SGN Gene Family 101407

Family Number48
Total Genes255
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationOrn/DAP/Arg decarboxylase 2;Molecular Function: catalytic activity (GO:0003824)
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis32At1G22520 At1G48270 At1G72170 At2G01170 At2G05140 At2G16500 At2G20650 At2G32160 At2G32170 At2G37690 At2G42700 At3G07580 At3G14390 At3G21350 At3G48380 At4G03560 At4G14590 At4G21670 At4G23330 At4G28370 At4G30790 At4G34710 At4G36630 At5G01270 At5G09860 At5G11040 At5G11880 At5G12290 At5G13690 At5G43680 At5G48335 AtCG00520
Solanum tuberosum52SGN-U269109 SGN-U269363 SGN-U269364 SGN-U269655 SGN-U270276 SGN-U270392 SGN-U271736 SGN-U271737 SGN-U272458 SGN-U272720 SGN-U272885 SGN-U272886 SGN-U274030 SGN-U274602 SGN-U275124 SGN-U275140 SGN-U275141 SGN-U275558 SGN-U276435 SGN-U277453 SGN-U278310 SGN-U278536 SGN-U279257 SGN-U279340 SGN-U279367 SGN-U279439 SGN-U279539 SGN-U280730 SGN-U280880 SGN-U280884 SGN-U281360 SGN-U281930 SGN-U283244 SGN-U283972 SGN-U284713 SGN-U287210 SGN-U287346 SGN-U287501 SGN-U287767 SGN-U289144 SGN-U290312 SGN-U290313 SGN-U290618 SGN-U292708 SGN-U293633 SGN-U293907 SGN-U294873 SGN-U295981 SGN-U297320 SGN-U297474 SGN-U298005 SGN-U298868
Solanum melongena6SGN-U205690 SGN-U206593 SGN-U206748 SGN-U206848 SGN-U206962 SGN-U207370
Capsicum annuum16SGN-U196111 SGN-U196122 SGN-U196173 SGN-U196263 SGN-U197466 SGN-U197501 SGN-U198104 SGN-U198180 SGN-U199247 SGN-U199654 SGN-U200405 SGN-U200812 SGN-U202235 SGN-U204167 SGN-U204171 SGN-U204672
Petunia hybrida2SGN-U209881 SGN-U210413
Tomato 200607147SGN-U312676 SGN-U312779 SGN-U312881 SGN-U314237 SGN-U316687 SGN-U316688 SGN-U317416 SGN-U317997 SGN-U317998 SGN-U319226 SGN-U319498 SGN-U321494 SGN-U322583 SGN-U322865 SGN-U322973 SGN-U323530 SGN-U323838 SGN-U324212 SGN-U324244 SGN-U325555 SGN-U326213 SGN-U326772 SGN-U327362 SGN-U327525 SGN-U328685 SGN-U329501 SGN-U329519 SGN-U329805 SGN-U332209 SGN-U333991 SGN-U333992 SGN-U334874 SGN-U334875 SGN-U335378 SGN-U335691 SGN-U335784 SGN-U336064 SGN-U336357 SGN-U336358 SGN-U336627 SGN-U336762 SGN-U336763 SGN-U336764 SGN-U336765 SGN-U337133 SGN-U337714 SGN-U337715 SGN-U337743 SGN-U337763 SGN-U337895 SGN-U338117 SGN-U338257 SGN-U338316 SGN-U339183 SGN-U339272 SGN-U339273 SGN-U339274 SGN-U339473 SGN-U339900 SGN-U339921 SGN-U340352 SGN-U340385 SGN-U340459 SGN-U340543 SGN-U340593 SGN-U340612 SGN-U340615 SGN-U340786 SGN-U340795 SGN-U340810 SGN-U340927 SGN-U340965 SGN-U341025 SGN-U341425 SGN-U341763 SGN-U341834 SGN-U341853 SGN-U341862 SGN-U341907 SGN-U341979 SGN-U342007 SGN-U342094 SGN-U342096 SGN-U342102 SGN-U342291 SGN-U342398 SGN-U342491 SGN-U342614 SGN-U342686 SGN-U342787 SGN-U342847 SGN-U342861 SGN-U342948 SGN-U343061 SGN-U343103 SGN-U343380 SGN-U343500 SGN-U343931 SGN-U343951 SGN-U343983 SGN-U344099 SGN-U344118 SGN-U344243 SGN-U344311 SGN-U344345 SGN-U344352 SGN-U344415 SGN-U344419 SGN-U344581 SGN-U344669 SGN-U344704 SGN-U345051 SGN-U345096 SGN-U345129 SGN-U345146 SGN-U345220 SGN-U345240 SGN-U345318 SGN-U345329 SGN-U345368 SGN-U345432 SGN-U345515 SGN-U345543 SGN-U345641 SGN-U345658 SGN-U345733 SGN-U345822 SGN-U345892 SGN-U345914 SGN-U345951 SGN-U346023 SGN-U346139 SGN-U346160 SGN-U346200 SGN-U346215 SGN-U346234 SGN-U346298 SGN-U346534 SGN-U346571 SGN-U346645 SGN-U346668 SGN-U346711 SGN-U346721 SGN-U346922 SGN-U346930 SGN-U347018 SGN-U347039