SGN Gene Family 101395

Family Number36
Total Genes322
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationProtein phosphatase 2C-like;Molecular Function: catalytic activity (GO:0003824)
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis80At1G03590 At1G07160 At1G07430 At1G07630 At1G09160 At1G16220 At1G17545 At1G17550 At1G18030 At1G22280 At1G29620 At1G32720 At1G34750 At1G43900 At1G47380 At1G48040 At1G67820 At1G68410 At1G72770 At1G78200 At1G79630 At2G20050 At2G20630 At2G25070 At2G25620 At2G28890 At2G29380 At2G30020 At2G33700 At2G34120 At2G34740 At2G35350 At2G40180 At2G40860 At2G46920 At3G02750 At3G05640 At3G06270 At3G09400 At3G11410 At3G12620 At3G15260 At3G16560 At3G16800 At3G17090 At3G17250 At3G23360 At3G27140 At3G51370 At3G51470 At3G55050 At3G62260 At3G63320 At3G63340 At4G03415 At4G08260 At4G11040 At4G26080 At4G27800 At4G28400 At4G31750 At4G31860 At4G32950 At4G33920 At4G38520 At5G01700 At5G02400 At5G02760 At5G06750 At5G10740 At5G19280 At5G24940 At5G26010 At5G27930 At5G36250 At5G51760 At5G53140 At5G57050 At5G59220 At5G66080
Solanum tuberosum79SGN-U270404 SGN-U271007 SGN-U271133 SGN-U271134 SGN-U272158 SGN-U272486 SGN-U272925 SGN-U273187 SGN-U274052 SGN-U274159 SGN-U274437 SGN-U274509 SGN-U274617 SGN-U274927 SGN-U275362 SGN-U275596 SGN-U275671 SGN-U276415 SGN-U276484 SGN-U276939 SGN-U277398 SGN-U277689 SGN-U277800 SGN-U277875 SGN-U277919 SGN-U278192 SGN-U278632 SGN-U279029 SGN-U279208 SGN-U279934 SGN-U280091 SGN-U281550 SGN-U282056 SGN-U282156 SGN-U282220 SGN-U282280 SGN-U283176 SGN-U283278 SGN-U283800 SGN-U283870 SGN-U284016 SGN-U284238 SGN-U284477 SGN-U284838 SGN-U284993 SGN-U285155 SGN-U285322 SGN-U285477 SGN-U285718 SGN-U285919 SGN-U286465 SGN-U288058 SGN-U288059 SGN-U288902 SGN-U289404 SGN-U291479 SGN-U291506 SGN-U291562 SGN-U292450 SGN-U292575 SGN-U292767 SGN-U292995 SGN-U293283 SGN-U294048 SGN-U294397 SGN-U294403 SGN-U294692 SGN-U295103 SGN-U295357 SGN-U295987 SGN-U297014 SGN-U297299 SGN-U297432 SGN-U297981 SGN-U298099 SGN-U298238 SGN-U298336 SGN-U298659 SGN-U298881
Solanum melongena3SGN-U205892 SGN-U206856 SGN-U206897
Capsicum annuum29SGN-U196683 SGN-U197572 SGN-U197660 SGN-U198121 SGN-U198243 SGN-U198752 SGN-U199424 SGN-U199504 SGN-U199955 SGN-U200260 SGN-U200622 SGN-U200670 SGN-U201466 SGN-U201733 SGN-U201749 SGN-U201904 SGN-U202135 SGN-U202377 SGN-U202395 SGN-U203448 SGN-U203509 SGN-U203570 SGN-U203844 SGN-U204020 SGN-U204281 SGN-U204325 SGN-U204909 SGN-U204949 SGN-U205100
Petunia hybrida16SGN-U207963 SGN-U209321 SGN-U209396 SGN-U209475 SGN-U209594 SGN-U209671 SGN-U209700 SGN-U209952 SGN-U210441 SGN-U210630 SGN-U211042 SGN-U211557 SGN-U211573 SGN-U211849 SGN-U212298 SGN-U212348
Tomato 200607115SGN-U312911 SGN-U312912 SGN-U314250 SGN-U314251 SGN-U314252 SGN-U314544 SGN-U314656 SGN-U315469 SGN-U315470 SGN-U315471 SGN-U315805 SGN-U315806 SGN-U315807 SGN-U315841 SGN-U316397 SGN-U316398 SGN-U316406 SGN-U317282 SGN-U317283 SGN-U317284 SGN-U317325 SGN-U317326 SGN-U317784 SGN-U318290 SGN-U318291 SGN-U318760 SGN-U318761 SGN-U318905 SGN-U318906 SGN-U319791 SGN-U319792 SGN-U320044 SGN-U320045 SGN-U320448 SGN-U320490 SGN-U320491 SGN-U321203 SGN-U321429 SGN-U321430 SGN-U321966 SGN-U322294 SGN-U322295 SGN-U322346 SGN-U322347 SGN-U322463 SGN-U322464 SGN-U322466 SGN-U323659 SGN-U323916 SGN-U324104 SGN-U324576 SGN-U325025 SGN-U325110 SGN-U325371 SGN-U325391 SGN-U325767 SGN-U325954 SGN-U326110 SGN-U326414 SGN-U326446 SGN-U326548 SGN-U326551 SGN-U326690 SGN-U326748 SGN-U326867 SGN-U326920 SGN-U326922 SGN-U327510 SGN-U327789 SGN-U328544 SGN-U328866 SGN-U329455 SGN-U329691 SGN-U329769 SGN-U330452 SGN-U330645 SGN-U331003 SGN-U331018 SGN-U331075 SGN-U331110 SGN-U331583 SGN-U331674 SGN-U331726 SGN-U331989 SGN-U333192 SGN-U335351 SGN-U335653 SGN-U336027 SGN-U336656 SGN-U337002 SGN-U337003 SGN-U337004 SGN-U337322 SGN-U337372 SGN-U337578 SGN-U337862 SGN-U337909 SGN-U337910 SGN-U337911 SGN-U338500 SGN-U338501 SGN-U338795 SGN-U338925 SGN-U340431 SGN-U340535 SGN-U341085 SGN-U341184 SGN-U341805 SGN-U342306 SGN-U342943 SGN-U343195 SGN-U345388 SGN-U345576 SGN-U345617 SGN-U346832