SGN Gene Family 101422

Family Number63
Total Genes208
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationAgenet;Molecular Function: RNA binding (GO:0003723)
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis62At1G03300 At1G04080 At1G06340 At1G09320 At1G11420 At1G12800 At1G17760 At1G26540 At1G65070 At1G68580 At1G71720 At2G07110 At2G25590 At2G40290 At2G44440 At2G46840 At2G47220 At2G47230 At3G03710 At3G06520 At3G11964 At3G12140 At3G13210 At3G17040 At3G18524 At3G20475 At3G23700 At3G24320 At3G24495 At3G46210 At3G51110 At3G57960 At3G57970 At3G61620 At3G62300 At4G02070 At4G03430 At4G11120 At4G17330 At4G17380 At4G24270 At4G25540 At4G27490 At4G29060 At4G32440 At5G05470 At5G06780 At5G13020 At5G14580 At5G20030 At5G23770 At5G23780 At5G23800 At5G28740 At5G30510 At5G41770 At5G42670 At5G45990 At5G46400 At5G52070 At5G54090 At5G55600
Solanum tuberosum62SGN-U268966 SGN-U270341 SGN-U270776 SGN-U270777 SGN-U270778 SGN-U270779 SGN-U271059 SGN-U272627 SGN-U272635 SGN-U273330 SGN-U273331 SGN-U273471 SGN-U273472 SGN-U275781 SGN-U276006 SGN-U276947 SGN-U277063 SGN-U277612 SGN-U278265 SGN-U278507 SGN-U278636 SGN-U278646 SGN-U278654 SGN-U278907 SGN-U279300 SGN-U279434 SGN-U280677 SGN-U281680 SGN-U281901 SGN-U281917 SGN-U282448 SGN-U282579 SGN-U283515 SGN-U284112 SGN-U284192 SGN-U284373 SGN-U284492 SGN-U284951 SGN-U285071 SGN-U285328 SGN-U285402 SGN-U285543 SGN-U286104 SGN-U287799 SGN-U290648 SGN-U290649 SGN-U291354 SGN-U291801 SGN-U291805 SGN-U291979 SGN-U292542 SGN-U292811 SGN-U292816 SGN-U293571 SGN-U293815 SGN-U294128 SGN-U294154 SGN-U294614 SGN-U294794 SGN-U296442 SGN-U297725 SGN-U297861
Solanum melongena2SGN-U206167 SGN-U206582
Capsicum annuum14SGN-U197654 SGN-U197918 SGN-U198183 SGN-U198938 SGN-U199574 SGN-U199900 SGN-U200556 SGN-U201169 SGN-U201406 SGN-U201430 SGN-U203232 SGN-U203366 SGN-U203463 SGN-U204028
Petunia hybrida4SGN-U209346 SGN-U211000 SGN-U211184 SGN-U212165
Tomato 20060764SGN-U316055 SGN-U317013 SGN-U317652 SGN-U318574 SGN-U318920 SGN-U318921 SGN-U319675 SGN-U319676 SGN-U320931 SGN-U321170 SGN-U321303 SGN-U321362 SGN-U321363 SGN-U321364 SGN-U321558 SGN-U321971 SGN-U322130 SGN-U323267 SGN-U323973 SGN-U324427 SGN-U324494 SGN-U324642 SGN-U324742 SGN-U324840 SGN-U325877 SGN-U326065 SGN-U326109 SGN-U326114 SGN-U327677 SGN-U328789 SGN-U329138 SGN-U329277 SGN-U329585 SGN-U329712 SGN-U330500 SGN-U330580 SGN-U330633 SGN-U330835 SGN-U331677 SGN-U332322 SGN-U332428 SGN-U332485 SGN-U332729 SGN-U332936 SGN-U333389 SGN-U335457 SGN-U335458 SGN-U335459 SGN-U335460 SGN-U336659 SGN-U336895 SGN-U338666 SGN-U340001 SGN-U340027 SGN-U340054 SGN-U340442 SGN-U341376 SGN-U341697 SGN-U342085 SGN-U343303 SGN-U344668 SGN-U345079 SGN-U345508 SGN-U345898