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SGN Gene Family 101401

Family Number42
Total Genes283
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationNucleic acid-binding, OB-fold;Molecular Function: nucleic acid binding (GO:0003676)
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
Explanation of family analysis and terms used on this page
Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
52 190(45)  3075(6)  1285(13)  8540(2)  8979(2)  9383(2)  519(25)  5984(3) 
65 2147(8)  2665(6)  5314(4)  345(28)  9298(2)  10330(2)  10687(2)  3536(5)  423(24)  7941(2) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis198At1G02140 At1G12725 At1G14800 At1G17277 At1G27810 At1G33450 At1G34710 At1G35090 At1G35143 At1G35920 At1G35930 At1G35940 At1G35950 At1G36030 At1G36510 At1G36920 At1G39350 At1G39430 At1G42250 At1G42400 At1G43205 At1G43230 At1G43920 At1G44860 At1G45080 At1G52950 At1G52960 At1G54430 At1G64410 At1G67340 At1G67623 At1G78355 At2G05000 At2G05080 At2G05082 At2G05084 At2G05087 At2G05090 At2G05480 At2G05642 At2G05860 At2G05870 At2G05880 At2G05890 At2G06230 At2G06510 At2G06610 At2G06690 At2G07090 At2G07300 At2G07320 At2G07505 At2G07630 At2G10370 At2G10460 At2G10465 At2G10470 At2G10500 At2G10555 At2G10836 At2G11360 At2G11490 At2G12140 At2G12695 At2G13975 At2G14330 At2G14340 At2G14450 At2G14455 At2G14780 At2G16010 At2G16160 At2G16330 At2G24900 At2G24915 At2G35280 At3G13250 At3G13260 At3G13270 At3G29660 At3G30150 At3G30310 At3G30360 At3G30420 At3G30430 At3G30480 At3G30500 At3G30550 At3G30560 At3G30730 At3G30755 At3G31930 At3G31980 At3G31990 At3G32100 At3G32260 At3G32270 At3G33230 At3G33572 At3G42100 At3G42110 At3G42200 At3G42320 At3G42340 At3G42400 At3G42410 At3G42440 At3G42460 At3G42500 At3G42620 At3G42760 At3G42810 At3G42980 At3G43100 At3G43330 At3G43350 At3G43370 At3G43528 At3G45350 At3G45360 At3G45370 At3G47320 At3G51690 At3G51700 At4G03640 At4G03660 At4G03670 At4G03680 At4G03690 At4G03916 At4G03977 At4G04394 At4G04396 At4G04398 At4G04525 At4G04780 At4G05303 At4G05570 At4G06637 At4G07031 At4G07310 At4G07340 At4G07430 At4G07435 At4G07440 At4G07450 At4G07480 At4G07510 At4G07523 At4G07690 At4G07800 At4G08336 At4G08602 At4G08655 At4G09400 At4G18420 At4G19130 At4G19300 At5G08020 At5G15690 At5G15990 At5G27180 At5G27500 At5G28570 At5G28780 At5G28940 At5G28980 At5G29602 At5G32070 At5G33200 At5G33240 At5G33410 At5G34450 At5G34460 At5G34500 At5G34540 At5G34950 At5G34960 At5G35040 At5G35250 At5G35260 At5G35270 At5G35280 At5G35655 At5G36050 At5G36734 At5G36830 At5G37080 At5G37090 At5G37100 At5G37110 At5G37120 At5G37385 At5G37880 At5G38595 At5G45400 At5G50450 At5G61000
Solanum tuberosum62SGN-U268138 SGN-U268139 SGN-U268140 SGN-U268141 SGN-U268142 SGN-U268158 SGN-U268159 SGN-U268160 SGN-U268161 SGN-U268162 SGN-U268164 SGN-U268165 SGN-U268166 SGN-U268167 SGN-U268169 SGN-U268170 SGN-U268171 SGN-U268172 SGN-U268175 SGN-U268176 SGN-U268177 SGN-U268179 SGN-U268190 SGN-U270114 SGN-U270115 SGN-U275339 SGN-U278328 SGN-U279306 SGN-U279416 SGN-U279487 SGN-U279612 SGN-U281554 SGN-U281672 SGN-U282323 SGN-U284371 SGN-U285138 SGN-U285195 SGN-U285202 SGN-U285569 SGN-U286403 SGN-U286680 SGN-U286682 SGN-U286686 SGN-U286699 SGN-U286700 SGN-U286701 SGN-U286706 SGN-U287696 SGN-U287697 SGN-U287700 SGN-U289938 SGN-U290261 SGN-U291404 SGN-U291869 SGN-U292180 SGN-U292781 SGN-U293089 SGN-U294735 SGN-U294795 SGN-U295487 SGN-U296065 SGN-U298968
Capsicum annuum10SGN-U199786 SGN-U200518 SGN-U200870 SGN-U201444 SGN-U201825 SGN-U202894 SGN-U202927 SGN-U203676 SGN-U203726 SGN-U204098
Petunia hybrida2SGN-U210354 SGN-U210589
Tomato 20060711SGN-U319270 SGN-U324333 SGN-U325132 SGN-U326453 SGN-U329851 SGN-U331086 SGN-U332010 SGN-U340764 SGN-U341144 SGN-U342860 SGN-U345398