SGN Gene Family 101371

Family Number12
Total Genes575
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationF-box associated type 1
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis363At1G02010 At1G08985 At1G09650 At1G10455 At1G10890 At1G11270 At1G11620 At1G11810 At1G12170 At1G12190 At1G12330 At1G12360 At1G12490 At1G12870 At1G13200 At1G14430 At1G15680 At1G16750 At1G19160 At1G19900 At1G21060 At1G24793 At1G24880 At1G25054 At1G25141 At1G25210 At1G26510 At1G26650 At1G27490 At1G29300 At1G30780 At1G30790 At1G30920 At1G30930 At1G31000 At1G31080 At1G31090 At1G31130 At1G31163 At1G31510 At1G32140 At1G32420 At1G32430 At1G32600 At1G32660 At1G33010 At1G33020 At1G33530 At1G43020 At1G46840 At1G46912 At1G46984 At1G47300 At1G47340 At1G47350 At1G47390 At1G47730 At1G47765 At1G47790 At1G47800 At1G47810 At1G48060 At1G49790 At1G49990 At1G50220 At1G50470 At1G50870 At1G50880 At1G51290 At1G51320 At1G51970 At1G52480 At1G52490 At1G53325 At1G53360 At1G53370 At1G53380 At1G53550 At1G53790 At1G53815 At1G54550 At1G54640 At1G55070 At1G58090 At1G59630 At1G59675 At1G59680 At1G59690 At1G60370 At1G60740 At1G61060 At1G62270 At1G65970 At1G65980 At1G65990 At1G66490 At1G67130 At1G67290 At1G67450 At1G67455 At1G69430 At1G70380 At1G70390 At1G70960 At1G70970 At1G71290 At1G71320 At1G75620 At1G76620 At1G76830 At1G77140 At1G77650 At1G78640 At2G02030 At2G02660 At2G02890 At2G03330 At2G04920 At2G05600 At2G07120 At2G07140 At2G11200 At2G13630 At2G14710 At2G15640 At2G16220 At2G16450 At2G16810 At2G17310 At2G17830 At2G17980 At2G18320 At2G18680 At2G18690 At2G18780 At2G19630 At2G21920 At2G21930 At2G23160 At2G23700 At2G24510 At2G27520 At2G27540 At2G30380 At2G30615 At2G31470 At2G32130 At2G32470 At2G33655 At2G33705 At2G33720 At2G34280 At2G36920 At2G38590 At2G39690 At2G40910 At2G40920 At2G40925 At2G42955 At2G43260 At2G43270 At2G43440 At2G43445 At2G45260 At3G03405 At3G04250 At3G04660 At3G06050 At3G06240 At3G06280 At3G07870 At3G08750 At3G10240 At3G10430 At3G10790 At3G10990 At3G11810 At3G11920 At3G12540 At3G13000 At3G13680 At3G13820 At3G13830 At3G14030 At3G14870 At3G16020 At3G16210 At3G16555 At3G16580 At3G16590 At3G16740 At3G16820 At3G16880 At3G17265 At3G17270 At3G17280 At3G17320 At3G17400 At3G17480 At3G17490 At3G17500 At3G17530 At3G17540 At3G17560 At3G17570 At3G17620 At3G17710 At3G18120 At3G18320 At3G18330 At3G18340 At3G18900 At3G18910 At3G18980 At3G19410 At3G19470 At3G19560 At3G19880 At3G19890 At3G20030 At3G20400 At3G20690 At3G20700 At3G20710 At3G21120 At3G21130 At3G21170 At3G21410 At3G22350 At3G22421 At3G22650 At3G22700 At3G22710 At3G22720 At3G22730 At3G22770 At3G22870 At3G22940 At3G23260 At3G23420 At3G23680 At3G23685 At3G23880 At3G23950 At3G23960 At3G23970 At3G24580 At3G24700 At3G25090 At3G25460 At3G25550 At3G26010 At3G28280 At3G28330 At3G44120 At3G44130 At3G47020 At3G47030 At3G47130 At3G47140 At3G47150 At3G47675 At3G48220 At3G49440 At3G49450 At3G49510 At3G49520 At3G49980 At3G51171 At3G52320 At3G52330 At3G52510 At3G52960 At3G53950 At3G54860 At3G56670 At3G56890 At3G57580 At3G57590 At3G57620 At3G59590 At3G59610 At3G60680 At3G61340 At3G62350 At3G62380 At4G01640 At4G02870 At4G04690 At4G05080 At4G08550 At4G09190 At4G09870 At4G10190 At4G10740 At4G11590 At4G12120 At4G12560 At4G13060 At4G16850 At4G17200 At4G17780 At4G19930 At4G19940 At4G19950 At4G21240 At4G22390 At4G22430 At4G29970 At4G31740 At4G33290 At4G33320 At4G34080 At4G36100 At4G37080 At4G38870 At5G10340 At5G12900 At5G15660 At5G15670 At5G16285 At5G18160 At5G19580 At5G22791 At5G26805 At5G36190 At5G36200 At5G36730 At5G36820 At5G37040 At5G38810 At5G39540 At5G41490 At5G41500 At5G41510 At5G42430 At5G42460 At5G42690 At5G43550 At5G44220 At5G44345 At5G44860 At5G47300 At5G47380 At5G48550 At5G49610 At5G50220 At5G51000 At5G52080 At5G52610 At5G52620 At5G53410 At5G54067 At5G58960 At5G60560 At5G60720 At5G61340 At5G62060 At5G62510 At5G62660 At5G62830 At5G65850 At5G66600
Solanum tuberosum76SGN-U270067 SGN-U270173 SGN-U270758 SGN-U271956 SGN-U272006 SGN-U272583 SGN-U272584 SGN-U272727 SGN-U272799 SGN-U274343 SGN-U274344 SGN-U275876 SGN-U275953 SGN-U276515 SGN-U277369 SGN-U277484 SGN-U277744 SGN-U278258 SGN-U278408 SGN-U278465 SGN-U278999 SGN-U279009 SGN-U279364 SGN-U279424 SGN-U279427 SGN-U279665 SGN-U279843 SGN-U279974 SGN-U281456 SGN-U281638 SGN-U281697 SGN-U282272 SGN-U282859 SGN-U282967 SGN-U283379 SGN-U283582 SGN-U283780 SGN-U285112 SGN-U285185 SGN-U285364 SGN-U285548 SGN-U285890 SGN-U286399 SGN-U286540 SGN-U287679 SGN-U287724 SGN-U288505 SGN-U288506 SGN-U288555 SGN-U289073 SGN-U289425 SGN-U289610 SGN-U290945 SGN-U291517 SGN-U291777 SGN-U291832 SGN-U291837 SGN-U292071 SGN-U292157 SGN-U292683 SGN-U292892 SGN-U293057 SGN-U293159 SGN-U293377 SGN-U293656 SGN-U293818 SGN-U294421 SGN-U296186 SGN-U296699 SGN-U297139 SGN-U297376 SGN-U297426 SGN-U297493 SGN-U297594 SGN-U297925 SGN-U298970
Solanum melongena4SGN-U206297 SGN-U206830 SGN-U207072 SGN-U207181
Capsicum annuum17SGN-U196123 SGN-U196666 SGN-U198848 SGN-U199846 SGN-U199907 SGN-U200229 SGN-U202144 SGN-U202421 SGN-U203022 SGN-U203062 SGN-U203325 SGN-U203762 SGN-U203831 SGN-U204019 SGN-U204227 SGN-U205018 SGN-U205160
Petunia hybrida13SGN-U208028 SGN-U208067 SGN-U208483 SGN-U208567 SGN-U208752 SGN-U209183 SGN-U209186 SGN-U210120 SGN-U211451 SGN-U211633 SGN-U211766 SGN-U212434 SGN-U212492
Tomato 200607102SGN-U312596 SGN-U313054 SGN-U313056 SGN-U313057 SGN-U314142 SGN-U314448 SGN-U315799 SGN-U317906 SGN-U317907 SGN-U318279 SGN-U319243 SGN-U319655 SGN-U320240 SGN-U321742 SGN-U321778 SGN-U322290 SGN-U322341 SGN-U322442 SGN-U323244 SGN-U323245 SGN-U323968 SGN-U324567 SGN-U324873 SGN-U324900 SGN-U325006 SGN-U325122 SGN-U325123 SGN-U325425 SGN-U325462 SGN-U325862 SGN-U326038 SGN-U326195 SGN-U326275 SGN-U326419 SGN-U327321 SGN-U327658 SGN-U327857 SGN-U328005 SGN-U328274 SGN-U328341 SGN-U328744 SGN-U328910 SGN-U329141 SGN-U329197 SGN-U329223 SGN-U329662 SGN-U329733 SGN-U329822 SGN-U330410 SGN-U330673 SGN-U331753 SGN-U331847 SGN-U332089 SGN-U332415 SGN-U332467 SGN-U332877 SGN-U332947 SGN-U333095 SGN-U333259 SGN-U333287 SGN-U333378 SGN-U334093 SGN-U334095 SGN-U334096 SGN-U334817 SGN-U334818 SGN-U336888 SGN-U337608 SGN-U337805 SGN-U337920 SGN-U338459 SGN-U338698 SGN-U339223 SGN-U339784 SGN-U339785 SGN-U340635 SGN-U340695 SGN-U340870 SGN-U341108 SGN-U341176 SGN-U341181 SGN-U341678 SGN-U341986 SGN-U341990 SGN-U342018 SGN-U342690 SGN-U342708 SGN-U343019 SGN-U343127 SGN-U343367 SGN-U343485 SGN-U344320 SGN-U344562 SGN-U345382 SGN-U345791 SGN-U345803 SGN-U346036 SGN-U346250 SGN-U346465 SGN-U346516 SGN-U346925 SGN-U347094