SGN Gene Family 101460

Family Number101
Total Genes130
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 1.1 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build4 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationAIG1;Molecular Function: GTP binding (GO:0005525)
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
52 197(44)  596(23)  2983(6)  1656(10)  884(17)  767(19)  3715(5) 
65 5190(4)  616(19)  6676(3)  1425(10)  715(17)  263(32)  9165(2)  2289(7)  4337(4)  5519(4)  11619(2) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis50At1G02280 At1G09155 At1G10155 At1G12710 At1G31200 At1G33830 At1G33870 At1G33880 At1G33890 At1G33900 At1G33910 At1G33920 At1G33930 At1G33950 At1G33960 At1G33970 At1G56240 At1G56250 At1G63090 At1G80110 At2G02230 At2G02240 At2G02250 At2G02280 At2G02300 At2G02310 At2G02320 At2G02340 At2G02350 At2G02360 At2G16640 At2G26820 At2G34315 At3G16620 At3G53000 At3G61060 At4G02482 At4G02510 At4G09930 At4G09940 At4G09950 At4G15810 At4G19840 At4G19850 At5G05000 At5G20300 At5G24560 At5G45090 At5G47270 At5G52120
Solanum tuberosum22SGN-U269882 SGN-U270049 SGN-U270050 SGN-U271666 SGN-U273481 SGN-U273855 SGN-U275254 SGN-U275377 SGN-U275378 SGN-U275627 SGN-U276323 SGN-U281649 SGN-U282881 SGN-U282885 SGN-U285969 SGN-U286536 SGN-U288751 SGN-U289191 SGN-U293650 SGN-U295273 SGN-U297047 SGN-U297929
Solanum melongena1SGN-U206921
Capsicum annuum12SGN-U196202 SGN-U197557 SGN-U198044 SGN-U199038 SGN-U199409 SGN-U199778 SGN-U201234 SGN-U202679 SGN-U202792 SGN-U202847 SGN-U202950 SGN-U204215
Petunia hybrida2SGN-U207969 SGN-U211584
Tomato 20060743SGN-U314207 SGN-U314208 SGN-U314209 SGN-U315723 SGN-U318403 SGN-U318892 SGN-U318956 SGN-U319474 SGN-U320410 SGN-U320411 SGN-U320531 SGN-U320532 SGN-U320600 SGN-U321294 SGN-U321451 SGN-U321604 SGN-U322236 SGN-U322237 SGN-U322351 SGN-U322352 SGN-U322469 SGN-U322470 SGN-U322473 SGN-U322482 SGN-U324086 SGN-U324831 SGN-U325498 SGN-U326274 SGN-U326411 SGN-U329639 SGN-U330851 SGN-U330948 SGN-U331580 SGN-U332488 SGN-U333214 SGN-U336653 SGN-U336833 SGN-U337160 SGN-U337375 SGN-U337613 SGN-U340744 SGN-U342010 SGN-U346858