SGN Gene Family 101385

Family Number26
Total Genes403
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationAAA ATPase, central region;Molecular Function: ATP binding (GO:0005524)
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis93At1G02890 At1G03000 At1G05910 At1G06430 At1G07510 At1G08270 At1G09100 At1G43910 At1G45000 At1G50140 At1G50150 At1G50250 At1G53750 At1G53780 At1G62130 At1G64110 At1G79560 At1G80350 At2G03670 At2G18190 At2G18193 At2G18330 At2G20140 At2G26140 At2G27600 At2G29080 At2G30950 At2G34560 At2G37910 At2G45500 At2G46620 At3G01610 At3G02450 At3G03060 At3G04340 At3G05530 At3G09840 At3G15120 At3G16290 At3G19740 At3G19750 At3G27120 At3G27130 At3G28510 At3G28520 At3G28540 At3G28560 At3G28570 At3G28580 At3G28600 At3G28610 At3G29800 At3G47060 At3G50930 At3G50940 At3G53230 At3G56690 At4G02480 At4G04180 At4G04910 At4G05340 At4G05370 At4G05380 At4G23940 At4G24710 At4G24860 At4G25835 At4G27680 At4G28000 At4G29040 At4G30250 At4G36580 At5G03340 At5G08470 At5G15250 At5G16930 At5G17730 At5G17740 At5G17750 At5G17760 At5G19990 At5G20000 At5G40000 At5G40010 At5G42270 At5G43010 At5G52882 At5G53170 At5G53540 At5G57480 At5G58290 At5G58870 At5G64580
Solanum tuberosum106SGN-U268842 SGN-U268843 SGN-U269070 SGN-U269114 SGN-U269115 SGN-U269132 SGN-U269133 SGN-U269134 SGN-U269161 SGN-U269806 SGN-U269984 SGN-U269985 SGN-U270140 SGN-U270141 SGN-U270142 SGN-U270218 SGN-U270219 SGN-U270220 SGN-U270221 SGN-U270222 SGN-U271015 SGN-U271016 SGN-U271169 SGN-U271170 SGN-U271289 SGN-U271668 SGN-U271669 SGN-U272504 SGN-U272978 SGN-U273166 SGN-U273167 SGN-U273827 SGN-U273828 SGN-U274001 SGN-U274126 SGN-U274152 SGN-U274202 SGN-U274594 SGN-U274840 SGN-U275012 SGN-U275173 SGN-U275732 SGN-U275805 SGN-U275819 SGN-U276315 SGN-U277201 SGN-U277348 SGN-U277560 SGN-U278496 SGN-U278842 SGN-U280022 SGN-U280147 SGN-U280829 SGN-U280930 SGN-U281564 SGN-U281940 SGN-U282441 SGN-U282598 SGN-U282876 SGN-U282889 SGN-U283384 SGN-U283948 SGN-U284386 SGN-U284496 SGN-U284551 SGN-U285242 SGN-U285714 SGN-U286428 SGN-U286454 SGN-U287187 SGN-U287234 SGN-U287736 SGN-U288071 SGN-U288831 SGN-U289112 SGN-U289269 SGN-U289270 SGN-U290316 SGN-U290317 SGN-U290692 SGN-U290693 SGN-U291259 SGN-U291422 SGN-U291707 SGN-U291944 SGN-U292077 SGN-U292499 SGN-U292963 SGN-U293441 SGN-U294051 SGN-U294308 SGN-U294908 SGN-U295109 SGN-U295840 SGN-U296014 SGN-U296345 SGN-U296535 SGN-U296630 SGN-U296639 SGN-U296686 SGN-U296931 SGN-U297239 SGN-U297450 SGN-U298121 SGN-U298146 SGN-U298792
Solanum melongena2SGN-U205891 SGN-U206813
Capsicum annuum54SGN-U196258 SGN-U196563 SGN-U196564 SGN-U196771 SGN-U196792 SGN-U196793 SGN-U196969 SGN-U196985 SGN-U197253 SGN-U197419 SGN-U197563 SGN-U197586 SGN-U197716 SGN-U197958 SGN-U198196 SGN-U198201 SGN-U198389 SGN-U198481 SGN-U198495 SGN-U198686 SGN-U198746 SGN-U198934 SGN-U199072 SGN-U199073 SGN-U199107 SGN-U199324 SGN-U199325 SGN-U199997 SGN-U200072 SGN-U200265 SGN-U201088 SGN-U201139 SGN-U201484 SGN-U202201 SGN-U202460 SGN-U202512 SGN-U202536 SGN-U202670 SGN-U202865 SGN-U203165 SGN-U203242 SGN-U203305 SGN-U203398 SGN-U203504 SGN-U203970 SGN-U204003 SGN-U204245 SGN-U204865 SGN-U204973 SGN-U204984 SGN-U205286 SGN-U205374 SGN-U205441 SGN-U205559
Petunia hybrida23SGN-U207471 SGN-U207472 SGN-U207942 SGN-U208364 SGN-U208590 SGN-U208708 SGN-U208825 SGN-U209044 SGN-U209175 SGN-U210371 SGN-U210464 SGN-U210605 SGN-U210694 SGN-U210863 SGN-U210997 SGN-U211233 SGN-U211439 SGN-U211676 SGN-U211738 SGN-U211760 SGN-U212011 SGN-U212156 SGN-U212230
Tomato 200607125SGN-U312317 SGN-U312331 SGN-U312332 SGN-U312337 SGN-U312554 SGN-U313272 SGN-U313579 SGN-U313580 SGN-U313748 SGN-U313749 SGN-U313750 SGN-U313867 SGN-U313868 SGN-U313929 SGN-U314166 SGN-U314167 SGN-U314552 SGN-U314553 SGN-U314554 SGN-U314555 SGN-U314556 SGN-U314995 SGN-U315412 SGN-U315488 SGN-U315489 SGN-U315490 SGN-U315529 SGN-U315530 SGN-U316901 SGN-U317358 SGN-U317658 SGN-U317704 SGN-U317705 SGN-U317730 SGN-U317781 SGN-U317782 SGN-U317860 SGN-U317861 SGN-U317940 SGN-U318136 SGN-U318431 SGN-U319065 SGN-U320734 SGN-U320882 SGN-U321426 SGN-U321956 SGN-U322147 SGN-U322461 SGN-U322732 SGN-U322889 SGN-U322962 SGN-U323189 SGN-U323225 SGN-U323248 SGN-U323249 SGN-U323480 SGN-U323599 SGN-U323716 SGN-U323765 SGN-U323975 SGN-U324926 SGN-U324930 SGN-U324991 SGN-U325352 SGN-U325726 SGN-U326099 SGN-U326768 SGN-U327590 SGN-U328188 SGN-U328213 SGN-U328346 SGN-U328568 SGN-U328569 SGN-U329685 SGN-U329727 SGN-U329781 SGN-U329789 SGN-U329885 SGN-U330497 SGN-U330578 SGN-U330599 SGN-U330987 SGN-U331109 SGN-U331158 SGN-U331279 SGN-U331408 SGN-U331997 SGN-U332049 SGN-U332150 SGN-U332180 SGN-U332578 SGN-U334462 SGN-U334574 SGN-U334637 SGN-U334638 SGN-U334675 SGN-U335139 SGN-U335178 SGN-U335192 SGN-U335876 SGN-U336251 SGN-U336276 SGN-U336400 SGN-U337676 SGN-U337807 SGN-U337877 SGN-U339730 SGN-U339731 SGN-U340256 SGN-U340328 SGN-U340639 SGN-U340896 SGN-U340969 SGN-U341385 SGN-U341747 SGN-U342311 SGN-U342631 SGN-U344054 SGN-U344066 SGN-U344337 SGN-U344612 SGN-U344650 SGN-U345021 SGN-U345702 SGN-U347100