SGN Gene Family 101408

Family Number49
Total Genes252
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationProteinase inhibitor I13, potato inhibitor I;Molecular Function: serine-type endopeptidase inhibitor activity (GO:0004867), Biological Process: response to wounding (GO:0009611)
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis13At1G15710 At2G38870 At2G38900 At3G16150 At3G46860 At3G50020 At4G00590 At5G08100 At5G34930 At5G43570 At5G61540 AtMG00820 AtMG00860
Solanum tuberosum52SGN-U268399 SGN-U268400 SGN-U268401 SGN-U268402 SGN-U268403 SGN-U268404 SGN-U268405 SGN-U268406 SGN-U268408 SGN-U268409 SGN-U268434 SGN-U271698 SGN-U274335 SGN-U274892 SGN-U277318 SGN-U279498 SGN-U280662 SGN-U280841 SGN-U283517 SGN-U284201 SGN-U284581 SGN-U284736 SGN-U284869 SGN-U285086 SGN-U285495 SGN-U285864 SGN-U285895 SGN-U285912 SGN-U286856 SGN-U286864 SGN-U288244 SGN-U288950 SGN-U290091 SGN-U291400 SGN-U291931 SGN-U292148 SGN-U292295 SGN-U293008 SGN-U293256 SGN-U293420 SGN-U293515 SGN-U293534 SGN-U294868 SGN-U295029 SGN-U295365 SGN-U295764 SGN-U296385 SGN-U296494 SGN-U296808 SGN-U297265 SGN-U297518 SGN-U297700
Solanum melongena1SGN-U205616
Capsicum annuum14SGN-U196433 SGN-U196517 SGN-U199249 SGN-U199666 SGN-U199853 SGN-U199994 SGN-U200749 SGN-U201036 SGN-U201309 SGN-U201494 SGN-U201694 SGN-U204470 SGN-U204704 SGN-U204957
Petunia hybrida5SGN-U208290 SGN-U209991 SGN-U210925 SGN-U210947 SGN-U211376
Tomato 200607167SGN-U312820 SGN-U312822 SGN-U312823 SGN-U312824 SGN-U312825 SGN-U312826 SGN-U312828 SGN-U312829 SGN-U313508 SGN-U313509 SGN-U317063 SGN-U317064 SGN-U317065 SGN-U317884 SGN-U318402 SGN-U321656 SGN-U324729 SGN-U325967 SGN-U326426 SGN-U326576 SGN-U326634 SGN-U326740 SGN-U327252 SGN-U328094 SGN-U329351 SGN-U329531 SGN-U329579 SGN-U330105 SGN-U330353 SGN-U330419 SGN-U330841 SGN-U331029 SGN-U331063 SGN-U331101 SGN-U331208 SGN-U331232 SGN-U331640 SGN-U332435 SGN-U332650 SGN-U333029 SGN-U333457 SGN-U333949 SGN-U333950 SGN-U333951 SGN-U334015 SGN-U334415 SGN-U334443 SGN-U334588 SGN-U334867 SGN-U334878 SGN-U334918 SGN-U335319 SGN-U335320 SGN-U335419 SGN-U335560 SGN-U335930 SGN-U335931 SGN-U335932 SGN-U335933 SGN-U335935 SGN-U335936 SGN-U335937 SGN-U335938 SGN-U335939 SGN-U336239 SGN-U336318 SGN-U336319 SGN-U336382 SGN-U336406 SGN-U336504 SGN-U336579 SGN-U336817 SGN-U336889 SGN-U336949 SGN-U337138 SGN-U337603 SGN-U337615 SGN-U337637 SGN-U337817 SGN-U338148 SGN-U338277 SGN-U338284 SGN-U338291 SGN-U338294 SGN-U338380 SGN-U338441 SGN-U338789 SGN-U339012 SGN-U339016 SGN-U339096 SGN-U339330 SGN-U339521 SGN-U339540 SGN-U339541 SGN-U339567 SGN-U339602 SGN-U339767 SGN-U339781 SGN-U339872 SGN-U339878 SGN-U340112 SGN-U340257 SGN-U340346 SGN-U340347 SGN-U340450 SGN-U340580 SGN-U340584 SGN-U340627 SGN-U341023 SGN-U341081 SGN-U341337 SGN-U341393 SGN-U341421 SGN-U341477 SGN-U341564 SGN-U341590 SGN-U341680 SGN-U341708 SGN-U341788 SGN-U342127 SGN-U342166 SGN-U342189 SGN-U342245 SGN-U342328 SGN-U342351 SGN-U342449 SGN-U342475 SGN-U342484 SGN-U342546 SGN-U342678 SGN-U342908 SGN-U342933 SGN-U343177 SGN-U343265 SGN-U343589 SGN-U343626 SGN-U343722 SGN-U344252 SGN-U344270 SGN-U344350 SGN-U344391 SGN-U344424 SGN-U344430 SGN-U344454 SGN-U344567 SGN-U344707 SGN-U344801 SGN-U344877 SGN-U344933 SGN-U345027 SGN-U345272 SGN-U345348 SGN-U345415 SGN-U345509 SGN-U345797 SGN-U345909 SGN-U345983 SGN-U346466 SGN-U346491 SGN-U346572 SGN-U346617 SGN-U346687 SGN-U346705 SGN-U346798 SGN-U346843 SGN-U346975 SGN-U347095