G59980 At1G61770 At1G63000 At1G63180 At1G64440 At1G65280 At1G68370 At1G71000 At1G72070 At1G72416 At1G73250 At1G74250 At1G76700 At1G77020 At1G77930 At1G78570 At1G79030 At1G79940 At1G80030 At1G80920 At2G01710 At2G05230 At2G05250 At2G17880 At2G20550 At2G20560 At2G21510 At2G22360 At2G25560 At2G27860 At2G28755 At2G28760 At2G33735 At2G34850 At2G35540 At2G35720 At2G41000 At2G41520 At2G42750 At2G45310 At2G47440 At2G47650 At3G04960 At3G04980 At3G05110 At3G06340 At3G06778 At3G08910 At3G08970 At3G11450 At3G12170 At3G13310 At3G14200 At3G14790 At3G17830 At3G23820 At3G28530 At3G44110 At3G46440 At3G47940 At3G51160 At3G53520 At3G57340 At3G62570 At3G62600 At3G62830 At4G00110 At4G02100 At4G07990 At4G09350 At4G10130 At4G10960 At4G11930 At4G11940 At4G12250 At4G13830 At4G19570 At4G19580 At4G19590 At4G20460 At4G21180 At4G23920 At4G27980 At4G28480 At4G30440 At4G33030 At4G36040 At4G37480 At4G39150 At4G39960 At5G01390 At5G03160 At5G05750 At5G06110 At5G06910 At5G09540 At5G12430 At5G16650 At5G18140 At5G18710 At5G18720 At5G18730 At5G18740 At5G18750 At5G21430 At5G22060 At5G22080 At5G23240 At5G23590 At5G25530 At5G27240 At5G28840 At5G35753 At5G37380 At5G37440 At5G37750 At5G37760 At5G44480 At5G45420 At5G48030 At5G49060 At5G49580 At5G50115 At5G50510 At5G50620 At5G53150 At5G59290 At5G59610 At5G62780 At5G64360 At5G66280
Solanum tuberosum161SGN-U268382 SGN-U268383 SGN-U268386 SGN-U268387 SGN-U268388 SGN-U268389 SGN-U268533 SGN-U268534 SGN-U268615 SGN-U269030 SGN-U269031 SGN-U269032 SGN-U269185 SGN-U269186 SGN-U269418 SGN-U269958 SGN-U269959 SGN-U270138 SGN-U270139 SGN-U270184 SGN-U270207 SGN-U270208 SGN-U270209 SGN-U271013 SGN-U271101 SGN-U271148 SGN-U271397 SGN-U271398 SGN-U271864 SGN-U271876 SGN-U271877 SGN-U271878 SGN-U271929 SGN-U272046 SGN-U272089 SGN-U272143 SGN-U272468 SGN-U272648 SGN-U273080 SGN-U273181 SGN-U273182 SGN-U273197 SGN-U273198 SGN-U273643 SGN-U273758 SGN-U273767 SGN-U273996 SGN-U274091 SGN-U274092 SGN-U274093 SGN-U274249 SGN-U274360 SGN-U274607 SGN-U274713 SGN-U274743 SGN-U274903 SGN-U275060 SGN-U275846 SGN-U275861 SGN-U275934 SGN-U276479 SGN-U276551 SGN-U277506 SGN-U277514 SGN-U277804 SGN-U278094 SGN-U278197 SGN-U278311 SGN-U278738 SGN-U278761 SGN-U278918 SGN-U279013 SGN-U279406 SGN-U279449 SGN-U279528 SGN-U279571 SGN-U279950 SGN-U279965 SGN-U280007 SGN-U280208 SGN-U280566 SGN-U280590 SGN-U280980 SGN-U281133 SGN-U281785 SGN-U281966 SGN-U282059 SGN-U282086 SGN-U282338 SGN-U282406 SGN-U282413 SGN-U282743 SGN-U282752 SGN-U282776 SGN-U282985 SGN-U282988 SGN-U283422 SGN-U284766 SGN-U284891 SGN-U284929 SGN-U285647 SGN-U285908 SGN-U285979 SGN-U285985 SGN-U286244 SGN-U286846 SGN-U286847 SGN-U286849 SGN-U286850 SGN-U286851 SGN-U286986 SGN-U287138 SGN-U287247 SGN-U287633 SGN-U287712 SGN-U288060 SGN-U288293 SGN-U288683 SGN-U288817 SGN-U288818 SGN-U289615 SGN-U289863 SGN-U289864 SGN-U289935 SGN-U290990 SGN-U291000 SGN-U291061 SGN-U291202 SGN-U291644 SGN-U291782 SGN-U292030 SGN-U292870 SGN-U293102 SGN-U293349 SGN-U293481 SGN-U293556 SGN-U293853 SGN-U294049 SGN-U294507 SGN-U294707 SGN-U294879 SGN-U294997 SGN-U295747 SGN-U295941 SGN-U295994 SGN-U296272 SGN-U296378 SGN-U296469 SGN-U296619 SGN-U296704 SGN-U296736 SGN-U296884 SGN-U296976 SGN-U297584 SGN-U297678 SGN-U298430 SGN-U298542 SGN-U298628 SGN-U298765 SGN-U298861 SGN-U299043
Solanum melongena5SGN-U205705 SGN-U205890 SGN-U206082 SGN-U206164 SGN-U207304
Capsicum annuum67SGN-U196174 SGN-U196175 SGN-U196276 SGN-U196277 SGN-U196451 SGN-U196598 SGN-U196599 SGN-U197017 SGN-U197216 SGN-U197280 SGN-U197281 SGN-U197349 SGN-U197412 SGN-U197538 SGN-U197596 SGN-U197652 SGN-U197692 SGN-U197776 SGN-U198010 SGN-U198023 SGN-U198376 SGN-U198408 SGN-U198493 SGN-U198534 SGN-U198773 SGN-U198841 SGN-U199229 SGN-U199388 SGN-U199389 SGN-U199414 SGN-U199420 SGN-U199715 SGN-U199798 SGN-U199799 SGN-U199891 SGN-U199914 SGN-U200368 SGN-U200488 SGN-U200608 SGN-U200621 SGN-U200759 SGN-U200882 SGN-U200995 SGN-U200998 SGN-U201027 SGN-U201147 SGN-U201279 SGN-U201999 SGN-U202020 SGN-U202181 SGN-U202420 SGN-U203134 SGN-U203253 SGN-U203326 SGN-U203870 SGN-U203978 SGN-U204248 SGN-U204255 SGN-U204365 SGN-U204924 SGN-U205134 SGN-U205259 SGN-U205357 SGN-U205377 SGN-U205384 SGN-U205411 SGN-U205510
Petunia hybrida33SGN-U207881 SGN-U208318 SGN-U208349 SGN-U208434 SGN-U208542 SGN-U208582 SGN-U208584 SGN-U208594 SGN-U208614 SGN-U208695 SGN-U208754 SGN-U208817 SGN-U208936 SGN-U209213 SGN-U209287 SGN-U209288 SGN-U209352 SGN-U209707 SGN-U209878 SGN-U209901 SGN-U209903 SGN-U210030 SGN-U210181 SGN-U210330 SGN-U210461 SGN-U210567 SGN-U210723 SGN-U210827 SGN-U210983 SGN-U211094 SGN-U211108 SGN-U211920 SGN-U212407
Tomato 200607190SGN-U312624 SGN-U312625 SGN-U312628 SGN-U312629 SGN-U312630 SGN-U313014 SGN-U313015 SGN-U313016 SGN-U313017 SGN-U313759 SGN-U314105 SGN-U314368 SGN-U314369 SGN-U314845 SGN-U314846 SGN-U314847 SGN-U314862 SGN-U314898 SGN-U315031 SGN-U315600 SGN-U315835 SGN-U316145 SGN-U316201 SGN-U316461 SGN-U316462 SGN-U316851 SGN-U317102 SGN-U317216 SGN-U317217 SGN-U317318 SGN-U317319 SGN-U317504 SGN-U317624 SGN-U317734 SGN-U317881 SGN-U318005 SGN-U318006 SGN-U318012 SGN-U318070 SGN-U318071 SGN-U318104 SGN-U318168 SGN-U318169 SGN-U318170 SGN-U318333 SGN-U318469 SGN-U318470 SGN-U318471 SGN-U318472 SGN-U318529 SGN-U318803 SGN-U318804 SGN-U318818 SGN-U318967 SGN-U319022 SGN-U319353 SGN-U319368 SGN-U319376 SGN-U319658 SGN-U319797 SGN-U320094 SGN-U320095 SGN-U320264 SGN-U320353 SGN-U320524 SGN-U320847 SGN-U321266 SGN-U321401 SGN-U321423 SGN-U321457 SGN-U321537 SGN-U321814 SGN-U322059 SGN-U322438 SGN-U322888 SGN-U323028 SGN-U323173 SGN-U323398 SGN-U323399 SGN-U323575 SGN-U323676 SGN-U324774 SGN-U324874 SGN-U325112 SGN-U325113 SGN-U325170 SGN-U325295 SGN-U325323 SGN-U326263 SGN-U326512 SGN-U327046 SGN-U327047 SGN-U327608 SGN-U327647 SGN-U327667 SGN-U327709 SGN-U327760 SGN-U327940 SGN-U327990 SGN-U328137 SGN-U328147 SGN-U328665 SGN-U328719 SGN-U328970 SGN-U329198 SGN-U329237 SGN-U329263 SGN-U329799 SGN-U329936 SGN-U330194 SGN-U330607 SGN-U330702 SGN-U331031 SGN-U331464 SGN-U331841 SGN-U332196 SGN-U332198 SGN-U332627 SGN-U332841 SGN-U332845 SGN-U333206 SGN-U333754 SGN-U333755 SGN-U333756 SGN-U333757 SGN-U333758 SGN-U333759 SGN-U333760 SGN-U333761 SGN-U333762 SGN-U333763 SGN-U333764 SGN-U333765 SGN-U333766 SGN-U333767 SGN-U333768 SGN-U333769 SGN-U333770 SGN-U333771 SGN-U333772 SGN-U333773 SGN-U333774 SGN-U333977 SGN-U334075 SGN-U334579 SGN-U334580 SGN-U334785 SGN-U335231 SGN-U335232 SGN-U335954 SGN-U336314 SGN-U336390 SGN-U337015 SGN-U337066 SGN-U337368 SGN-U337515 SGN-U337864 SGN-U338089 SGN-U338365 SGN-U339119 SGN-U339129 SGN-U339152 SGN-U339153 SGN-U339624 SGN-U339964 SGN-U340021 SGN-U340178 SGN-U340841 SGN-U340894 SGN-U341091 SGN-U341222 SGN-U341313 SGN-U341542 SGN-U341831 SGN-U342591 SGN-U342832 SGN-U342941 SGN-U343335 SGN-U343460 SGN-U343532 SGN-U344024 SGN-U344395 SGN-U344583 SGN-U344651 SGN-U344992 SGN-U345070 SGN-U345183 SGN-U345943 SGN-U346785 SGN-U346937