SGN Gene Family 101391

Family Number32
Total Genes341
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationAux/IAA_ARF_dimerisation;Cellular Component: nucleus (GO:0005634), Biological Process: regulation of translation (GO:0006445), Molecular Function: protein dimerization activity (GO:0046983)
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis93At1G01030 At1G04100 At1G04240 At1G04250 At1G04550 At1G13260 At1G15050 At1G15580 At1G15770 At1G15780 At1G15790 At1G17440 At1G19220 At1G19850 At1G24300 At1G25540 At1G27430 At1G28300 At1G28630 At1G29580 At1G30330 At1G34170 At1G34310 At1G34390 At1G34410 At1G35240 At1G35520 At1G35540 At1G43850 At1G43950 At1G51120 At1G51950 At1G52830 At1G55080 At1G59750 At1G72380 At1G72390 At1G77850 At1G77960 At1G80390 At2G01200 At2G10440 At2G22670 At2G28350 At2G30470 At2G33310 At2G33860 At2G36080 At2G46530 At2G46870 At2G46990 At3G03460 At3G04730 At3G06070 At3G11580 At3G15540 At3G16500 At3G17600 At3G23030 At3G23050 At3G24650 At3G24870 At3G24880 At3G26790 At3G61830 At3G61970 At3G62100 At4G01500 At4G14550 At4G14560 At4G21550 At4G23980 At4G25515 At4G25520 At4G28640 At4G29080 At4G30080 At4G32010 At4G32280 At5G06250 At5G19190 At5G20730 At5G25890 At5G37020 At5G42950 At5G43700 At5G57420 At5G60450 At5G62000 At5G62090 At5G65540 At5G65670 AtMG00940
Solanum tuberosum94SGN-U268091 SGN-U269067 SGN-U269107 SGN-U269508 SGN-U269509 SGN-U269815 SGN-U269816 SGN-U269817 SGN-U270498 SGN-U270567 SGN-U270568 SGN-U270569 SGN-U270702 SGN-U270920 SGN-U270921 SGN-U270922 SGN-U271094 SGN-U271744 SGN-U272708 SGN-U272711 SGN-U272899 SGN-U272902 SGN-U272966 SGN-U273575 SGN-U273868 SGN-U274021 SGN-U274022 SGN-U274564 SGN-U274565 SGN-U275100 SGN-U275242 SGN-U275243 SGN-U275450 SGN-U275661 SGN-U275927 SGN-U276417 SGN-U276492 SGN-U276575 SGN-U277061 SGN-U277119 SGN-U277307 SGN-U277569 SGN-U277722 SGN-U277793 SGN-U277938 SGN-U278011 SGN-U278053 SGN-U279061 SGN-U279407 SGN-U279572 SGN-U280086 SGN-U280524 SGN-U280606 SGN-U280924 SGN-U281093 SGN-U282222 SGN-U282254 SGN-U282977 SGN-U283259 SGN-U283630 SGN-U284203 SGN-U284468 SGN-U284546 SGN-U284587 SGN-U286029 SGN-U286057 SGN-U286259 SGN-U287429 SGN-U287579 SGN-U287907 SGN-U287982 SGN-U287983 SGN-U288345 SGN-U288603 SGN-U289308 SGN-U289649 SGN-U289650 SGN-U289712 SGN-U289713 SGN-U291148 SGN-U291320 SGN-U291500 SGN-U291989 SGN-U292546 SGN-U292994 SGN-U293393 SGN-U293555 SGN-U294682 SGN-U294846 SGN-U296190 SGN-U296550 SGN-U296667 SGN-U297597 SGN-U297713
Solanum melongena3SGN-U205800 SGN-U206183 SGN-U206998
Capsicum annuum27SGN-U196996 SGN-U197507 SGN-U197862 SGN-U198643 SGN-U198922 SGN-U199270 SGN-U199271 SGN-U199660 SGN-U199789 SGN-U200280 SGN-U200977 SGN-U201327 SGN-U201452 SGN-U201725 SGN-U202078 SGN-U202418 SGN-U202928 SGN-U203662 SGN-U204102 SGN-U204172 SGN-U204204 SGN-U204351 SGN-U204493 SGN-U204900 SGN-U204981 SGN-U205329 SGN-U205478
Petunia hybrida13SGN-U208098 SGN-U208112 SGN-U209630 SGN-U210705 SGN-U210733 SGN-U210750 SGN-U210944 SGN-U211344 SGN-U212055 SGN-U212201 SGN-U212227 SGN-U212237 SGN-U212274
Tomato 200607111SGN-U313802 SGN-U314233 SGN-U314234 SGN-U316052 SGN-U317313 SGN-U317314 SGN-U317315 SGN-U317505 SGN-U317606 SGN-U317693 SGN-U318191 SGN-U318434 SGN-U318671 SGN-U318675 SGN-U318814 SGN-U318815 SGN-U319318 SGN-U319581 SGN-U320261 SGN-U320280 SGN-U320412 SGN-U320812 SGN-U320946 SGN-U320985 SGN-U321570 SGN-U321591 SGN-U321770 SGN-U321771 SGN-U321897 SGN-U322175 SGN-U322499 SGN-U322637 SGN-U322644 SGN-U322787 SGN-U323018 SGN-U323386 SGN-U323670 SGN-U323974 SGN-U324457 SGN-U324509 SGN-U324618 SGN-U324670 SGN-U325482 SGN-U325588 SGN-U325620 SGN-U325621 SGN-U326029 SGN-U326171 SGN-U326489 SGN-U326572 SGN-U326709 SGN-U326718 SGN-U327093 SGN-U327096 SGN-U327097 SGN-U327130 SGN-U327599 SGN-U327712 SGN-U327976 SGN-U328245 SGN-U328487 SGN-U328511 SGN-U328800 SGN-U328801 SGN-U329448 SGN-U329539 SGN-U329641 SGN-U330040 SGN-U330168 SGN-U330409 SGN-U331576 SGN-U331724 SGN-U332031 SGN-U332118 SGN-U332300 SGN-U332548 SGN-U332551 SGN-U333088 SGN-U333119 SGN-U333173 SGN-U334602 SGN-U334872 SGN-U335453 SGN-U335454 SGN-U336205 SGN-U336236 SGN-U336513 SGN-U336568 SGN-U336637 SGN-U336867 SGN-U337646 SGN-U338236 SGN-U338359 SGN-U339411 SGN-U339431 SGN-U339965 SGN-U340039 SGN-U340284 SGN-U340952 SGN-U341295 SGN-U342250 SGN-U342453 SGN-U342608 SGN-U342866 SGN-U343082 SGN-U343989 SGN-U345235 SGN-U345413 SGN-U345965 SGN-U345980 SGN-U346759