SGN Gene Family 101414

Family Number55
Total Genes237
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis114At1G04300 At1G04860 At1G17110 At1G31370 At1G31380 At1G31390 At1G31400 At1G32850 At1G51710 At1G58270 At1G65050 At1G65150 At1G65370 At1G69650 At1G69660 At2G01790 At2G04170 At2G04190 At2G05400 At2G05410 At2G05420 At2G05430 At2G15710 At2G16900 At2G20950 At2G20960 At2G22310 At2G24640 At2G25320 At2G25330 At2G32780 At2G32870 At2G32880 At2G40930 At2G41960 At2G42460 At2G42470 At2G42480 At3G11910 At3G14400 At3G17380 At3G20360 At3G20370 At3G20380 At3G21280 At3G22080 At3G27040 At3G28220 At3G29580 At3G44790 At3G44800 At3G44805 At3G46190 At3G49600 At3G58050 At3G58200 At3G58210 At3G58220 At3G58230 At3G58240 At3G58250 At3G58260 At3G58270 At3G58280 At3G58290 At3G58300 At3G58320 At3G58330 At3G58340 At3G58350 At3G58360 At3G58370 At3G58380 At3G58400 At3G58410 At3G58420 At3G58430 At3G58440 At4G00780 At4G01390 At4G09770 At4G09780 At4G10570 At4G10590 At4G16045 At4G17895 At4G22285 At4G22350 At4G22410 At4G22420 At4G24560 At4G30890 At4G31670 At4G35110 At4G38550 At4G38560 At4G39370 At4G39910 At5G03550 At5G06600 At5G10790 At5G11140 At5G22030 At5G22035 At5G26260 At5G26280 At5G26290 At5G26300 At5G26320 At5G43560 At5G46740 At5G52330 At5G57990 At5G65450
Solanum tuberosum50SGN-U270688 SGN-U271164 SGN-U271670 SGN-U271771 SGN-U271787 SGN-U271788 SGN-U271789 SGN-U274058 SGN-U274825 SGN-U276263 SGN-U276668 SGN-U277224 SGN-U277838 SGN-U278841 SGN-U279371 SGN-U280183 SGN-U280424 SGN-U280750 SGN-U281710 SGN-U282328 SGN-U282409 SGN-U282445 SGN-U282846 SGN-U283462 SGN-U284177 SGN-U284350 SGN-U284473 SGN-U285038 SGN-U288233 SGN-U288262 SGN-U288263 SGN-U288264 SGN-U290932 SGN-U290950 SGN-U291036 SGN-U292735 SGN-U292932 SGN-U293388 SGN-U293586 SGN-U294366 SGN-U295866 SGN-U296110 SGN-U296142 SGN-U296911 SGN-U297315 SGN-U297368 SGN-U297397 SGN-U297859 SGN-U298180 SGN-U298886
Solanum melongena2SGN-U206012 SGN-U206994
Capsicum annuum15SGN-U196848 SGN-U197416 SGN-U197822 SGN-U197833 SGN-U197873 SGN-U200172 SGN-U200458 SGN-U200648 SGN-U201252 SGN-U202971 SGN-U203163 SGN-U204476 SGN-U204708 SGN-U205427 SGN-U205552
Petunia hybrida4SGN-U209052 SGN-U211345 SGN-U211366 SGN-U211940
Tomato 20060752SGN-U315356 SGN-U315739 SGN-U317201 SGN-U317942 SGN-U317943 SGN-U318186 SGN-U318371 SGN-U318548 SGN-U318984 SGN-U319390 SGN-U320529 SGN-U321123 SGN-U321489 SGN-U321795 SGN-U322577 SGN-U324273 SGN-U324274 SGN-U324515 SGN-U324726 SGN-U325231 SGN-U325245 SGN-U325922 SGN-U327406 SGN-U328971 SGN-U330006 SGN-U330595 SGN-U330832 SGN-U330855 SGN-U331082 SGN-U332623 SGN-U332843 SGN-U333113 SGN-U335993 SGN-U336423 SGN-U337139 SGN-U339427 SGN-U339776 SGN-U339777 SGN-U340333 SGN-U340640 SGN-U340869 SGN-U340917 SGN-U342638 SGN-U342643 SGN-U343168 SGN-U343768 SGN-U345523 SGN-U346283 SGN-U346334 SGN-U346403 SGN-U346418 SGN-U346885