SGN Gene Family 101449

Family Number90
Total Genes148
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationProtein of unknown function DUF537
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis52At1G01350 At1G05180 At1G05350 At1G05400 At1G06810 At1G06925 At1G26550 At2G15560 At2G18040 At2G19385 At2G19890 At2G21470 At2G24030 At2G30110 At2G32410 At2G38365 At3G13280 At3G25880 At3G29330 At3G43260 At3G56730 At3G58180 At3G60940 At3G61028 At3G61090 At3G61100 At3G62050 At3G62200 At3G62210 At3G62460 At3G62530 At3G62850 At4G01023 At4G20480 At4G24940 At4G30760 At5G06420 At5G06460 At5G09840 At5G19180 At5G19370 At5G35640 At5G37530 At5G39640 At5G50580 At5G50680 At5G55130 At5G61180 At5G61190 At5G64450 At5G64590 At5G64710
Solanum tuberosum36SGN-U270057 SGN-U270775 SGN-U271379 SGN-U273050 SGN-U273051 SGN-U273194 SGN-U273366 SGN-U273962 SGN-U274936 SGN-U274937 SGN-U276938 SGN-U277147 SGN-U277155 SGN-U277277 SGN-U277904 SGN-U277922 SGN-U277945 SGN-U279518 SGN-U280078 SGN-U280392 SGN-U281502 SGN-U282681 SGN-U283393 SGN-U283543 SGN-U284339 SGN-U284356 SGN-U284501 SGN-U284888 SGN-U286117 SGN-U288143 SGN-U288854 SGN-U289550 SGN-U290160 SGN-U290687 SGN-U291912 SGN-U297557
Solanum melongena4SGN-U205826 SGN-U206008 SGN-U206527 SGN-U206983
Capsicum annuum13SGN-U197176 SGN-U200230 SGN-U200698 SGN-U201593 SGN-U202202 SGN-U202586 SGN-U203544 SGN-U203626 SGN-U203763 SGN-U204383 SGN-U205120 SGN-U205191 SGN-U205366
Petunia hybrida4SGN-U208111 SGN-U208559 SGN-U208755 SGN-U210998
Tomato 20060739SGN-U314988 SGN-U317945 SGN-U319154 SGN-U319200 SGN-U319680 SGN-U319681 SGN-U319701 SGN-U319939 SGN-U319940 SGN-U320191 SGN-U320502 SGN-U320865 SGN-U321880 SGN-U322008 SGN-U322312 SGN-U322313 SGN-U322591 SGN-U322592 SGN-U322707 SGN-U322997 SGN-U322998 SGN-U323068 SGN-U324308 SGN-U324714 SGN-U324832 SGN-U329533 SGN-U329731 SGN-U332606 SGN-U334910 SGN-U336976 SGN-U337745 SGN-U337891 SGN-U339768 SGN-U339769 SGN-U341561 SGN-U341615 SGN-U342637 SGN-U344736 SGN-U346842