SGN Gene Family 101403

Family Number44
Total Genes270
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationDehydrin;Biological Process: response to stress (GO:0006950), Biological Process: response to water (GO:0009415); Haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase;Molecular Function: catalytic activity (GO:0003824), Biological Process: metabolism (GO:0008152)
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis48At1G01050 At1G16700 At1G20440 At1G20450 At1G22410 At1G28200 At1G56500 At1G67090 At1G76180 At1G79010 At2G18230 At2G21490 At2G22475 At2G38740 At2G45070 At2G46860 At3G07060 At3G10970 At3G48420 At3G50970 At3G50980 At3G53620 At3G60540 At4G01480 At4G01600 At4G11570 At4G21470 At4G25840 At4G33510 At4G38410 At4G39130 At4G39970 At4G39980 At4G40100 At5G08350 At5G09650 At5G13200 At5G23350 At5G23360 At5G23370 At5G38410 At5G38420 At5G38430 At5G45170 At5G57440 At5G60460 At5G66400 AtCG01090
Solanum tuberosum70SGN-U268556 SGN-U268557 SGN-U269085 SGN-U269086 SGN-U269087 SGN-U269261 SGN-U269262 SGN-U269263 SGN-U269398 SGN-U269399 SGN-U269703 SGN-U269704 SGN-U270047 SGN-U270048 SGN-U270614 SGN-U270943 SGN-U271221 SGN-U271222 SGN-U272148 SGN-U272480 SGN-U272481 SGN-U272593 SGN-U272610 SGN-U272938 SGN-U273079 SGN-U273467 SGN-U274554 SGN-U274697 SGN-U274698 SGN-U274729 SGN-U275419 SGN-U275464 SGN-U275713 SGN-U276143 SGN-U278111 SGN-U279057 SGN-U280761 SGN-U281207 SGN-U281208 SGN-U281209 SGN-U281210 SGN-U281212 SGN-U281231 SGN-U281361 SGN-U281366 SGN-U281371 SGN-U281378 SGN-U281404 SGN-U282404 SGN-U284739 SGN-U287523 SGN-U287674 SGN-U287863 SGN-U287989 SGN-U288476 SGN-U288611 SGN-U289043 SGN-U289044 SGN-U289045 SGN-U290747 SGN-U290748 SGN-U290758 SGN-U290902 SGN-U293772 SGN-U294613 SGN-U295558 SGN-U297041 SGN-U297169 SGN-U298510 SGN-U298552
Solanum melongena7SGN-U205606 SGN-U205622 SGN-U205742 SGN-U205951 SGN-U206205 SGN-U206853 SGN-U207030
Capsicum annuum26SGN-U196104 SGN-U196137 SGN-U196459 SGN-U196464 SGN-U196566 SGN-U196841 SGN-U197092 SGN-U197181 SGN-U197299 SGN-U197628 SGN-U197931 SGN-U198672 SGN-U198999 SGN-U199001 SGN-U199002 SGN-U199164 SGN-U199718 SGN-U200710 SGN-U202333 SGN-U202651 SGN-U202722 SGN-U203276 SGN-U203457 SGN-U203758 SGN-U203876 SGN-U205464
Petunia hybrida20SGN-U207452 SGN-U207453 SGN-U207454 SGN-U207562 SGN-U207696 SGN-U207904 SGN-U207966 SGN-U208198 SGN-U208208 SGN-U208257 SGN-U208259 SGN-U208315 SGN-U208419 SGN-U208822 SGN-U209141 SGN-U209423 SGN-U210100 SGN-U210672 SGN-U211662 SGN-U212320
Tomato 20060799SGN-U312887 SGN-U313285 SGN-U313286 SGN-U313287 SGN-U313299 SGN-U313300 SGN-U313319 SGN-U313320 SGN-U313321 SGN-U314243 SGN-U314244 SGN-U314246 SGN-U314248 SGN-U314253 SGN-U314254 SGN-U314258 SGN-U314262 SGN-U314688 SGN-U314689 SGN-U314690 SGN-U314694 SGN-U314696 SGN-U314699 SGN-U314700 SGN-U314704 SGN-U314705 SGN-U314708 SGN-U314718 SGN-U314722 SGN-U314723 SGN-U314724 SGN-U315099 SGN-U316629 SGN-U316630 SGN-U316631 SGN-U317089 SGN-U317090 SGN-U317121 SGN-U317685 SGN-U317729 SGN-U318256 SGN-U319272 SGN-U319310 SGN-U319583 SGN-U320705 SGN-U320706 SGN-U321726 SGN-U321727 SGN-U322448 SGN-U322893 SGN-U323438 SGN-U323642 SGN-U323774 SGN-U324110 SGN-U325199 SGN-U325236 SGN-U325813 SGN-U327076 SGN-U328088 SGN-U328509 SGN-U331998 SGN-U332761 SGN-U334248 SGN-U334262 SGN-U334272 SGN-U334274 SGN-U335961 SGN-U336234 SGN-U336249 SGN-U338486 SGN-U338487 SGN-U338488 SGN-U338490 SGN-U338491 SGN-U338492 SGN-U338493 SGN-U338496 SGN-U338497 SGN-U338499 SGN-U338958 SGN-U338959 SGN-U338961 SGN-U338962 SGN-U338963 SGN-U338968 SGN-U338969 SGN-U338970 SGN-U338971 SGN-U338972 SGN-U338973 SGN-U338974 SGN-U338978 SGN-U338982 SGN-U338984 SGN-U339720 SGN-U339721 SGN-U342632 SGN-U346271 SGN-U346706