SGN Gene Family 101392

Family Number33
Total Genes341
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationPeptidase C48, SUMO/Sentrin/Ubl1;Biological Process: proteolysis (GO:0006508), Molecular Function: cysteine-type peptidase activity (GO:0008234)
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis265At1G08740 At1G15940 At1G16210 At1G18950 At1G21020 At1G21030 At1G21660 At1G23930 At1G24822 At1G24938 At1G24996 At1G25097 At1G25170 At1G25886 At1G27780 At1G27790 At1G27800 At1G30280 At1G31150 At1G32830 At1G32840 At1G34610 At1G34720 At1G34730 At1G34740 At1G35080 At1G35100 At1G35110 At1G35650 At1G35770 At1G36970 At1G37020 At1G40080 At1G42393 At1G42460 At1G42515 At1G42630 At1G43777 At1G44850 At1G44870 At1G44875 At1G44880 At1G45090 At1G52087 At1G54923 At1G54926 At1G67120 At1G72800 At1G73440 At1G73490 At1G75100 At1G75310 At1G80810 At2G03150 At2G04330 At2G04970 At2G05562 At2G05564 At2G06095 At2G06120 At2G06420 At2G06620 At2G06630 At2G06700 At2G06750 At2G06860 At2G07190 At2G07240 At2G07260 At2G07280 At2G07290 At2G07310 At2G07770 At2G10350 At2G10360 At2G10380 At2G10390 At2G11345 At2G12100 At2G12110 At2G12120 At2G12130 At2G12170 At2G12505 At2G14010 At2G14020 At2G14130 At2G14140 At2G14600 At2G14770 At2G14774 At2G16170 At2G16485 At2G23480 At2G23710 At2G24930 At2G29240 At2G42390 At3G02400 At3G09160 At3G09170 At3G11950 At3G14670 At3G15600 At3G24370 At3G24380 At3G24390 At3G25130 At3G26260 At3G26530 At3G29210 At3G29600 At3G29710 At3G30250 At3G30440 At3G30450 At3G30640 At3G30645 At3G30816 At3G31410 At3G31910 At3G32080 At3G32140 At3G32394 At3G32896 At3G32900 At3G32910 At3G32960 At3G42190 At3G42450 At3G42480 At3G42490 At3G42510 At3G42520 At3G42530 At3G42580 At3G42590 At3G42600 At3G42610 At3G42690 At3G42700 At3G42730 At3G42740 At3G42750 At3G42820 At3G42910 At3G42920 At3G43380 At3G43390 At3G43450 At3G43460 At3G43530 At3G44500 At3G45380 At3G47230 At3G47240 At3G47260 At3G47270 At3G47330 At4G00140 At4G03300 At4G03890 At4G03970 At4G03975 At4G03979 At4G03990 At4G04010 At4G04130 At4G04390 At4G04400 At4G04530 At4G04545 At4G04820 At4G05280 At4G05290 At4G05300 At4G05553 At4G05580 At4G05581 At4G07452 At4G07520 At4G07943 At4G07944 At4G08111 At4G08340 At4G08430 At4G08710 At4G08730 At4G08750 At4G08760 At4G08880 At4G09280 At4G09290 At4G09370 At4G09390 At4G12770 At4G12780 At4G14490 At4G19280 At4G19290 At4G19305 At4G19310 At4G19320 At4G24420 At4G28960 At4G33740 At5G03480 At5G03495 At5G05430 At5G10010 At5G10950 At5G20750 At5G20760 At5G20770 At5G25580 At5G27160 At5G28110 At5G28120 At5G28170 At5G28235 At5G28240 At5G28250 At5G28270 At5G28480 At5G28482 At5G28484 At5G28600 At5G28760 At5G28810 At5G28930 At5G28970 At5G28990 At5G31873 At5G33220 At5G33230 At5G34820 At5G34895 At5G34900 At5G34970 At5G35010 At5G35020 At5G35646 At5G35650 At5G35794 At5G36020 At5G36030 At5G36035 At5G36040 At5G36060 At5G36070 At5G36840 At5G36850 At5G36860 At5G37390 At5G44415 At5G44880 At5G44890 At5G45520 At5G45570 At5G50830 At5G51730 At5G53700 At5G56360 At5G61150 At5G64910
Solanum tuberosum25SGN-U270443 SGN-U274555 SGN-U275046 SGN-U275067 SGN-U276391 SGN-U276865 SGN-U278001 SGN-U278505 SGN-U278561 SGN-U279524 SGN-U280822 SGN-U281971 SGN-U282315 SGN-U282577 SGN-U284302 SGN-U284359 SGN-U284638 SGN-U285060 SGN-U285323 SGN-U286407 SGN-U288997 SGN-U289793 SGN-U294380 SGN-U294952 SGN-U298961
Solanum melongena2SGN-U206787 SGN-U207300
Capsicum annuum12SGN-U196844 SGN-U197213 SGN-U197738 SGN-U198894 SGN-U201490 SGN-U201744 SGN-U202529 SGN-U202966 SGN-U204401 SGN-U204606 SGN-U204748 SGN-U205297
Petunia hybrida5SGN-U209660 SGN-U210334 SGN-U210521 SGN-U211875 SGN-U212143
Tomato 20060732SGN-U316510 SGN-U316511 SGN-U316690 SGN-U316691 SGN-U320035 SGN-U320993 SGN-U321158 SGN-U322061 SGN-U322146 SGN-U323432 SGN-U323903 SGN-U324165 SGN-U325034 SGN-U325830 SGN-U326457 SGN-U328155 SGN-U328345 SGN-U328770 SGN-U329235 SGN-U329269 SGN-U329588 SGN-U333282 SGN-U335787 SGN-U336998 SGN-U337974 SGN-U340096 SGN-U340380 SGN-U343143 SGN-U343860 SGN-U346238 SGN-U346639 SGN-U346828