SGN Gene Family 101421

Family Number62
Total Genes210
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationGroES-like; Alcohol dehydrogenase superfamily, zinc-containing;Molecular Function: zinc ion binding (GO:0008270), Molecular Function: oxidoreductase activity (GO:0016491)
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
52 198(44)  139(58)  464(27)  4114(5)  230(41)  1637(11)  6834(3)  1326(13)  4333(5) 
65 194(39)  3205(6)  695(18)  131(51)  3795(5)  176(41)  3200(6)  8937(2)  3434(5)  2738(6)  1393(11)  3850(5)  4000(5)  6094(3) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis41At1G22430 At1G22440 At1G23740 At1G26320 At1G32780 At1G49670 At1G64710 At1G65560 At1G72680 At1G77120 At2G21730 At2G21890 At3G03080 At3G15090 At3G19450 At3G45770 At3G56460 At3G59845 At4G13010 At4G21580 At4G22110 At4G34230 At4G37970 At4G37980 At4G37990 At4G39330 At5G16960 At5G16970 At5G16980 At5G16990 At5G17000 At5G24760 At5G37940 At5G37960 At5G37980 At5G38000 At5G42250 At5G43940 At5G51970 At5G61510 At5G63620
Solanum tuberosum56SGN-U269406 SGN-U269545 SGN-U270262 SGN-U270700 SGN-U271061 SGN-U271693 SGN-U271694 SGN-U271724 SGN-U272226 SGN-U272529 SGN-U272530 SGN-U272531 SGN-U272796 SGN-U273033 SGN-U273458 SGN-U273673 SGN-U273674 SGN-U273888 SGN-U274129 SGN-U274213 SGN-U274214 SGN-U274755 SGN-U275174 SGN-U275938 SGN-U276715 SGN-U277503 SGN-U277843 SGN-U278202 SGN-U278203 SGN-U278308 SGN-U279852 SGN-U280707 SGN-U281168 SGN-U282096 SGN-U283908 SGN-U284107 SGN-U284187 SGN-U284761 SGN-U285726 SGN-U287372 SGN-U287762 SGN-U288033 SGN-U288493 SGN-U288637 SGN-U288791 SGN-U288920 SGN-U289051 SGN-U290576 SGN-U291643 SGN-U291950 SGN-U294256 SGN-U294887 SGN-U296832 SGN-U297986 SGN-U298689 SGN-U299017
Solanum melongena4SGN-U206370 SGN-U206396 SGN-U206481 SGN-U206878
Capsicum annuum28SGN-U196257 SGN-U196534 SGN-U196622 SGN-U196625 SGN-U196626 SGN-U196715 SGN-U196917 SGN-U197609 SGN-U198432 SGN-U198696 SGN-U198722 SGN-U199122 SGN-U200001 SGN-U200299 SGN-U200831 SGN-U200891 SGN-U202053 SGN-U202145 SGN-U202369 SGN-U202884 SGN-U203091 SGN-U203571 SGN-U203609 SGN-U204025 SGN-U204056 SGN-U204375 SGN-U204628 SGN-U204729
Petunia hybrida13SGN-U208054 SGN-U208383 SGN-U208429 SGN-U208505 SGN-U208609 SGN-U208791 SGN-U209524 SGN-U209564 SGN-U210177 SGN-U210321 SGN-U210864 SGN-U211107 SGN-U211333
Tomato 20060768SGN-U312691 SGN-U312692 SGN-U313550 SGN-U313551 SGN-U314190 SGN-U314191 SGN-U314357 SGN-U314358 SGN-U314359 SGN-U314360 SGN-U314361 SGN-U314789 SGN-U314790 SGN-U314792 SGN-U314793 SGN-U314794 SGN-U314795 SGN-U315796 SGN-U316138 SGN-U317034 SGN-U317035 SGN-U317056 SGN-U317178 SGN-U317397 SGN-U317576 SGN-U317752 SGN-U318725 SGN-U320341 SGN-U320587 SGN-U320651 SGN-U320664 SGN-U322611 SGN-U324088 SGN-U324089 SGN-U324227 SGN-U324228 SGN-U324872 SGN-U324924 SGN-U325092 SGN-U325347 SGN-U326405 SGN-U326799 SGN-U326961 SGN-U329606 SGN-U330066 SGN-U331335 SGN-U331402 SGN-U333111 SGN-U334447 SGN-U335325 SGN-U335326 SGN-U335927 SGN-U336615 SGN-U337091 SGN-U337983 SGN-U338111 SGN-U338112 SGN-U338606 SGN-U339048 SGN-U339049 SGN-U339050 SGN-U339051 SGN-U339052 SGN-U341328 SGN-U341854 SGN-U344417 SGN-U344954 SGN-U345507