SGN Gene Family 101424

Family Number65
Total Genes202
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationCellular retinaldehyde-binding/triple function, C-terminal
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis44At1G01630 At1G05370 At1G12080 At1G14820 At1G19650 At1G22180 At1G22530 At1G30690 At1G55690 At1G55840 At1G62480 At1G72150 At1G72160 At1G75170 At1G75370 At2G15670 At2G16380 At2G18180 At2G21520 At2G21540 At3G22410 At3G24840 At3G46450 At3G49540 At3G51670 At3G59370 At4G08690 At4G09160 At4G15650 At4G20260 At4G27580 At4G34580 At4G36490 At4G36640 At4G39170 At4G39180 At4G39320 At5G44610 At5G47510 At5G47730 At5G54095 At5G56160 At5G63060 At5G64690
Solanum tuberosum49SGN-U268505 SGN-U268506 SGN-U269171 SGN-U269518 SGN-U269519 SGN-U269599 SGN-U269897 SGN-U269898 SGN-U269899 SGN-U271235 SGN-U271236 SGN-U272214 SGN-U272604 SGN-U273421 SGN-U274689 SGN-U274809 SGN-U275010 SGN-U275142 SGN-U275290 SGN-U275635 SGN-U276328 SGN-U277488 SGN-U277592 SGN-U278020 SGN-U278385 SGN-U281067 SGN-U281534 SGN-U282292 SGN-U283983 SGN-U285253 SGN-U285584 SGN-U286107 SGN-U286897 SGN-U286898 SGN-U287435 SGN-U287610 SGN-U289630 SGN-U289631 SGN-U289766 SGN-U290135 SGN-U292486 SGN-U293029 SGN-U293449 SGN-U294544 SGN-U294547 SGN-U295787 SGN-U296816 SGN-U297591 SGN-U298507
Solanum melongena1SGN-U205647
Capsicum annuum19SGN-U196059 SGN-U196060 SGN-U196219 SGN-U196759 SGN-U196944 SGN-U197539 SGN-U197627 SGN-U197731 SGN-U198976 SGN-U199044 SGN-U199061 SGN-U199613 SGN-U200408 SGN-U200541 SGN-U202525 SGN-U202830 SGN-U202890 SGN-U203974 SGN-U204387
Petunia hybrida18SGN-U207490 SGN-U207495 SGN-U207514 SGN-U207733 SGN-U207784 SGN-U207898 SGN-U208063 SGN-U208461 SGN-U208701 SGN-U208967 SGN-U209702 SGN-U209774 SGN-U210196 SGN-U210429 SGN-U210533 SGN-U211400 SGN-U211651 SGN-U211889
Tomato 20060771SGN-U313002 SGN-U313012 SGN-U313013 SGN-U313542 SGN-U313543 SGN-U314720 SGN-U314721 SGN-U315273 SGN-U315274 SGN-U315275 SGN-U317237 SGN-U317238 SGN-U317584 SGN-U317585 SGN-U317586 SGN-U318042 SGN-U318286 SGN-U318530 SGN-U318714 SGN-U318867 SGN-U318868 SGN-U319222 SGN-U319223 SGN-U319950 SGN-U320134 SGN-U320567 SGN-U321269 SGN-U321378 SGN-U321532 SGN-U322189 SGN-U323212 SGN-U323543 SGN-U324196 SGN-U324236 SGN-U325277 SGN-U325477 SGN-U325703 SGN-U326246 SGN-U327198 SGN-U327717 SGN-U327901 SGN-U328408 SGN-U328942 SGN-U329030 SGN-U329261 SGN-U329975 SGN-U330881 SGN-U332512 SGN-U333266 SGN-U334065 SGN-U334066 SGN-U334070 SGN-U334442 SGN-U335065 SGN-U335934 SGN-U336008 SGN-U336196 SGN-U336460 SGN-U336461 SGN-U336649 SGN-U338260 SGN-U338448 SGN-U338979 SGN-U339251 SGN-U340135 SGN-U340973 SGN-U342033 SGN-U346509 SGN-U346716 SGN-U346719 SGN-U347053