SGN Gene Family 101393

Family Number34
Total Genes340
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationDEAD/DEAH box helicase, N-terminal;Molecular Function: nucleic acid binding (GO:0003676), Molecular Function: helicase activity (GO:0004386), Molecular Function: ATP binding (GO:0005524); DEAD/DEAH box helicase;Molecular Function: ATP binding (GO:0005524), Molecular Function: ATP-dependent helicase activity (GO:0008026)
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis69At1G10930 At1G12770 At1G16280 At1G16810 At1G20920 At1G27880 At1G31360 At1G31970 At1G51380 At1G54270 At1G55150 At1G59990 At1G60930 At1G63250 At1G71280 At1G71370 At1G72730 At1G77050 At2G07750 At2G28600 At2G33730 At2G37920 At2G40700 At2G42520 At2G45810 At2G47330 At3G01540 At3G02065 At3G05740 At3G06480 At3G06980 At3G09620 At3G09720 At3G13920 At3G16840 At3G18600 At3G19760 At3G22300 At3G22310 At3G22330 At3G53110 At3G58510 At3G58570 At3G61240 At4G00660 At4G09730 At4G15850 At4G16630 At4G33370 At4G34910 At4G35740 At4G37020 At5G05450 At5G08110 At5G08610 At5G08620 At5G11170 At5G11200 At5G14610 At5G19210 At5G26742 At5G27680 At5G51280 At5G54910 At5G60990 At5G62190 At5G63120 At5G63630 At5G65900
Solanum tuberosum110SGN-U268366 SGN-U268367 SGN-U268368 SGN-U268369 SGN-U268902 SGN-U268903 SGN-U269586 SGN-U270335 SGN-U270336 SGN-U270804 SGN-U270891 SGN-U270892 SGN-U271434 SGN-U271435 SGN-U272036 SGN-U272037 SGN-U272295 SGN-U272449 SGN-U272485 SGN-U272532 SGN-U272767 SGN-U273019 SGN-U273193 SGN-U273681 SGN-U273990 SGN-U274355 SGN-U274356 SGN-U274583 SGN-U274676 SGN-U274728 SGN-U275025 SGN-U275211 SGN-U275212 SGN-U275246 SGN-U275534 SGN-U275794 SGN-U276325 SGN-U276326 SGN-U276404 SGN-U276593 SGN-U276888 SGN-U277787 SGN-U277868 SGN-U278170 SGN-U278426 SGN-U278499 SGN-U278755 SGN-U278826 SGN-U278950 SGN-U279068 SGN-U279745 SGN-U279850 SGN-U280052 SGN-U280310 SGN-U280493 SGN-U280648 SGN-U281019 SGN-U281188 SGN-U281221 SGN-U281222 SGN-U281223 SGN-U281938 SGN-U282033 SGN-U282333 SGN-U282547 SGN-U282699 SGN-U283194 SGN-U283269 SGN-U283631 SGN-U284031 SGN-U284110 SGN-U284509 SGN-U284849 SGN-U285221 SGN-U285572 SGN-U286497 SGN-U286610 SGN-U286833 SGN-U286834 SGN-U286835 SGN-U287112 SGN-U287113 SGN-U287114 SGN-U287611 SGN-U287790 SGN-U287791 SGN-U287974 SGN-U288163 SGN-U288468 SGN-U288494 SGN-U288955 SGN-U288964 SGN-U290601 SGN-U290751 SGN-U290905 SGN-U291188 SGN-U291377 SGN-U291435 SGN-U292706 SGN-U292837 SGN-U293502 SGN-U294275 SGN-U295809 SGN-U296547 SGN-U297130 SGN-U297467 SGN-U297789 SGN-U298503 SGN-U298835 SGN-U298872
Solanum melongena6SGN-U205852 SGN-U205868 SGN-U206079 SGN-U206252 SGN-U206641 SGN-U207110
Capsicum annuum35SGN-U196143 SGN-U196184 SGN-U196185 SGN-U196197 SGN-U197049 SGN-U197314 SGN-U197913 SGN-U197982 SGN-U198063 SGN-U198094 SGN-U198211 SGN-U198230 SGN-U198309 SGN-U199030 SGN-U199031 SGN-U199037 SGN-U199714 SGN-U200427 SGN-U200606 SGN-U201126 SGN-U201260 SGN-U201757 SGN-U202328 SGN-U202490 SGN-U202923 SGN-U203115 SGN-U203142 SGN-U203238 SGN-U203587 SGN-U203765 SGN-U203804 SGN-U203916 SGN-U204381 SGN-U204711 SGN-U204978
Petunia hybrida10SGN-U207835 SGN-U208271 SGN-U208485 SGN-U209164 SGN-U209695 SGN-U210611 SGN-U210786 SGN-U211857 SGN-U212049 SGN-U212095
Tomato 200607110SGN-U312485 SGN-U312486 SGN-U312487 SGN-U312488 SGN-U312489 SGN-U313145 SGN-U313156 SGN-U313825 SGN-U313826 SGN-U313827 SGN-U313828 SGN-U313886 SGN-U313887 SGN-U313888 SGN-U314287 SGN-U314692 SGN-U314693 SGN-U315012 SGN-U315013 SGN-U315014 SGN-U315292 SGN-U315293 SGN-U315294 SGN-U315524 SGN-U315671 SGN-U316905 SGN-U316929 SGN-U316930 SGN-U316943 SGN-U316944 SGN-U316970 SGN-U319302 SGN-U319572 SGN-U320291 SGN-U320772 SGN-U321365 SGN-U321625 SGN-U321626 SGN-U322245 SGN-U322610 SGN-U322901 SGN-U323083 SGN-U323576 SGN-U323592 SGN-U323939 SGN-U324161 SGN-U324531 SGN-U324532 SGN-U324921 SGN-U324927 SGN-U325872 SGN-U326194 SGN-U326530 SGN-U326531 SGN-U326894 SGN-U327009 SGN-U327355 SGN-U327607 SGN-U327870 SGN-U330761 SGN-U330867 SGN-U331632 SGN-U331877 SGN-U332234 SGN-U332470 SGN-U332788 SGN-U332890 SGN-U333004 SGN-U333250 SGN-U334612 SGN-U334613 SGN-U334653 SGN-U334879 SGN-U334898 SGN-U334922 SGN-U334923 SGN-U335083 SGN-U335188 SGN-U335189 SGN-U335892 SGN-U335893 SGN-U335902 SGN-U335903 SGN-U336863 SGN-U337645 SGN-U337916 SGN-U338275 SGN-U338532 SGN-U338980 SGN-U340067 SGN-U340814 SGN-U340916 SGN-U341070 SGN-U341106 SGN-U341185 SGN-U341275 SGN-U341739 SGN-U342056 SGN-U342110 SGN-U343112 SGN-U343120 SGN-U343406 SGN-U343435 SGN-U343800 SGN-U344408 SGN-U345145 SGN-U345580 SGN-U346056 SGN-U346241 SGN-U346590