SGN Gene Family 101409

Family Number50
Total Genes248
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationGalactose oxidase, central
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis119At1G14330 At1G15670 At1G16250 At1G19460 At1G19470 At1G19930 At1G22040 At1G23390 At1G26110 At1G26930 At1G27340 At1G27420 At1G30090 At1G30950 At1G31350 At1G48190 At1G55270 At1G60570 At1G61540 At1G67480 At1G74510 At1G76920 At1G77880 At1G79040 At1G80440 At2G02870 At2G03460 At2G20380 At2G21680 At2G21950 At2G22030 At2G22050 At2G22060 At2G24540 At2G29600 At2G29770 At2G29780 At2G29800 At2G29810 At2G29820 At2G29830 At2G29860 At2G41360 At2G44030 At2G44130 At2G44630 At2G44700 At3G06570 At3G08810 At3G10510 At3G24610 At3G24760 At3G27150 At3G27910 At3G43710 At3G46050 At3G59940 At3G61350 At3G61590 At3G63220 At4G02310 At4G03030 At4G05620 At4G11745 At4G11750 At4G11770 At4G14905 At4G19250 At4G19260 At4G19330 At4G19340 At4G19360 At4G19865 At4G19870 At4G23580 At4G25710 At4G29370 At4G33160 At4G33900 At4G34170 At4G35120 At4G36840 At4G38940 At4G39060 At4G39240 At4G39290 At4G39550 At4G39560 At4G39570 At4G39580 At4G39590 At4G39600 At4G39750 At4G39753 At4G39756 At4G39760 At5G02980 At5G02990 At5G03000 At5G03010 At5G03020 At5G03970 At5G15710 At5G26960 At5G28160 At5G28180 At5G38670 At5G38680 At5G39560 At5G40680 At5G42350 At5G42360 At5G43190 At5G45330 At5G48980 At5G48990 At5G49000 At5G51250 At5G60570
Solanum tuberosum39SGN-U268335 SGN-U268336 SGN-U268340 SGN-U271388 SGN-U271429 SGN-U274111 SGN-U275628 SGN-U275851 SGN-U276333 SGN-U276334 SGN-U277343 SGN-U278865 SGN-U278895 SGN-U278903 SGN-U279292 SGN-U279608 SGN-U280134 SGN-U280285 SGN-U281037 SGN-U281504 SGN-U281899 SGN-U282370 SGN-U283927 SGN-U283977 SGN-U284007 SGN-U284671 SGN-U284734 SGN-U285822 SGN-U286001 SGN-U286271 SGN-U289292 SGN-U290566 SGN-U291022 SGN-U295221 SGN-U296417 SGN-U296431 SGN-U297221 SGN-U298866 SGN-U299101
Solanum melongena7SGN-U205581 SGN-U205942 SGN-U206284 SGN-U206285 SGN-U206312 SGN-U206313 SGN-U206791
Capsicum annuum12SGN-U196243 SGN-U198375 SGN-U198846 SGN-U201493 SGN-U202770 SGN-U202838 SGN-U203030 SGN-U204002 SGN-U204258 SGN-U204724 SGN-U205168 SGN-U205440
Petunia hybrida3SGN-U207994 SGN-U210732 SGN-U212096
Tomato 20060768SGN-U314675 SGN-U314676 SGN-U314678 SGN-U314680 SGN-U314683 SGN-U314684 SGN-U314707 SGN-U315070 SGN-U320123 SGN-U321222 SGN-U321716 SGN-U321717 SGN-U322485 SGN-U322505 SGN-U322708 SGN-U322734 SGN-U323273 SGN-U323483 SGN-U323687 SGN-U324456 SGN-U324500 SGN-U325673 SGN-U326091 SGN-U326422 SGN-U326731 SGN-U327324 SGN-U327802 SGN-U328398 SGN-U328556 SGN-U328658 SGN-U329699 SGN-U329786 SGN-U330958 SGN-U331237 SGN-U331454 SGN-U331912 SGN-U332139 SGN-U332304 SGN-U332828 SGN-U334958 SGN-U337677 SGN-U338941 SGN-U338942 SGN-U338943 SGN-U338944 SGN-U338945 SGN-U338946 SGN-U338947 SGN-U338950 SGN-U338951 SGN-U338952 SGN-U338954 SGN-U338956 SGN-U338957 SGN-U339240 SGN-U341211 SGN-U341312 SGN-U342946 SGN-U342986 SGN-U343886 SGN-U343975 SGN-U344663 SGN-U345095 SGN-U345592 SGN-U345757 SGN-U346176 SGN-U346547 SGN-U346868