SGN Gene Family 101384

Family Number25
Total Genes404
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationThioredoxin-like fold
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis104At1G03020 At1G03680 At1G03850 At1G04980 At1G06830 At1G07700 At1G07960 At1G08570 At1G11530 At1G15020 At1G19730 At1G21750 At1G22200 At1G26880 At1G28480 At1G31020 At1G35620 At1G36050 At1G43560 At1G45145 At1G50320 At1G50950 At1G52260 At1G52990 At1G59730 At1G62180 At1G69620 At1G69880 At1G76080 At1G76760 At1G77370 At1G77510 At2G01270 At2G15570 At2G17420 At2G18990 At2G20270 At2G30540 At2G32920 At2G33270 At2G35010 At2G38270 At2G40790 At2G41680 At2G47470 At2G47870 At2G47880 At3G02000 At3G02730 At3G06730 At3G08710 At3G15360 At3G15660 At3G16110 At3G17880 At3G20560 At3G21460 At3G22290 At3G25580 At3G28900 At3G50960 At3G51030 At3G53220 At3G54900 At3G54960 At3G56420 At3G62510 At3G62930 At3G62950 At3G62960 At4G03520 At4G04610 At4G04950 At4G12170 At4G15660 At4G15670 At4G15680 At4G15690 At4G15700 At4G21990 At4G26160 At4G27080 At4G28730 At4G29670 At4G32580 At4G33040 At4G35460 At4G37200 At5G04260 At5G06430 At5G06690 At5G11930 At5G14070 At5G14240 At5G16400 At5G18600 At5G20500 At5G39950 At5G40370 At5G42980 At5G60640 At5G61440 At5G63030 At5G66410
Solanum tuberosum110SGN-U268664 SGN-U269006 SGN-U269007 SGN-U269382 SGN-U269492 SGN-U269493 SGN-U269494 SGN-U269647 SGN-U269648 SGN-U269856 SGN-U269857 SGN-U270241 SGN-U270330 SGN-U270650 SGN-U270896 SGN-U270977 SGN-U270978 SGN-U271070 SGN-U271118 SGN-U271120 SGN-U271403 SGN-U271430 SGN-U271431 SGN-U271457 SGN-U271458 SGN-U271459 SGN-U271885 SGN-U271886 SGN-U271887 SGN-U271973 SGN-U272104 SGN-U272265 SGN-U272368 SGN-U272473 SGN-U272623 SGN-U272624 SGN-U272728 SGN-U272945 SGN-U273204 SGN-U273205 SGN-U273213 SGN-U273214 SGN-U273262 SGN-U273336 SGN-U273626 SGN-U274042 SGN-U274164 SGN-U274673 SGN-U274816 SGN-U275084 SGN-U275240 SGN-U275337 SGN-U275750 SGN-U276017 SGN-U276300 SGN-U276903 SGN-U277022 SGN-U277035 SGN-U277417 SGN-U278135 SGN-U278432 SGN-U278532 SGN-U279044 SGN-U279309 SGN-U279483 SGN-U279720 SGN-U279817 SGN-U279949 SGN-U281365 SGN-U281394 SGN-U281742 SGN-U282599 SGN-U283125 SGN-U283298 SGN-U283987 SGN-U284045 SGN-U284084 SGN-U284764 SGN-U285852 SGN-U287004 SGN-U287149 SGN-U287497 SGN-U288157 SGN-U288168 SGN-U288318 SGN-U288319 SGN-U288474 SGN-U288685 SGN-U288686 SGN-U288690 SGN-U288722 SGN-U289136 SGN-U289378 SGN-U290488 SGN-U290489 SGN-U290522 SGN-U290523 SGN-U290900 SGN-U291255 SGN-U291419 SGN-U292211 SGN-U293318 SGN-U294882 SGN-U295593 SGN-U295924 SGN-U296566 SGN-U296914 SGN-U297002 SGN-U297010 SGN-U298901
Solanum melongena11SGN-U205867 SGN-U205899 SGN-U205950 SGN-U206027 SGN-U206568 SGN-U206840 SGN-U206971 SGN-U207152 SGN-U207189 SGN-U207237 SGN-U207243
Capsicum annuum47SGN-U196409 SGN-U196465 SGN-U196723 SGN-U196735 SGN-U196755 SGN-U196807 SGN-U197004 SGN-U197104 SGN-U197167 SGN-U197339 SGN-U197387 SGN-U197451 SGN-U197553 SGN-U197605 SGN-U197638 SGN-U197710 SGN-U197755 SGN-U197846 SGN-U197855 SGN-U198132 SGN-U198233 SGN-U198459 SGN-U198797 SGN-U198825 SGN-U198944 SGN-U199139 SGN-U199542 SGN-U199544 SGN-U199772 SGN-U200808 SGN-U200898 SGN-U201138 SGN-U201387 SGN-U201754 SGN-U203007 SGN-U203266 SGN-U203423 SGN-U203508 SGN-U203789 SGN-U203856 SGN-U204073 SGN-U204208 SGN-U204555 SGN-U204701 SGN-U204758 SGN-U205245 SGN-U205293
Petunia hybrida18SGN-U207683 SGN-U207878 SGN-U207910 SGN-U208430 SGN-U208442 SGN-U209219 SGN-U209220 SGN-U210436 SGN-U210511 SGN-U210830 SGN-U211244 SGN-U211854 SGN-U212067 SGN-U212167 SGN-U212315 SGN-U212391 SGN-U212401 SGN-U212544
Tomato 200607114SGN-U312649 SGN-U312650 SGN-U312651 SGN-U312675 SGN-U312831 SGN-U312832 SGN-U312833 SGN-U312834 SGN-U313398 SGN-U313399 SGN-U313572 SGN-U313677 SGN-U313698 SGN-U314113 SGN-U314659 SGN-U314727 SGN-U314728 SGN-U314729 SGN-U315576 SGN-U316028 SGN-U316101 SGN-U316126 SGN-U316173 SGN-U316544 SGN-U317330 SGN-U317522 SGN-U317523 SGN-U317589 SGN-U317620 SGN-U317680 SGN-U317812 SGN-U317819 SGN-U318067 SGN-U318192 SGN-U318194 SGN-U318195 SGN-U318216 SGN-U318417 SGN-U318856 SGN-U319072 SGN-U319140 SGN-U319145 SGN-U319173 SGN-U319174 SGN-U319333 SGN-U319375 SGN-U319453 SGN-U319506 SGN-U319882 SGN-U319951 SGN-U320316 SGN-U320730 SGN-U321763 SGN-U321934 SGN-U322029 SGN-U322180 SGN-U322515 SGN-U322950 SGN-U323179 SGN-U323253 SGN-U323464 SGN-U323556 SGN-U323557 SGN-U323894 SGN-U324098 SGN-U324180 SGN-U324414 SGN-U324896 SGN-U325093 SGN-U325432 SGN-U326187 SGN-U326262 SGN-U326724 SGN-U326739 SGN-U326973 SGN-U327111 SGN-U327494 SGN-U327794 SGN-U327855 SGN-U328106 SGN-U328536 SGN-U328849 SGN-U328978 SGN-U329463 SGN-U329817 SGN-U329899 SGN-U331835 SGN-U333305 SGN-U333791 SGN-U333955 SGN-U334541 SGN-U334550 SGN-U334791 SGN-U335485 SGN-U335486 SGN-U336047 SGN-U336048 SGN-U336425 SGN-U336715 SGN-U336825 SGN-U337740 SGN-U337849 SGN-U338438 SGN-U338929 SGN-U338985 SGN-U339566 SGN-U340756 SGN-U341519 SGN-U341742 SGN-U342494 SGN-U343006 SGN-U344109 SGN-U345211 SGN-U347002