SGN Gene Family 101382

Family Number23
Total Genes408
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationArmadillo-like helical;Molecular Function: binding (GO:0005488)
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis125At1G03170 At1G03530 At1G06560 At1G07330 At1G07840 At1G12830 At1G13160 At1G17690 At1G18800 At1G22110 At1G26170 At1G26210 At1G43660 At1G44780 At1G47970 At1G48250 At1G48290 At1G49680 At1G49920 At1G54740 At1G63980 At1G64255 At1G64260 At1G66000 At1G66060 At1G66110 At1G68870 At1G69070 At1G72440 At1G74560 At2G03010 At2G04870 At2G06908 At2G10870 At2G11910 At2G14570 At2G19480 At2G22080 At2G22400 At2G27840 At2G29620 At2G30280 At2G31660 At2G34100 At2G34210 At2G40360 At2G43650 At2G46520 At3G01260 At3G02500 At3G06020 At3G08960 At3G13180 At3G13200 At3G13780 At3G13782 At3G14900 At3G15357 At3G16750 At3G17160 At3G17340 At3G17940 At3G19510 At3G19530 At3G21290 At3G24080 At3G28230 At3G30580 At3G44750 At3G47800 At3G50550 At3G56570 At3G59020 At3G63020 At4G02810 At4G03380 At4G08310 At4G08350 At4G08360 At4G09440 At4G12610 At4G16530 At4G17590 At4G26110 At4G26600 At4G28870 At4G29940 At4G31160 At4G31520 At4G34630 At4G35400 At4G40000 At5G03740 At5G07170 At5G08150 At5G11270 At5G15140 At5G16030 At5G17910 At5G19260 At5G22090 At5G22390 At5G22640 At5G22650 At5G26020 At5G26180 At5G34860 At5G37400 At5G37410 At5G37420 At5G37430 At5G37460 At5G37470 At5G37650 At5G37920 At5G38790 At5G40520 At5G48420 At5G55920 At5G56950 At5G58880 At5G61330 At5G63740 At5G66180 At5G66540
Solanum tuberosum118SGN-U268687 SGN-U268689 SGN-U269208 SGN-U269209 SGN-U270120 SGN-U270870 SGN-U270871 SGN-U270872 SGN-U271468 SGN-U271832 SGN-U271857 SGN-U272043 SGN-U272044 SGN-U272068 SGN-U272146 SGN-U272169 SGN-U272170 SGN-U272171 SGN-U272205 SGN-U272522 SGN-U272618 SGN-U272955 SGN-U272956 SGN-U273027 SGN-U273180 SGN-U273254 SGN-U273566 SGN-U273576 SGN-U274696 SGN-U275222 SGN-U275223 SGN-U275447 SGN-U275822 SGN-U275977 SGN-U276241 SGN-U276520 SGN-U276612 SGN-U277099 SGN-U277193 SGN-U277466 SGN-U277558 SGN-U277559 SGN-U278875 SGN-U278925 SGN-U279106 SGN-U279204 SGN-U279318 SGN-U279790 SGN-U279854 SGN-U280051 SGN-U280455 SGN-U280475 SGN-U280800 SGN-U280826 SGN-U280844 SGN-U281401 SGN-U281953 SGN-U282082 SGN-U282351 SGN-U282447 SGN-U282467 SGN-U282594 SGN-U282801 SGN-U283168 SGN-U283363 SGN-U283627 SGN-U284250 SGN-U284426 SGN-U284733 SGN-U285433 SGN-U285665 SGN-U285788 SGN-U285914 SGN-U286089 SGN-U286144 SGN-U286376 SGN-U287255 SGN-U287967 SGN-U288369 SGN-U288375 SGN-U288771 SGN-U289033 SGN-U289543 SGN-U289975 SGN-U290100 SGN-U290142 SGN-U290480 SGN-U290481 SGN-U291139 SGN-U291620 SGN-U292178 SGN-U292269 SGN-U292334 SGN-U292758 SGN-U292878 SGN-U292937 SGN-U293842 SGN-U294361 SGN-U295033 SGN-U295044 SGN-U295308 SGN-U295877 SGN-U295895 SGN-U296227 SGN-U296536 SGN-U296734 SGN-U297096 SGN-U297109 SGN-U297521 SGN-U297562 SGN-U297626 SGN-U297967 SGN-U298020 SGN-U298218 SGN-U298714 SGN-U298883 SGN-U298939 SGN-U298980
Solanum melongena4SGN-U205750 SGN-U205799 SGN-U207004 SGN-U207142
Capsicum annuum27SGN-U196352 SGN-U196437 SGN-U196497 SGN-U196873 SGN-U197067 SGN-U197288 SGN-U197474 SGN-U197798 SGN-U198249 SGN-U198763 SGN-U198885 SGN-U199565 SGN-U199662 SGN-U200201 SGN-U201187 SGN-U201311 SGN-U201985 SGN-U202211 SGN-U202393 SGN-U203104 SGN-U203345 SGN-U203928 SGN-U204057 SGN-U204244 SGN-U204789 SGN-U205271 SGN-U205376
Petunia hybrida7SGN-U209519 SGN-U210376 SGN-U212023 SGN-U212040 SGN-U212446 SGN-U212504 SGN-U212524
Tomato 200607127SGN-U312358 SGN-U312792 SGN-U313718 SGN-U315370 SGN-U316129 SGN-U316183 SGN-U317281 SGN-U317607 SGN-U317681 SGN-U318600 SGN-U318601 SGN-U319192 SGN-U319193 SGN-U319446 SGN-U319449 SGN-U319538 SGN-U319597 SGN-U319598 SGN-U319945 SGN-U319992 SGN-U319993 SGN-U319994 SGN-U320072 SGN-U320177 SGN-U320811 SGN-U320878 SGN-U321028 SGN-U321111 SGN-U321384 SGN-U321433 SGN-U321620 SGN-U321679 SGN-U321849 SGN-U321937 SGN-U322167 SGN-U322249 SGN-U322250 SGN-U322528 SGN-U322604 SGN-U322664 SGN-U322842 SGN-U322844 SGN-U322921 SGN-U323168 SGN-U323619 SGN-U323944 SGN-U324198 SGN-U324394 SGN-U324564 SGN-U324577 SGN-U324672 SGN-U324710 SGN-U324773 SGN-U325005 SGN-U325227 SGN-U325456 SGN-U325855 SGN-U326204 SGN-U326564 SGN-U326930 SGN-U327285 SGN-U327812 SGN-U328121 SGN-U328239 SGN-U328326 SGN-U328840 SGN-U328878 SGN-U329178 SGN-U329521 SGN-U329634 SGN-U329937 SGN-U330839 SGN-U331166 SGN-U331168 SGN-U331177 SGN-U331638 SGN-U331958 SGN-U332119 SGN-U332416 SGN-U332448 SGN-U332462 SGN-U332801 SGN-U332840 SGN-U333331 SGN-U333336 SGN-U334559 SGN-U335502 SGN-U335522 SGN-U336026 SGN-U336206 SGN-U336207 SGN-U336822 SGN-U336874 SGN-U336875 SGN-U337373 SGN-U337477 SGN-U337600 SGN-U337705 SGN-U337786 SGN-U338088 SGN-U339631 SGN-U340114 SGN-U340155 SGN-U340206 SGN-U340496 SGN-U340812 SGN-U341302 SGN-U341890 SGN-U342517 SGN-U343028 SGN-U343095 SGN-U343269 SGN-U343377 SGN-U344007 SGN-U344282 SGN-U344429 SGN-U344559 SGN-U345013 SGN-U345108 SGN-U345157 SGN-U345279 SGN-U345516 SGN-U346225 SGN-U346384 SGN-U347001 SGN-U347047 SGN-U347073