SGN Gene Family 101370

Family Number11
Total Genes591
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationJacalin-related lectin
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis189At1G03445 At1G03710 At1G04130 At1G04190 At1G05760 At1G05770 At1G08420 At1G08980 At1G10430 At1G12270 At1G17930 At1G18170 At1G18610 At1G19715 At1G20810 At1G32120 At1G33400 At1G33790 At1G48120 At1G48145 At1G49470 At1G50370 At1G50690 At1G50750 At1G50760 At1G50770 At1G50790 At1G50800 At1G50820 At1G50830 At1G51538 At1G51550 At1G52000 At1G52030 At1G52040 At1G52050 At1G52060 At1G52070 At1G52100 At1G52120 At1G52130 At1G53300 At1G54040 At1G55230 At1G55240 At1G56090 At1G56440 At1G57570 At1G58160 At1G58450 At1G59830 At1G60095 At1G60110 At1G60130 At1G62390 At1G62740 At1G63190 At1G63200 At1G63205 At1G64040 At1G68050 At1G69960 At1G73040 At1G73655 At1G74150 At1G78120 At2G04865 At2G18915 At2G25010 At2G25290 At2G25980 At2G27210 At2G29400 At2G33070 At2G36360 At2G37435 At2G39310 At2G39330 At2G39840 At2G42500 At2G42580 At2G42810 At2G43560 At2G43730 At2G43740 At2G43745 At3G01360 At3G05420 At3G05450 At3G05580 At3G05685 At3G07720 At3G10060 At3G12340 At3G14950 At3G16390 At3G16400 At3G16410 At3G16420 At3G16430 At3G16440 At3G16450 At3G16460 At3G16470 At3G17670 At3G17970 At3G19980 At3G21380 At3G21640 At3G25220 At3G25230 At3G25660 At3G46820 At3G54010 At3G55520 At3G58500 At3G58620 At3G59620 At3G60370 At4G03080 At4G03565 At4G03570 At4G03590 At4G04670 At4G08320 At4G11240 At4G11260 At4G12400 At4G15710 At4G15715 At4G16050 At4G19830 At4G22670 At4G23570 At4G25340 At4G26555 At4G26720 At4G30480 At4G32070 At4G34880 At4G39710 At5G04420 At5G05040 At5G05060 At5G05420 At5G07360 At5G09420 At5G10090 At5G10900 At5G13410 At5G13890 At5G17090 At5G17100 At5G17110 At5G17120 At5G17150 At5G18510 At5G18590 At5G19870 At5G20360 At5G21990 At5G23410 At5G27630 At5G27840 At5G28520 At5G35940 At5G35950 At5G38540 At5G38550 At5G43380 At5G45680 At5G46000 At5G48180 At5G48570 At5G48580 At5G49850 At5G49860 At5G49870 At5G50310 At5G55260 At5G56910 At5G56920 At5G56990 At5G57360 At5G59160 At5G63870 At5G64350 At5G64440 At5G65160
Solanum tuberosum147SGN-U268746 SGN-U268747 SGN-U268748 SGN-U268749 SGN-U269473 SGN-U269474 SGN-U269684 SGN-U269751 SGN-U269752 SGN-U270027 SGN-U270028 SGN-U270029 SGN-U270091 SGN-U270092 SGN-U270094 SGN-U270101 SGN-U270102 SGN-U270103 SGN-U270239 SGN-U270332 SGN-U270861 SGN-U271357 SGN-U271358 SGN-U271408 SGN-U271524 SGN-U271577 SGN-U271617 SGN-U271700 SGN-U271701 SGN-U271890 SGN-U272272 SGN-U272526 SGN-U272527 SGN-U272876 SGN-U273252 SGN-U273253 SGN-U273487 SGN-U273683 SGN-U274165 SGN-U274302 SGN-U274352 SGN-U274493 SGN-U274503 SGN-U274976 SGN-U274990 SGN-U275169 SGN-U275301 SGN-U275348 SGN-U275392 SGN-U276183 SGN-U276184 SGN-U276316 SGN-U276352 SGN-U276559 SGN-U276710 SGN-U276807 SGN-U276868 SGN-U276986 SGN-U277152 SGN-U277213 SGN-U277215 SGN-U277217 SGN-U277219 SGN-U277309 SGN-U277497 SGN-U277927 SGN-U277963 SGN-U278078 SGN-U278083 SGN-U278172 SGN-U278177 SGN-U278299 SGN-U278445 SGN-U278957 SGN-U279104 SGN-U279514 SGN-U279575 SGN-U279616 SGN-U279645 SGN-U280019 SGN-U280272 SGN-U280753 SGN-U280782 SGN-U280847 SGN-U280921 SGN-U281568 SGN-U281754 SGN-U281915 SGN-U282252 SGN-U282458 SGN-U282806 SGN-U283858 SGN-U283893 SGN-U283976 SGN-U284265 SGN-U284298 SGN-U284631 SGN-U284999 SGN-U285137 SGN-U285327 SGN-U285356 SGN-U285736 SGN-U286152 SGN-U286232 SGN-U286596 SGN-U287406 SGN-U287407 SGN-U287663 SGN-U287687 SGN-U287748 SGN-U288134 SGN-U288295 SGN-U288794 SGN-U288966 SGN-U289172 SGN-U289481 SGN-U289549 SGN-U290044 SGN-U290196 SGN-U291297 SGN-U291482 SGN-U291581 SGN-U291671 SGN-U291802 SGN-U292038 SGN-U292248 SGN-U292675 SGN-U293209 SGN-U293214 SGN-U293342 SGN-U293615 SGN-U293903 SGN-U293957 SGN-U294596 SGN-U295079 SGN-U295137 SGN-U295927 SGN-U296002 SGN-U296050 SGN-U296240 SGN-U296311 SGN-U296771 SGN-U296970 SGN-U297654 SGN-U297961 SGN-U298090 SGN-U298798
Solanum melongena7SGN-U205679 SGN-U205729 SGN-U205792 SGN-U206080 SGN-U206243 SGN-U206614 SGN-U207099
Capsicum annuum58SGN-U196448 SGN-U196661 SGN-U196816 SGN-U197040 SGN-U197143 SGN-U197173 SGN-U197353 SGN-U197444 SGN-U197649 SGN-U197839 SGN-U197996 SGN-U198069 SGN-U198289 SGN-U198294 SGN-U198377 SGN-U198482 SGN-U198541 SGN-U198598 SGN-U198602 SGN-U198650 SGN-U198808 SGN-U198856 SGN-U198869 SGN-U199167 SGN-U199168 SGN-U199216 SGN-U199268 SGN-U199510 SGN-U199639 SGN-U200029 SGN-U200306 SGN-U200377 SGN-U200723 SGN-U200836 SGN-U201061 SGN-U201532 SGN-U201759 SGN-U202041 SGN-U202048 SGN-U202416 SGN-U202456 SGN-U202538 SGN-U202543 SGN-U202614 SGN-U202757 SGN-U203000 SGN-U203114 SGN-U203164 SGN-U203217 SGN-U203222 SGN-U203365 SGN-U203433 SGN-U203599 SGN-U204008 SGN-U204373 SGN-U204464 SGN-U204680 SGN-U205185
Petunia hybrida20SGN-U208252 SGN-U208359 SGN-U208401 SGN-U208452 SGN-U208591 SGN-U209056 SGN-U209728 SGN-U209752 SGN-U209831 SGN-U209849 SGN-U210072 SGN-U210935 SGN-U211109 SGN-U211206 SGN-U211453 SGN-U211739 SGN-U211850 SGN-U211985 SGN-U212281 SGN-U212396
Tomato 200607170SGN-U313281 SGN-U313282 SGN-U313283 SGN-U313395 SGN-U313396 SGN-U314114 SGN-U315015 SGN-U315016 SGN-U315018 SGN-U315169 SGN-U315170 SGN-U315257 SGN-U315258 SGN-U315259 SGN-U315719 SGN-U315720 SGN-U315738 SGN-U315740 SGN-U315741 SGN-U315795 SGN-U315838 SGN-U315839 SGN-U316084 SGN-U316211 SGN-U316283 SGN-U316414 SGN-U316680 SGN-U317379 SGN-U317380 SGN-U317446 SGN-U317447 SGN-U317835 SGN-U317836 SGN-U317837 SGN-U317838 SGN-U318053 SGN-U318239 SGN-U318334 SGN-U318397 SGN-U318805 SGN-U319251 SGN-U319362 SGN-U319363 SGN-U319438 SGN-U319461 SGN-U319535 SGN-U319536 SGN-U319602 SGN-U319613 SGN-U319653 SGN-U319654 SGN-U319656 SGN-U319718 SGN-U319873 SGN-U319977 SGN-U320210 SGN-U320253 SGN-U320681 SGN-U320762 SGN-U321073 SGN-U321089 SGN-U321189 SGN-U321201 SGN-U321202 SGN-U321328 SGN-U321398 SGN-U321492 SGN-U321493 SGN-U321794 SGN-U321975 SGN-U322039 SGN-U322311 SGN-U322768 SGN-U323049 SGN-U323057 SGN-U323134 SGN-U323425 SGN-U323602 SGN-U323613 SGN-U323927 SGN-U324278 SGN-U324731 SGN-U325054 SGN-U325524 SGN-U325682 SGN-U325711 SGN-U325976 SGN-U326014 SGN-U326070 SGN-U326127 SGN-U326152 SGN-U326285 SGN-U326518 SGN-U326854 SGN-U327211 SGN-U327350 SGN-U327550 SGN-U327572 SGN-U327697 SGN-U327804 SGN-U329220 SGN-U329365 SGN-U329410 SGN-U329893 SGN-U329951 SGN-U330165 SGN-U330887 SGN-U330901 SGN-U333042 SGN-U333096 SGN-U333216 SGN-U334322 SGN-U335013 SGN-U335014 SGN-U335059 SGN-U335060 SGN-U335300 SGN-U335349 SGN-U335481 SGN-U335539 SGN-U336066 SGN-U336126 SGN-U336127 SGN-U336128 SGN-U336129 SGN-U336300 SGN-U336301 SGN-U336483 SGN-U336770 SGN-U336848 SGN-U337384 SGN-U337579 SGN-U337580 SGN-U337710 SGN-U337776 SGN-U337833 SGN-U338289 SGN-U338292 SGN-U338322 SGN-U339221 SGN-U339533 SGN-U339738 SGN-U339739 SGN-U339754 SGN-U339755 SGN-U341270 SGN-U341349 SGN-U341536 SGN-U341573 SGN-U341781 SGN-U342465 SGN-U342490 SGN-U342635 SGN-U342992 SGN-U343431 SGN-U344329 SGN-U344523 SGN-U344549 SGN-U344560 SGN-U344769 SGN-U344773 SGN-U345072 SGN-U345189 SGN-U345207 SGN-U345704 SGN-U345728 SGN-U346015 SGN-U346305 SGN-U346669 SGN-U346916