SGN Gene Family 101374

Family Number15
Total Genes561
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis186At1G04310 At1G04500 At1G05290 At1G06040 At1G07050 At1G08000 At1G08010 At1G09570 At1G10470 At1G13300 At1G14590 At1G14600 At1G19050 At1G19360 At1G25440 At1G25550 At1G27320 At1G28050 At1G28695 At1G28700 At1G28710 At1G32240 At1G49130 At1G49190 At1G49560 At1G51600 At1G56550 At1G59940 At1G60250 At1G63820 At1G66340 At1G67710 At1G68190 At1G68210 At1G68520 At1G68670 At1G69580 At1G70630 At1G73870 At1G74890 At1G75110 At1G75120 At1G75540 At1G78600 At1G79430 At2G01060 At2G01760 At2G01830 At2G02060 At2G03500 At2G06020 At2G07440 At2G17820 At2G18380 At2G18790 At2G20400 At2G20570 At2G21320 At2G24790 At2G25180 At2G27070 At2G28340 At2G31380 At2G32310 At2G33350 At2G33500 At2G35610 At2G38300 At2G40260 At2G40670 At2G40940 At2G40970 At2G41310 At2G42660 At2G45050 At2G46670 At2G46790 At2G47430 At2G47890 At3G02380 At3G04030 At3G04280 At3G04450 At3G04580 At3G06740 At3G07650 At3G10760 At3G12730 At3G12890 At3G13040 At3G16857 At3G16870 At3G19070 At3G20750 At3G21150 At3G21175 At3G21880 At3G21890 At3G23150 At3G24050 At3G24120 At3G25790 At3G45170 At3G46640 At3G48100 At3G50870 At3G51080 At3G54810 At3G56380 At3G57040 At3G60530 At3G62670 At4G00760 At4G01220 At4G01750 At4G01770 At4G04580 At4G10240 At4G13640 At4G15248 At4G15250 At4G15970 At4G16110 At4G16141 At4G16250 At4G17570 At4G17695 At4G18020 At4G18130 At4G19970 At4G24470 At4G25990 At4G26150 At4G27310 At4G27900 At4G28610 At4G31920 At4G32890 At4G34680 At4G36240 At4G36620 At4G37180 At4G38960 At4G39070 At5G02810 At5G05090 At5G06800 At5G07210 At5G10680 At5G10720 At5G14370 At5G15840 At5G15850 At5G16560 At5G18240 At5G24470 At5G24930 At5G25830 At5G26594 At5G26930 At5G29000 At5G35750 At5G35840 At5G40900 At5G41380 At5G42630 At5G44190 At5G44820 At5G45580 At5G47140 At5G48250 At5G49240 At5G49300 At5G53420 At5G54470 At5G56860 At5G57180 At5G57660 At5G58080 At5G59570 At5G59990 At5G60100 At5G61380 At5G62120 At5G62920 At5G66320
Solanum tuberosum154SGN-U269264 SGN-U269265 SGN-U270244 SGN-U270576 SGN-U270577 SGN-U271261 SGN-U271940 SGN-U272286 SGN-U272404 SGN-U272460 SGN-U272461 SGN-U273102 SGN-U273112 SGN-U273408 SGN-U273463 SGN-U273637 SGN-U273713 SGN-U273984 SGN-U274079 SGN-U274094 SGN-U274323 SGN-U274417 SGN-U274552 SGN-U274572 SGN-U274598 SGN-U274881 SGN-U274934 SGN-U275106 SGN-U275274 SGN-U275508 SGN-U275664 SGN-U276012 SGN-U276019 SGN-U276146 SGN-U276190 SGN-U276632 SGN-U276633 SGN-U276765 SGN-U277116 SGN-U277247 SGN-U277299 SGN-U277380 SGN-U277585 SGN-U278121 SGN-U278162 SGN-U278315 SGN-U278623 SGN-U278634 SGN-U279381 SGN-U279411 SGN-U279478 SGN-U279531 SGN-U279585 SGN-U279600 SGN-U279716 SGN-U279925 SGN-U280004 SGN-U280073 SGN-U280090 SGN-U280105 SGN-U280300 SGN-U280517 SGN-U280659 SGN-U280839 SGN-U280862 SGN-U281127 SGN-U281962 SGN-U282261 SGN-U282468 SGN-U282624 SGN-U282653 SGN-U282686 SGN-U283042 SGN-U283206 SGN-U283329 SGN-U283398 SGN-U283546 SGN-U283547 SGN-U283613 SGN-U283697 SGN-U283833 SGN-U283970 SGN-U284273 SGN-U284686 SGN-U284738 SGN-U284829 SGN-U284842 SGN-U285081 SGN-U285143 SGN-U285206 SGN-U285271 SGN-U285497 SGN-U285756 SGN-U285763 SGN-U286611 SGN-U287289 SGN-U288882 SGN-U288883 SGN-U288996 SGN-U289001 SGN-U289002 SGN-U289133 SGN-U289253 SGN-U289254 SGN-U289255 SGN-U289468 SGN-U289727 SGN-U289932 SGN-U289945 SGN-U290016 SGN-U290072 SGN-U290223 SGN-U290502 SGN-U290503 SGN-U291062 SGN-U291230 SGN-U291263 SGN-U291498 SGN-U291538 SGN-U291903 SGN-U292217 SGN-U292227 SGN-U292280 SGN-U293147 SGN-U293363 SGN-U293604 SGN-U293684 SGN-U293743 SGN-U294107 SGN-U294117 SGN-U294576 SGN-U294934 SGN-U295279 SGN-U295289 SGN-U295384 SGN-U295711 SGN-U295946 SGN-U296148 SGN-U296427 SGN-U296506 SGN-U296626 SGN-U296923 SGN-U297200 SGN-U297201 SGN-U297275 SGN-U297442 SGN-U297444 SGN-U297457 SGN-U297909 SGN-U298144 SGN-U298372 SGN-U298617 SGN-U298643 SGN-U298960
Solanum melongena6SGN-U206013 SGN-U206280 SGN-U206281 SGN-U206457 SGN-U206720 SGN-U206901
Capsicum annuum25SGN-U196592 SGN-U197227 SGN-U197643 SGN-U197898 SGN-U198129 SGN-U198519 SGN-U198714 SGN-U198790 SGN-U198949 SGN-U200487 SGN-U200626 SGN-U200942 SGN-U200963 SGN-U201191 SGN-U201291 SGN-U201869 SGN-U201998 SGN-U202589 SGN-U202946 SGN-U203484 SGN-U204178 SGN-U204490 SGN-U204692 SGN-U204976 SGN-U205501
Petunia hybrida19SGN-U208510 SGN-U208550 SGN-U208808 SGN-U208904 SGN-U208948 SGN-U209528 SGN-U209561 SGN-U209766 SGN-U210034 SGN-U210255 SGN-U210504 SGN-U211199 SGN-U211332 SGN-U211512 SGN-U211715 SGN-U211951 SGN-U212135 SGN-U212247 SGN-U212293
Tomato 200607171SGN-U313832 SGN-U313833 SGN-U313842 SGN-U313843 SGN-U314351 SGN-U314352 SGN-U315553 SGN-U315554 SGN-U315555 SGN-U315556 SGN-U315557 SGN-U315558 SGN-U315568 SGN-U315614 SGN-U315825 SGN-U316775 SGN-U316794 SGN-U317001 SGN-U317075 SGN-U317469 SGN-U317549 SGN-U317775 SGN-U317776 SGN-U318015 SGN-U318016 SGN-U318017 SGN-U318447 SGN-U318448 SGN-U318646 SGN-U318652 SGN-U318809 SGN-U318810 SGN-U318823 SGN-U318824 SGN-U318994 SGN-U319283 SGN-U319355 SGN-U319577 SGN-U319631 SGN-U319632 SGN-U319633 SGN-U319741 SGN-U320499 SGN-U320958 SGN-U320959 SGN-U320996 SGN-U320997 SGN-U321054 SGN-U321055 SGN-U321258 SGN-U321369 SGN-U321735 SGN-U321847 SGN-U321970 SGN-U322021 SGN-U322228 SGN-U322305 SGN-U322593 SGN-U322687 SGN-U322871 SGN-U322903 SGN-U323087 SGN-U323094 SGN-U323183 SGN-U323656 SGN-U323747 SGN-U324173 SGN-U324463 SGN-U324646 SGN-U324747 SGN-U324824 SGN-U324855 SGN-U324986 SGN-U325217 SGN-U325629 SGN-U325700 SGN-U326087 SGN-U326188 SGN-U326292 SGN-U326299 SGN-U326527 SGN-U326853 SGN-U326976 SGN-U327112 SGN-U327322 SGN-U327828 SGN-U327972 SGN-U328197 SGN-U328340 SGN-U328460 SGN-U328478 SGN-U328528 SGN-U328927 SGN-U329002 SGN-U329059 SGN-U329247 SGN-U329279 SGN-U329515 SGN-U329577 SGN-U329597 SGN-U329681 SGN-U329919 SGN-U330282 SGN-U330301 SGN-U330337 SGN-U330364 SGN-U330404 SGN-U330511 SGN-U330550 SGN-U330780 SGN-U330869 SGN-U330980 SGN-U331000 SGN-U331053 SGN-U331215 SGN-U331878 SGN-U331913 SGN-U332019 SGN-U332654 SGN-U333026 SGN-U333292 SGN-U334615 SGN-U334616 SGN-U334620 SGN-U334623 SGN-U335208 SGN-U335822 SGN-U336142 SGN-U336367 SGN-U336634 SGN-U336687 SGN-U336688 SGN-U336780 SGN-U336883 SGN-U337266 SGN-U337718 SGN-U338053 SGN-U338246 SGN-U338258 SGN-U338411 SGN-U339187 SGN-U339551 SGN-U340717 SGN-U340971 SGN-U341244 SGN-U341384 SGN-U341420 SGN-U341618 SGN-U341754 SGN-U341889 SGN-U342001 SGN-U342008 SGN-U342025 SGN-U342043 SGN-U342781 SGN-U343196 SGN-U343330 SGN-U343407 SGN-U343581 SGN-U343601 SGN-U343613 SGN-U344045 SGN-U344385 SGN-U344436 SGN-U345300 SGN-U345776 SGN-U345915 SGN-U345972 SGN-U346097 SGN-U346437 SGN-U347012