SGN Gene Family 101373

Family Number14
Total Genes564
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationArmadillo-like helical;Molecular Function: binding (GO:0005488)
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis181At1G01640 At1G01660 At1G01670 At1G01680 At1G01830 At1G02690 At1G05690 At1G08315 At1G09270 At1G09360 At1G09370 At1G10560 At1G10770 At1G15165 At1G16705 At1G16710 At1G20780 At1G21780 At1G23030 At1G23180 At1G23350 At1G24330 At1G27910 At1G29340 At1G30060 At1G30070 At1G32880 At1G44120 At1G47960 At1G48010 At1G48020 At1G49780 At1G50340 At1G51350 At1G54620 At1G55760 At1G55860 At1G55970 At1G56030 At1G56040 At1G56100 At1G56620 At1G60190 At1G60760 At1G61350 At1G66160 At1G67220 At1G67530 At1G68940 At1G70320 At1G70540 At1G71020 At1G76390 At1G77460 At1G79000 At2G01800 At2G02770 At2G04740 At2G05330 At2G05810 At2G14635 At2G15345 At2G22125 At2G23140 At2G25130 At2G27430 At2G28830 At2G30600 At2G35930 At2G39760 At2G40440 At2G40450 At2G44900 At2G45720 At2G45920 At2G46260 At2G47340 At3G01400 At3G02260 At3G02840 At3G03440 At3G03740 At3G05720 At3G05741 At3G06190 At3G06720 At3G07360 At3G07370 At3G11470 At3G11840 At3G12880 At3G12980 At3G17130 At3G17140 At3G17150 At3G17152 At3G17205 At3G17220 At3G17225 At3G17230 At3G18710 At3G19380 At3G20170 At3G29740 At3G36659 At3G43700 At3G46510 At3G47820 At3G48360 At3G49330 At3G49810 At3G52450 At3G53090 At3G54790 At3G54850 At3G56230 At3G60350 At3G61390 At3G61410 At3G61600 At4G00580 At4G00920 At4G00930 At4G01160 At4G02150 At4G02250 At4G04090 At4G08455 At4G11860 At4G12570 At4G12710 At4G15750 At4G16143 At4G16490 At4G21350 At4G22960 At4G24680 At4G31890 At4G36550 At4G37610 At4G38600 At5G01830 At5G02880 At5G03070 At5G09800 At5G11550 At5G13060 At5G14510 At5G18320 At5G18330 At5G18340 At5G19000 At5G19330 At5G21010 At5G24370 At5G37190 At5G37490 At5G38610 At5G40140 At5G42340 At5G46930 At5G46940 At5G46950 At5G46960 At5G46970 At5G46980 At5G46990 At5G47740 At5G48510 At5G49310 At5G50900 At5G52000 At5G58680 At5G62560 At5G63160 At5G64620 At5G64660 At5G65200 At5G65920 At5G67340 At5G67480
Solanum tuberosum140SGN-U269549 SGN-U269730 SGN-U271105 SGN-U271177 SGN-U271200 SGN-U271262 SGN-U271659 SGN-U272149 SGN-U272184 SGN-U272185 SGN-U272282 SGN-U272283 SGN-U272528 SGN-U272647 SGN-U272688 SGN-U272689 SGN-U272931 SGN-U273040 SGN-U273130 SGN-U273131 SGN-U273539 SGN-U273707 SGN-U274018 SGN-U274194 SGN-U274350 SGN-U274367 SGN-U275326 SGN-U275411 SGN-U275663 SGN-U275862 SGN-U276118 SGN-U276230 SGN-U276255 SGN-U276510 SGN-U276565 SGN-U276587 SGN-U277085 SGN-U277342 SGN-U277467 SGN-U277860 SGN-U278312 SGN-U278528 SGN-U278592 SGN-U278799 SGN-U279115 SGN-U279157 SGN-U279215 SGN-U279297 SGN-U279322 SGN-U279706 SGN-U279740 SGN-U280246 SGN-U280450 SGN-U280860 SGN-U280916 SGN-U281357 SGN-U281359 SGN-U281409 SGN-U281483 SGN-U281525 SGN-U281541 SGN-U281852 SGN-U281910 SGN-U282200 SGN-U282212 SGN-U282264 SGN-U282499 SGN-U282588 SGN-U282844 SGN-U283027 SGN-U283157 SGN-U283485 SGN-U283572 SGN-U283612 SGN-U283715 SGN-U283791 SGN-U283863 SGN-U283969 SGN-U284180 SGN-U284202 SGN-U284210 SGN-U284651 SGN-U284935 SGN-U285114 SGN-U285193 SGN-U285200 SGN-U285212 SGN-U285349 SGN-U285363 SGN-U285737 SGN-U285835 SGN-U286043 SGN-U286078 SGN-U286392 SGN-U286477 SGN-U286488 SGN-U286534 SGN-U288231 SGN-U288669 SGN-U288670 SGN-U289682 SGN-U289848 SGN-U290064 SGN-U291345 SGN-U291908 SGN-U291928 SGN-U292225 SGN-U292490 SGN-U292662 SGN-U292756 SGN-U292813 SGN-U292896 SGN-U293215 SGN-U293447 SGN-U293503 SGN-U294368 SGN-U294487 SGN-U295091 SGN-U295639 SGN-U295692 SGN-U295728 SGN-U295730 SGN-U296199 SGN-U296229 SGN-U296372 SGN-U296685 SGN-U296958 SGN-U297116 SGN-U297659 SGN-U297698 SGN-U297871 SGN-U298085 SGN-U298245 SGN-U298589 SGN-U298695 SGN-U298712 SGN-U298905 SGN-U298922 SGN-U298938 SGN-U299120
Solanum melongena4SGN-U206471 SGN-U206496 SGN-U206732 SGN-U207382
Capsicum annuum42SGN-U197371 SGN-U197720 SGN-U197739 SGN-U197768 SGN-U197854 SGN-U197909 SGN-U197917 SGN-U198285 SGN-U198315 SGN-U198383 SGN-U198436 SGN-U198789 SGN-U199332 SGN-U199333 SGN-U199916 SGN-U199954 SGN-U200120 SGN-U200529 SGN-U200691 SGN-U200732 SGN-U200789 SGN-U200979 SGN-U201014 SGN-U201219 SGN-U201479 SGN-U201606 SGN-U201726 SGN-U201893 SGN-U202182 SGN-U202398 SGN-U203200 SGN-U203328 SGN-U203372 SGN-U203389 SGN-U203404 SGN-U203682 SGN-U203755 SGN-U203757 SGN-U203801 SGN-U203837 SGN-U204421 SGN-U204682
Petunia hybrida19SGN-U207529 SGN-U207650 SGN-U207682 SGN-U207694 SGN-U207999 SGN-U208330 SGN-U208897 SGN-U209233 SGN-U209234 SGN-U209544 SGN-U209701 SGN-U209729 SGN-U210138 SGN-U210295 SGN-U211241 SGN-U211592 SGN-U211819 SGN-U212264 SGN-U212411
Tomato 200607178SGN-U312534 SGN-U313209 SGN-U313770 SGN-U314226 SGN-U314227 SGN-U314228 SGN-U315449 SGN-U315450 SGN-U315451 SGN-U315866 SGN-U315867 SGN-U316235 SGN-U316979 SGN-U317179 SGN-U317301 SGN-U317538 SGN-U317539 SGN-U317753 SGN-U317768 SGN-U317988 SGN-U318033 SGN-U318034 SGN-U318193 SGN-U318389 SGN-U319252 SGN-U319334 SGN-U319421 SGN-U319694 SGN-U319755 SGN-U319913 SGN-U320049 SGN-U320383 SGN-U320419 SGN-U320471 SGN-U320480 SGN-U320483 SGN-U320891 SGN-U320989 SGN-U321014 SGN-U321130 SGN-U321131 SGN-U321475 SGN-U321974 SGN-U321982 SGN-U322046 SGN-U322047 SGN-U322048 SGN-U322142 SGN-U322333 SGN-U322465 SGN-U322493 SGN-U322512 SGN-U322517 SGN-U322525 SGN-U322743 SGN-U322822 SGN-U322951 SGN-U323218 SGN-U323458 SGN-U323459 SGN-U323540 SGN-U323541 SGN-U323713 SGN-U323986 SGN-U324292 SGN-U324424 SGN-U324516 SGN-U324683 SGN-U324704 SGN-U324781 SGN-U324911 SGN-U324963 SGN-U325270 SGN-U325431 SGN-U325496 SGN-U325678 SGN-U325694 SGN-U325780 SGN-U325907 SGN-U325970 SGN-U326019 SGN-U326191 SGN-U326256 SGN-U326432 SGN-U326625 SGN-U326774 SGN-U327530 SGN-U327559 SGN-U327766 SGN-U327784 SGN-U327956 SGN-U328577 SGN-U328660 SGN-U328894 SGN-U328975 SGN-U329057 SGN-U329077 SGN-U329336 SGN-U329475 SGN-U329565 SGN-U329633 SGN-U329664 SGN-U329704 SGN-U329721 SGN-U329987 SGN-U330138 SGN-U330387 SGN-U330479 SGN-U330510 SGN-U330513 SGN-U330733 SGN-U330815 SGN-U330821 SGN-U330860 SGN-U331114 SGN-U331481 SGN-U332058 SGN-U332360 SGN-U332410 SGN-U332626 SGN-U332768 SGN-U332819 SGN-U332870 SGN-U332955 SGN-U333638 SGN-U334869 SGN-U335153 SGN-U335154 SGN-U335369 SGN-U335551 SGN-U335982 SGN-U336099 SGN-U336332 SGN-U336352 SGN-U336426 SGN-U336499 SGN-U336968 SGN-U337130 SGN-U337277 SGN-U337381 SGN-U337487 SGN-U337488 SGN-U337612 SGN-U338068 SGN-U338287 SGN-U338288 SGN-U339905 SGN-U340440 SGN-U340713 SGN-U341132 SGN-U341488 SGN-U341512 SGN-U341730 SGN-U341749 SGN-U341823 SGN-U342950 SGN-U342985 SGN-U343333 SGN-U343480 SGN-U343782 SGN-U344059 SGN-U344092 SGN-U344119 SGN-U344261 SGN-U344802 SGN-U344993 SGN-U345457 SGN-U345560 SGN-U345616 SGN-U345839 SGN-U345985 SGN-U346155 SGN-U346229 SGN-U346272 SGN-U346410 SGN-U346676 SGN-U346693 SGN-U347117