SGN Gene Family 101445

Family Number86
Total Genes154
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationEsterase/lipase/thioesterase;Molecular Function: catalytic activity (GO:0003824); Alpha/beta hydrolase fold-1
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis40At1G13820 At1G15490 At1G17430 At1G52510 At1G52750 At1G64670 At1G72620 At1G78210 At1G80280 At2G18360 At2G26740 At2G26750 At2G40095 At3G03990 At3G05600 At3G10840 At3G24420 At3G51000 At3G55880 At4G02340 At4G12830 At4G15955 At4G15960 At4G24140 At4G24160 At4G33180 At4G36530 At4G36610 At4G37470 At4G39955 At5G09430 At5G13800 At5G17720 At5G17780 At5G19850 At5G21950 At5G38520 At5G39220 At5G41900 At5G53050
Solanum tuberosum39SGN-U268891 SGN-U268892 SGN-U270242 SGN-U270243 SGN-U271764 SGN-U271765 SGN-U272451 SGN-U272814 SGN-U273021 SGN-U273579 SGN-U275049 SGN-U275706 SGN-U276257 SGN-U277046 SGN-U278297 SGN-U278610 SGN-U279014 SGN-U279015 SGN-U279304 SGN-U279344 SGN-U279422 SGN-U280137 SGN-U282106 SGN-U284621 SGN-U286091 SGN-U287751 SGN-U287752 SGN-U289121 SGN-U290408 SGN-U290409 SGN-U290744 SGN-U290749 SGN-U293095 SGN-U293956 SGN-U294693 SGN-U296434 SGN-U296847 SGN-U296888 SGN-U298166
Capsicum annuum14SGN-U196679 SGN-U196680 SGN-U197795 SGN-U197995 SGN-U198661 SGN-U200121 SGN-U200222 SGN-U200507 SGN-U200937 SGN-U201131 SGN-U202663 SGN-U204649 SGN-U204787 SGN-U205382
Petunia hybrida9SGN-U208597 SGN-U208773 SGN-U209398 SGN-U209784 SGN-U211785 SGN-U211969 SGN-U211980 SGN-U212330 SGN-U212412
Tomato 20060752SGN-U312835 SGN-U312836 SGN-U314175 SGN-U314176 SGN-U314177 SGN-U317890 SGN-U318649 SGN-U319180 SGN-U319269 SGN-U319514 SGN-U319515 SGN-U320166 SGN-U320167 SGN-U320242 SGN-U320500 SGN-U321386 SGN-U322403 SGN-U323200 SGN-U323423 SGN-U323937 SGN-U325910 SGN-U325911 SGN-U326552 SGN-U327020 SGN-U327566 SGN-U327809 SGN-U329195 SGN-U329233 SGN-U329574 SGN-U330875 SGN-U330935 SGN-U331231 SGN-U331971 SGN-U332596 SGN-U332731 SGN-U333046 SGN-U333405 SGN-U333956 SGN-U333957 SGN-U334840 SGN-U334841 SGN-U336587 SGN-U336841 SGN-U337034 SGN-U338831 SGN-U339598 SGN-U339599 SGN-U340358 SGN-U341586 SGN-U342229 SGN-U344375 SGN-U345920